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MIT student blogger Nisha D. '21

In Memory of a Greatly Beloved Establishment by Nisha D. '21

rip the stud subway

My fellow readers of the MIT Admissions blogs, a great tragedy has befallen us today. The favorite dining spot of hundreds of students on campus has been closed down. Yes, that’s right: the Subway in the Student Center is no more.

This past weekend, Subway closed abruptly due to issues between Subway’s parent company and the franchisee that ran this location. This happened with little warning and we are sorry that Subway is no longer an option for Lobdell Food Court customers.

Some of you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, but let me tell you: the Subway was, by far, the best eating place in the entire Stud – nay, perhaps the best on the entirety of the MIT campus. Indeed, what does the Stud have left to redeem it? The knockoff Indian restaurant? The sketchy Shinkansen? The tiny Dunks? Without a question, the only place the Stud has left to its name is the ever reliable Anna’s.

My relationship with the Stud Subway was rocky, but I could always rely on it to be there for me. After long hours of fencing practice, I would stumble out of the Z-Center with a growling stomach, and make a beeline to the gates of heaven – also known as the Stud Subway’s line. Sure, they were always out of the Italian herbs and cheese bread, and didn’t accept card half the time, but for a sweet bite of a spicy Italian sub, I would do anything – including trudging downstairs to withdraw cash from the ATM. A footlong sub could last me two meals, and I savored every delicious mouthful.

And now, in the blink of an eye, it has disappeared from my life. My grief is immeasurable; my tears have not stopped flowing. Good night, sweet Subway, and may angels sing thee to thy rest.