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MIT student blogger Yuliya K. '18

I Am Excited by Yuliya K. '18

a day in life of a student

I am excited.

I am excited because my math professor is sentences away from proving that the set of all real numbers (R) is uncountably infinite. That is, it’s on a whole new level of infinity, and this makes mathematics awesome.

It means that words like “nested,” “hiding,” and “eventually” imply something different and unique now. My first 18.100B Real Analysis homework contained only four distinct numbers in the statement of its fourteen problems. The numbers were 0,1, -1, and 2.

Analysis reveals a side of Mathematics that is gorgeous in itself. No application is necessary to marvel at its results and review the pages of in-class proofs with a fervor of a child who has just learned to read.

I am excited because Mathematics constitutes 44.44…% of my schedule this semester. And since Physics and Chemistry, my other two classes, rely heavily on math practices, over 50% of my academic work is actually dominated by the Queen of All Sciences. This is the schedule I’ve always desired.

What better than to learn about the world through science, and travel into the realms of beautiful abstraction in the interlude? The ability to write about it later on here boosts the thrill, for I am a wanderer of the fantastical world, mathematical or not.

I am also excited about life outside of math. Soon I will rush to my yoga class, where I will depart from the realities of college. I will contemplate the practice in the end, and a color will appear at the back of my consciousness. It will be vivid and surprising, and set the tone for my day. I’m certain it will be bright.

Later I will do my homework, plough through the stacks of PSets I have neglected for a minute too long. Then I’ll head to the west side of campus for work.

I’m a Tech Caller, which means I contact MIT alumni for conversations and donations. Although I haven’t had the position for long, already I’m fascinated by the stories the alumni share and the paths their lives take after MIT. I recognize the names of their workplaces and am impressed by their credentials. Most of all, I am excited, even for a brief minute, to get a glimpse of their current lives. Chances are, they will reminisce about their times at the Institute and acknowledge its influence on their growth. Even after years of separation, they still help the students of MIT. I’m grateful for this support.

After work, I will walk through my hall, and I expect to be detained by people. In the evenings, they scatter into the lounges, work and talk together. Their conversations are irresistible, and normally I give in to temptation. After a day of important tasks, I want to share my joys and hear what they have to say about theirs. We may chat about the meaning of life and truth, the length of PSets, events, activities, relationships, cats…

Speaking of cats, I live on a “cat hall.” Fuzzy felines occasionally wander into my room and entertain me with their squeezing abilities. Yesterday a new inhabitant of the hall slithered through a 4.5’ X 4.5’ hole in the window grate. If I could pick a list of top ten super powers, such plasticity would definitely make it on there.

Not all of our floor’s cats are this flexible, however. Some are dainty and sweet, but others are heavy set and proud. Our cats are beautifully groomed creatures with vibrant personalities. As other humans of the hall, I strive to find a way to their hearts.

I am excited also because after class and work, I will head to the Simmons (“The Sponge”) dining hall for a delicious selection yet unknown. I will meet with my friends there and perhaps together we will get a glimpse of this sunset once again:

We may also walk past my favorite Charles River for some of its revitalizing energy. The sun will finish its descent and the next stunning image will appear:

The Green Building will loom mysteriously when I at last return to East Campus:

Thus, with a (hopefully) sufficient night of sleep, I will complete my exciting day.

And tomorrow I will be excited also.