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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Juniors: Sign up for SAT Subject Tests by Matt McGann '00

SAT Subject Test registration deadline is April 28.

A message for juniors out there: with the deadline for the June testing date approaching, I highly recommend signing up for SAT Subject Tests (formerly known as SAT IIs). Seniors: spread the word, give good advice to the underclassmen!

The SAT Subject Tests will be administered for the final time this school year on Saturday, June 3. The deadline for registering is April 28th. We suggest that when you register, you list MIT to receive your scores. Our College Board Code is 3514.

We don’t require that the Subject Tests be taken in June, but I think it’s a pretty good idea. This way, you get to take the test while the material — especially for your science class — is still fresh in your mind. And this also allows two test dates in the fall before the Early Action deadline, should you need them.

We require two SAT Subject Tests: one in math (Level 1 or Level 2), and one in science (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology E/M). You can take as many as three Subject Tests in one sitting.

We have no preference between any of the tests. You should take whichever math test best suits you, and the science test of whichever science course you are taking this year or whichever subject with which you are most familiar.

A few notes: We use SAT Subject Tests only for admissions purposes and do not use them for placement or credit. Taking the ACT does not exempt a student from taking the 2 required SAT Subject Tests. We do not require and will not consider other Subject Tests; however, you should check the Admissions web sites of all of the schools that you are considering to understand their requirements.

More tips and advice for juniors as the year progresses.

Tomorrow on the the blog, some updates and changes.

18 responses to “Juniors: Sign up for SAT Subject Tests”

  1. Jon says:

    Yay! Seeing as all you soon-to-be-grads are pretty much all set, its time for us Juniors to get the attention! I can’t wait to apply!

    PS: I’ll be visiting MIT sometime next week for an Info session and tour…..any advice about that?

  2. Dan says:

    I have the same question as Carmel. Should I be putting any school I think I’m going to apply as recipients? What if I end up not applying to a school that I already sent the scores to? (of course MIT isn’t one of those)

  3. Omar says:

    You just put the schools you want to receive your scores now, even if you don’t apply later, it wont matter.

    If you send your scores now to MIT, you wont have to pay later for them, which is good.

  4. Carly says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO I Want it to still be about us. oh well……… we’ve going to be at MIT anyway. Oh and to all the juniors please put down any schools whether you’re sure you’re applying or not because after you take the exam you will have to pay. If you already registered to take the test, you can still put 4 schools on your list for free but this offer ends after you take the test. so be smart…………get as much free stuff as possible.

  5. Evan B. says:

    And so the cycle begins again…

  6. LA says:

    I was recently rejected from MITES.

    Does MIT know if you applied for MITES when you apply in the fall?

  7. Molly says:

    it begins! it’s exciting and frightening at the same time smile

  8. madmatt says:

    Carmel and Dan, you do not need to do it now, since you can always do it later, but every year there are applicants who forget to send us any scores at all, so I recommend using your four free score reports on each test to send scores to four schools you’re considering. Also, sending scores to a school does not mean that you must apply to the school.

    Jon, our information sessions this week have been extremely busy, and it may be the same way next week. Do know that Monday and Tuesday are student holidays (Boston Marathon/Patriot’s Day), so the campus will be less open and active on those days. Stop in to the admissions office when you come and we’ll be happy to give you some pointers. We are closed on Monday but will have information sessions and tours.

    LA, if you were not admitted to MITES, we won’t know that unless you tell us. Basically, you’ll have a fresh slate. And don’t despair, MITES has a lower admission rate than freshman admissions.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Carmel says:

    Question: does it matter if we send our scores to MIT now? Why now and not later?

  10. alvin says:

    am doing my SATs in june 3,2006,how can also do SAt subject test the same day?Am confused!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Matt, What about not being admitted to RSI? Same as MITES? Fresh slate?

  12. brie says:

    hey Anonymous,

    I was just accepted at MIT Regular Decision, but did not get into RSI my junior year. You will be able to do amazing things this summer (and next year!) regardless of whether you got into to RSI or not.

    I ended up going to France for the summer and it was easily the most incredible experience of my life. You’ll do fine.

  13. Dan says:

    Thanks Matt. I’m gonna change that right now. Will I get to meet you at MITES?

  14. Andrew says:

    Hmmm, why did I automatically think I had to take three…

    This is a huge relief. Here I am stressing out over the Spanish SAT2 and not Bio or Math2. XD

    Of course, other schools require three, but at least if I get a subpar score for Spanish in May I won’t have to worry about it as much.

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Matt! :D

  15. Kristin says:

    Slight problem! I’m taking physics this year, but our course only covers mechanics, while the SAT II covers electricity, magnetism, waves, and optics too. I’ll be taking AP Physics next year, but we only cover mechanics then too.

    So, I’ll probably end up taking Chemistry, but I took it sophomore year. I’ll be taking AP Chem next year, too, so I’ll have that for a sort of review, but I’m still quite iffy on how I’ll do…so would a poor SAT II science score affect an otherwise good application? Or would you suggest instead that I take the physics exam, even with my limited knowledge?

    Augh, if only I had seen this page last year when I was taking Chemistry… Thanks again, Matt! ^_^

  16. Kristina says:

    I kinda have the same question as Kristin. My problem is that my AP Chem teacher is subpar and I don’t feel as if I’ve learned the material enough from her instruction to do quite well on the SAT II for chemistry. I don’t have any other science related class that I have taken recently that I could use for the SAT II. But anyway, if my SAT II for my science is not as good, would that be a major factor against me during admissions?

  17. Poshak says:

    I plan to give SAT subject tests in October this year (by 2006-2007 collegeboard datesheet).

    I am confused reading reviews of books everywhere.

    Could any of the MIT-aspirants suggest any good books in -maths 1 and 2 – chemistry – physics?


  18. i am confused in mathematics so can you help me