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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

How about an eπ Reunion? by Matt McGann '00

In my email this morning:

Hello fellow Young Alums!

As you may or may not have heard, the Class of 1997 is throwing a "e^2" Reunion
to commemorate the 7.4-year mark of our graduation, and we're doing it in
grand style by throwing a "get out of the cold" party in South Beach the weekend of
Feb 5!! Go to our website for more info:

At MIT, we don’t just have 5n year reunions (where n is a counting number), we also occasionally have transcendental number reunions, such as the Class of 1997’s e2 (~7.4 years after graduating), or the Class of 2000’s pi Reunion (~3.14 years after graduating), which I attended two summers ago. The transcendental number reunions are, unlike the 5n year reunions, usually held off-campus, such as the e2 Reunion in Miami, or my class’s pi Reunion in Las Vegas.

The pi Reunion was fantastic. We stayed at the Venetian, perhaps only second to the Bellagio in terms of Vegas elegance. We saw Cirque du Soleil’sO” (the one with the 1.5 million gallon pool). “O” was one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen — if you’re in Las Vegas, don’t miss it. I was lucky enough to get front row (“splash”) seats, so I left the theater a little bit wet and with a huge smile on my face. The reunion also included a gala dinner, clubbing at some of Vegas’ most fashionable nightspots, and just hanging out by the pool. I enjoyed the opportunities to catch up with some old friends and even make some new ones while walking down the Strip or watching the beautiful water shows in front of the Bellagio.

And what of the gambling, you might ask? Well, I didn’t do any, but many of my classmates were quite excited to try out their tricks, especially since the reunion occurred not too long after the release of Bringing Down the House, the book about the “MIT Blackjack Team.” And we definitely had some high rollers, who had hit it big in the dot-com thing.

The countdown begins to the August 2012 pi Reunion for the Class of 2009…

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