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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Intermission by Jess K. '10

Summer job: just kickin' it. And working at Pixar, too.

Sometimes taking a little time to recharge is really all you need. I’ve been spending hours in used bookstores and swimming and taking deep breaths, and it’s been.. really nice. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about you guys, though – watch for a pretty important entry coming up about housing.

I haven’t become entirely senile yet, though; I’m working at Pixar! Lots of good stuff coming your way from the studio – at the end of this month, they’re releasing Ratatouille, which my mom never fails to pronounce as “Ra-to-lee” even though the logo has the built-in pronounciation “ra-ta-too-ee”. Learn it!

Anyway, I promise there’ll be more shortly. How’re your summers treating you?

12 responses to “Intermission”

  1. Stephan says:

    I still have GCSE exams left too, but they finish next week. I have Chem and Phys. I am so happy!!

  2. Amirah says:

    Stephan: I’m jealous. But glad the worst (History!) is over. Let’s count down to results day!

  3. Mikey says:

    Wow – Pixar? Sweet. Get me free movie tickets! Hehe. Glad to hear all’s well; I’m jealous of your cool gig!

  4. frist p0st!!!1

    I’m living in San Francisco, and writing code in between sessions of praying to the assorted Gods of Magnetic Stogare that my hard-drives don’t die.

  5. frist p0st!!!1

    I’m living in San Francisco, and writing code in between sessions of praying to the assorted Gods of Magnetic Stogare that my hard-drives don’t die.

  6. Wings '11 says:

    Wow, Pixar?! That’s so awesome! What are you doing there?

    I’m so glad it’s summer. I’m sad to end high school, but we all needed a break. I just went through i3 last night, and so far I have 12 dorms I would LOVE to be in (I was able to throw out 5, and I can’t go to Chocolate City for lack of Y-chromosome =) ). So I don’t know how I’m going to chose =)

  7. Wonderful! What do you do at Pixar?

    I had always assumed it was rat-ta-toil.

  8. Amirah says:

    err… FOURTH post. Aaaahhhh… I’m still in the middle of GCSE exams. Results day is August 23. I can’t wait that long!!! My summer will be tarnished with the nervous dread of exam results hanging over my head… Not letting me sleep or swim or fully enjoy anything remotely fun. Oh, and I have Chem, Physics, Business&Econ; and French left. Yay. But otherwise, my “summer” is going fine, how’s yours?

  9. A Parent says:

    Watched the 9 minute preview of “ra-ta-too-ee”. Sometimes you wonder why the French can’t say things the way the words are written. Oh wait, I get it…I just have to keep marbles in my mouth when I read French words, and I will just be fine grin . Thanks for posting the Pixar link. Can’t wait to see the movie!

    If I may ask, what are you majoring in? What majors does Pixar look for as far as summer internships are concerned?

  10. @Amirah & Stephan: I’m flying off to London right after the GSCEs and my results don’t really matter. Life is good grin

  11. jenn'11 says:

    ooh i really want to see ratatoullie!

    i’m working at a research lab and so far i’ve learned how to do flowcytometry and part of PCR, though i think i totally messed it up since my micropipetting skills aren’t all that great… hopefully they’ll get better though.

    i’ll be looking out for your housing entry! definitely need to work on my preferences.

  12. Eileen says:

    My mom fails at pronunciation too.