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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

ISEF Review by Matt McGann '00

Photos from the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair.

This past week, I went to the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana. On Thursday, we had a reception at the Indianapolis Artsgarden:

At left, the glass Artsgarden soaring above a busy city intersection; at right, the crowd at the reception.

Faye Faye ’10, Sukrit ’10, and Ian ’10 address the crowd.

On Wednesday night, I went out to dinner with a dozen of the 20+ MIT 2010s at Intel ISEF.

The table at dinner. In the first picture, Ethan, Desh, Matt, Maggie and Maysun (all ’10); in the second picture, Alice, faye Faye and Ploy (again, all ’10); and finally, Ian, Manuel, Zihao, and Reynaldo (MIT MMX).

Intel ISEF is a huge fair, with nearly 1500 students from 40+ countries. On Thursday morning, I got to visit many of the finalists and their projects.

Anneke ’10 at her project, with her sign, which became a hit of the fair.

Some of the underclassmen projects I visited: Iddoshe and Yi, Peter and Lucas, Jessica ’10 and Sohan, Esther, Natasha with three middle school fans, and Iheoma.

18 responses to “ISEF Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Are they all Americans? I mean there are so many people of colour… almost all of them.

  2. Mergen says:

    Hi Matt,

    My question does not belong here but anyway (sorry smile )…

    I haven’t received the NBM yet. I called the DHL office in Mongolia and asked about letter. They checked the DHL network and said that there is no letter from Cambridge, MA to Mergen Nachin, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the DHL network. When was it postmarked and could you tell me the DHL “unique code” of the letter. I also asked from the EMS because the “First Big Mail” was sent via EMS. Was the NBM sent via EMS or via DHL? I am bit worried about it.

    I hope you will consider my situation.

    Thank you.

    Mergen Nachin ’10

  3. Nur says:

    I recognize people!

    Oh, are going ARML as well this year Matt?

  4. Matt says:

    sorry maggie and i couldnt make it to the artsgarden on thursday, our fair director wouldnt let us =/

    but thanks for organizing the dinner on wednesday. it was fun!

  5. Aziz says:

    Hey Mergen, I have your same problem!! Although I explicitly wrote my home address on the enrollment form MIT decided to send it to my school’s P.O. Box address via USPS….which is gonna take FOREVER i’m afraid :/ Especially because the mail here in Kuwait is really really bad…..I just hope it gets here this week =/

    Thanks Matt and it looks like you enjoyed ISEF wink


  6. Anonymous,

    No, they’re not all Americans. It’s the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. There are people from many countries there.

    I still often speak to the friends I made from Kyrgyzstan.

  7. Maggie says:

    ISEF rocked smile

  8. A Parent says:

    I realize this posting is not appropriate to the ISEF Blog topic, but should certainly be of general interest to MIT folks, particularly the pranksters.

    I made up this poem in commemoration of the achievement of HSMC … that is “Howe and SER Moving Company”. It goes like the poem ‘Charge of the Light Brigade” by Lord Tennyson, but the words are all mine.

    Half a smoot, half a smoot,

    Half a smoot onward,

    All in the pits of pasa dena

    Rode the mighty beaver Brigade.

    “Hold up, the Mens et Manus pride!

    “Charge for the gun!” Howe said:

    Into the valley of Tech

    Rode the beavers clad in red.

    Cannon in front of them

    Cannon so dear to the Flem

    Cannon but ready to bid them

    So long,farewell,and the anthem

    Armed with skills second to none;

    Onward the beavers marched

    Through the watchful prying eyes

    Of men who kept the guard

    Boldly they drove and well,

    Into the pits of dena,

    Into the mouth of je-p-ell

    Rode the beavers clad in red.

    Onward and outward

    The cannon began its sojourn

    Decorated and adorned

    with the famed brass ring on its boom

    Through the land of dreams and opprtunity

    To its final resting place

    That we dearly call MIT

    O when can their prank ever be matched?

    O what a master plan they made!

    All the world watched and wondered.

    Honor the men for the prank they made,

    Honor the Beaver Brigade,

    Long live the tradition of the beavers clad in Red.

  9. thekeri says:

    I am now in love with the parent who posted the above comment.

    The end.

  10. A Parent says:

    thekeri, glad you liked the poem. I am sure my daughter will track you down and say hello to you when she arrives there this Fall.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am also an international without NBM yet… May I politely ask why did domestic students receive their NMB’s before? Why do you send this papers in waves?

  12. nghi says:

    omg is that joline fan on the WELCOME poster?

  13. what welcome poster?

  14. river says:

    Oh, now I see it smile yeah it is her a ha

  15. Michael Ding says:

    Hey Matt,

    The Artsgarden event was a lot of fun. I enjoyed talking to everyone there and the fruit kebab was delicious!

    Best Wishes,

    A Fellow Long Islander

  16. zhzhang says:

    what was i sticking my fork/knife/spoon in??? Thanks so much for that great dinner and the info reception (i just realized that hat completely clashed with my outfit). ISEF was practically nothing without MIT.

    See ya @ orientation

  17. Anonymous says:

    btw, i will be in china during both of the FEE takes online. i am not sure if i can access MIT through chinese internet (censorship). will i have to do the paper retake?

    from me above.

  18. Stephanie says:

    The Artsgarden was beautiful and the alumni were fun to talk with. Too bad I missed the dinner the day before.