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MIT student blogger Snively '11

“Hey Guess What Guys!” by Snively '11

That's what!

I’ve got about an hour before I’m forced off these blogs temporarily so I thought I’d squeeze in one last entry before decisions came out.

When you get your decisions it could be that the last thing you’d ever want to do is sit still and go online (at least it was for me) but if that’s the kind of thing that tickles your fancy, then I have a nice website for you to visit.

This chatroom keeps cropping up every year around decisions times and can routinely be a neat place to chat with other applicants, express how happy you are that you got in, or vent about not getting in. Other outlets include:

College Confidential

Good luck this afternoon guys! PLEASE keep everything civil. It can be hard, but we don’t want comments disabled (it happens). I’m rooting for you!

41 responses to ““Hey Guess What Guys!””

  1. Dahvid says:

    haha i’m in that chat now.

  2. heng says:

    First… I am so nervous now. it is only another 2hours and 5 minutes…OMG

  3. heng says:

    oh sorry i am not the first…. sorry, i didnt see all just now

  4. Aditi says:

    we’ll keep things civil =)

    Good luck everyone!

  5. Zach says:

    Sixth! WOO less than two hours!

  6. Anonymous says:

    OMG only 1 hour 50 minutes left!
    Gd luck everyone!

  7. Goens says:

    do you know who wrote that chat? It seems not to work with opera; as soon as a window should “pop up” it get closed… No one ever tests pages for opera support, and its just too stressful now to configure another browser(firefox or konqueror) for the java plugin X_x

  8. _MIT_ says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Are they out? I cant see them yet.

  10. heng says:

    @ Goens
    it works well with simple Internet Explore

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry!!!!! Only one and a half hour left. BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ragheb says:

    I’m sooo excited! gd luck…

  13. Shruthi says:

    Just one hour to go…. The suspense is killing me……

  14. tridib says:

    good luck everyone!

  15. Reg says:

    1 hour and 4 minutes!!

  16. Ragheb says:

    46 minutes…

  17. Goens says:


    I don’t have Internet Explorer, don’t want it and if I had it, I would probably not use it. (small notice: not *every* computer in this world runs windows wink ) – Sorry, my intention is not to be rude, but I felt insulted by that comment.

    (44 minutes… )

  18. Roshini says:

    LOL…obviously we will!

  19. heng says:

    I have no meaning of insulting you Goens. just think maybe i could help something coz everyone is nervous now and so do i… but i am wrong. sorry if you felt you are insulted. sorry again…

  20. Nihar says:


    This is sooo nerve wracking!!

  21. Goens says:


    naw, it is I who has to apologize, I should not have made such “a big deal” out of it, but I guess I’m nervous and excited too!

  22. David says:

    Goens: Perhaps try IEs4Linux (Google it). I’ve had pretty good experiences with running it.

    If only the state of code on the web weren’t so screwy… grin

  23. Goens says:


    Sounds like a nice script, I guess I’ll try it next time that I have to do some web-development (I don’t really see any other use for IE wink )
    I have learned my lesson nevertheless (already had when it happened) just don’t indiscrimenately earase distro configuration files smile

  24. heng says:

    i do understand it coz it is exactly what i am feeling now too… Good luck to you Geons. hope we could meet at MIT

  25. Anonymous says:

    @heng, goens, david, nihar, roshini n every1

    Decisions are in 15 minutes, gd luck everyone!

  26. Steffi says:

    Here we go, guys…

    (Sorry- I’m a dancer, and it’s just bad joo joo to say the “g-o-o-d-l-u-c-k” phrase. “Merde” is the French equivalent to “Break a leg”.)

    Hopefully I’ve distracted you from your paranoia for perhaps thirty seconds.

    *looks around*
    Breathe. No one’s looking.

  27. heng says:

    So how was the result?

  28. Goens says:

    Rejected… ! Damn… I guess I knew all along, it sucks being an “international”

  29. Hey Snively, one more Oregonian is comming to MIT!
    Doubt you will ever read this far down into the comments but I had to share my news with my fellow/ex-fellow Oregonian.

  30. Kamya says:

    @ Goens
    totally agree. at least you’re not an indian…they have gazillions of those already! anyway, good luck to those who got in.

    and snively, thanks. you’ve made everyday awesome with your blogs. would have loved to meet you, but oh well…^–^ i’ll survive i guess.

  31. KelseyK says:

    @Stephen and Snively

    Make that two Oregonians. :D

  32. KelseyK that’s awesome, you should sign the guestbook.

  33. Psssst…you missed a quotation mark in your AIM/Blogs! link…

    : )

  34. abbas says:

    is any one help me to com us and MIT i will come back the mony after graduat even further

  35. trenten says:

    merde you guys. i wont see you because i have to wait another 4 years :{