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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

In Real Life by Ben Jones

Matt and I are in the process of putting together a "Meet The Bloggers" party. Will you be there?

For those of you who will be attending CPW, Matt and I are in the process of putting together a “Meet The Bloggers” party. Here’s the description I just submitted to the events crew:

You’ve spent the last 6 months getting to know the admissions “bloggers” online. Come meet Matt, Ben, Daniel, Mitra, Allison, and Kevin in real life! There will be food (of course). Parents welcome. Computers not allowed! ;-)

The details: Saturday, 4/9, @ 8:15PM (between the a cappella show and the parties). It’ll probably be in the Mezz lounge; hopefully I’ll find out the definitive location sometime today.

Mark your calendars now!

20 responses to “In Real Life”

  1. Laura says:

    *excitement* !!!

    I’ve been reading these blogs since forever. Or you know, whenever they started. I’m really looking forward to meeting you guys. Ahh, what a nerdy concept. “meet the bloggers” haha

  2. nghi says:

    hahaha can’t wait to meet YOU BEN!
    I’ve already met and dine with Matt and hanged out with mitra many times!

  3. Fabrice says:

    That’s hilarious. raspberry

    However, March 9th was some weeks ago. (Read your post closely wink )

  4. Ben says:

    ARGH! Fixed. grin Thanks Fabrice!

  5. Mike Axiak says:

    No computers?!?
    What about our bots!!! :-(


  6. Kelly says:

    NICE! I will so be there.


  7. Niraj says:

    I will really miss the Party. I have been reading these blogs since last October or November. But unfortunately I was wait-listed and will not be able to attend CPW. (tears). I am just joking! I am very happy for every one of you.

  8. I’m there.


  9. Mike Axiak says:

    I updated my site!
    Countdown to cpw:

  10. HAHA! I’ll try and pencil it into my busy schedule…

    Just Kidding! I’ll be there, unless I get lost along the way… that is if the small forest animals eat the trail of bread crumbs I leave.

    AND SAD… Mike, I think Sexy Nerd Bot needs a day off (or three) don’t you think? After all, I’m sure she’s sick of playing “Spin the Bottle” with you!

  11. Wendi says:

    haha awesome…i’m there!

  12. Saad Zaheer says:

    MIT rocks!!!!

    its awesome, simply superb! I just saw the schedule of CPW events on the MyMIT and wow! AMAZING WEEKEND

    and “Meet the Bloggers” will be a real treat for all of you; I regret my not being able to attend, I am right across the globe here in Pakistan but Ben! do post the pictures, we ll wait on our screens, Right!

  13. Niraj says:

    I am with you Saad; even though I am in the US, I have a different story. But Ben, please post pictures of the “Meet the Bloggers” party and other events.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Ben, why do you always delete the music lyrics? I enjoy them

  15. Akash says:

    Did MIT give the approval for some Upper Hand fun???
    Nevertheless, I’ll be there of course!

  16. Ben says:

    Mike – that’s awesome!!

    Saad and Niraj – there will be a ton of pics, I promise!

    Jonathan – because the poster isn’t adding any context to give the lyrics relevancy… not to mention the copyright infringement issues wink

    Akash – I have failed you. :-( We just couldn’t find a space, and the battle of the bands that’s happening over CPW is taking the glory. I’m totally sorry man. Maybe we can hook it up in the fall?

    All – thanks for responding and I can’t wait to meet you!

  17. shazam says:

    Heh. A good plan to organize this, Ben-o. Otherwise you end up with prefrosh randomly coming up to you during CPW saying, “I read your blog!” Though there’s a certain awesomeness to that as well… wink But, man, I can’t help but feel like I’m totally missing out!@#$

  18. Akash says:

    Ohhh it’s quite ok. Battle of the Bands?!?!? Who’s playing??? What’s the lineup!

  19. amrik says:

    Sorry Ben but I can’t come to CPW. Geography sucks, doesn’t it? raspberry

    BTW make sure to post loads and loads of pictures!