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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Laura’s UROP Advisor in ‘American Inventor’ finals tonight! by Matt McGann '00

Watch it tonight on ABC and vote!

I got this email a few days back…

From: Laura Nicholson
Subject: blog entry for wednesday?
Date: July 20, 2007 1:08:15 PM EDT
To: Matt McGann

Hey Matt,

There’s an awesome blog entry just waiting to happen, but I’ll be away on vacation and unable to post it. I also don’t have time to actually write out a nice, thought-out entry, you think you can cover for me?

My UROP advisor is on American Inventor, and next Wednesday is the final show, where the viewers have to call in their votes. It would be totally awesome to write a blog entry that day and encourage people to watch, and hopefully, call in and vote.

Here’s ABC’s summary of the show:
American Inventor
Wednesday, July 25 at 9/8c
“Episode 207”
Time for America to vote! The judges have chosen the six finalists, and the race is on for these finalists to prove themselves worthy as viewers cast their votes for the one they deem to be the next great American Inventor and recipient of the million dollar prize.

And some relevant info about Craig:
Craig Forest just received his PhD from MIT in Course 2, he works in the BioInstrumentation Lab (where I work for the summer and Melis works during the term). He and his business partner were the New York finalist for their invention “the Claw” for hanging a bicycle from the ceiling. The advantage to the device is that it activates by just pushing the bike up, you don’t have to push up and pull over and wrestle with the thing. During their first appearance, David Moeller wore a business suit and Craig wore a lab coat. When they won, Craig was the one jumping around all over the place. He also made a comment on TV about going out and winning it for scientists and engineers, saying “Let’s do it for enginerds everywhere.”



Craig is working with his friend from undergrad at Georgia Tech, David Moeller, on the invention. Here’s the blurb from

Craig Forest & David Moeller, a team of two former Georgia Tech buddies who now attend MIT grad-school and Harvard Business Graduate School, respectively, describe their invention they call The Claw as, “A ceiling or wall-mounted bicycle storage mechanism. Any cyclist who is frustrated with a lack of secure, simple, elegant storage options would use our invention. The bicycle wheel is grasped by opposing hooks when the central plunger is depressed. Re-pressing the central plunger opens and locks the hooks for bicycle wheel removal. The bi-stable plunger relies on an internal rotary mechanism.”

I hope you’ll watch, and, if their invention is the best, vote for them! It would make Laura (as well as Craig and David, obviously) really happy!

Other MIT people on reality television:


17 responses to “Laura’s UROP Advisor in ‘American Inventor’ finals tonight!”

  1. Molly says:

    This sounds awesome. Good luck Craig and David. I’ll be watching (and voting) later tonight.

  2. Snively says:

    I’ll be watching and voting, absolutely!

  3. Wings '11 says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize that so many MIT people get on TV. Cool!

    And did anyone see the Harry Potter hacks? They were AWESOME!

  4. Jeff Taylor says:

    Was wondering if anybody knows if they are going to still go with there invention and if so when it might be available. I was sad to not see them go to the final three contestants. I really wanted them to win. Hopefully someone can forward the email or blog on to them so they know people out there do want to buy there product.

  5. anon-nonstop says:

    Harry Potter hacks? what’s that about? sounds cool..

  6. Michael says:

    Wings, are you kidding? Every time I see the news or a documentary an expert from MIT is cited! smile

    Wings, are you kidding? Every time I see the news or a documentary an expert from MIT is cited! smile

    <3 MIT

  7. I agree with Jeff, could someone pass on to Craig and David that I would LOVE one of their hooks. I was sad they didn’t get chosen. Those hooks are an answer to single people everywhere! There is never anyone around to help me hang up my bike.

  8. José P. says:

    A couple of (somewhat silly) questions:

    – When is it too early to take a SAT Subject Test?
    – If one takes a SAT Subject Test before senior year (say, about a year before the respective application is available), should one still ask that the scores be reported to MIT?

    Any help is appreciated. smile

  9. TheShawn '11 says:

    Heh, by the way, a couple days ago (when this came out) my mom came running to me to tell me that someone from MIT was on American Inventor and I pointed her to this site. It amused me; ’twas pretty awesome :D

  10. cathie says:

    Does anyone have any contact information for Craig Forest or David Moeller? I have an invention idea and I would like to involve them.


  11. @Paul
    Just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean their invention won’t hit the markets smile. I seem to recall hearing that a lot of companies watch the show and if you make it far/have a very good idea you are quite likely to be contacted by someone who will help you get your product on the market. Let’s hope their invention follows such a path.

  12. Paul '11 says:

    Hey Jose,

    Not silly questions at all! The only time it’s too early to take a Subject Test is when you haven’t fully mastered the material. I took mine in May, the same time my AP Chemistry course was finishing up, and that worked very well for me.

    As for your second question, most definitely designate MIT as the score recipient! That is the way MIT recommends, actually – and it’s free! smile Plus, once you do formally apply, it’s really quite easy to check online and make sure that MIT does indeed have the proper scores.

    @ Everyone: Wow, I could really use that invention…too bad they didn’t advance!

  13. José P. says:

    Ok, thanks, Paul.

    (Either way, I’m still planning to take the Bio Subject Test on October, just to get a feel for the exams.)

  14. BD says:

    Just fyi, the “Claw” is NOT Craig Forest’s idea. I went to Georgia Tech with him and that idea was a part of his Senior Design GROUP’s project. So it was a 6-person effort, with guidance from the Senior Design Advisor, who is in fact angry over hearing Forest taking this idea to ABC. The fact that he made America think this was his idea suggests that he is a punk and a loser. Way to go Mr. Ethical.

  15. Rohit Mishra says:

    Hi Matt

    Great to know that you like “Bollywood” movies. Will be big news back here in India that a MITian catches up on our movies. If I may know, what was the last one you saw?

    Moving on, can anyone help me to understand the meaning of “50% Middle Range” in the admission Statistics page.

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