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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Leaves, Strawberries, Doors by Matt McGann '00

Pictures of campus, faculty dinner, another door. (7 pictures)

Peak fall foliage has finally hit MIT. Some trees on campus started to turn as early a September, but only recently has most of the campus become awash in color (thanks in part to that unusual snowstorm last week). I’m not a very good photographer, but here are a few images of campus from this week:

Also this week, I was invited to the faculty dinner at the ZBT house, home to Bryan ’07, among many other awesome people. While I’m not technically “faculty,” many cool faculty members were in attendance, including: Political Science department head Prof. Charles Stewart, Physics professor Scott Hughes, Professor of Urban Studies and History Robert Fogelson, and Foreign Languages professor Margery Resnick. It’s cool that such important professors take time out from their families to have dinner with students. I had some really great converations about the 2004 presidential election, Massachusetts public schools, university riots in the ’60s, and more.

One of the dinner tables at ZBT; in this picture, you can see Professors Stewart and Hughes, as well as Biology Research Scientist Ky Lowenhaupt and many ZBT brothers.

The dinner was capped off with a delicious dessert of chocolate-covered strawberries. I ate many of these.

Since I hadn’t been to the beautiful ZBT house since 1996 (!), I had Shaye ’08 give me a house tour. Along the way, I saw a door to add to my (small) collection of photos of doors at MIT, this from a room appropriately called “8 Bit”:

A door mural of Link with a Triforce from the original Legend of Zelda videogame.

Inside the room there were more murals of old-school NES characters:

Application reading begins this week… more on that soon!

15 responses to “Leaves, Strawberries, Doors”

  1. RobbCarr says:

    Haha! thats neat, for anyone not aware the particular four nes characters are from Final Fantasy One (Fighter, red mage, black mage, and white mage from left to right), however recently they continue to be popular in the comic (Just a warning you wont get much of it unless you start at the beginning really…heh) … I do not know if it is a reference to just the game, or the comic however I would guess both.

  2. Justin says:

    Another yet different test score question. How do SAT and ACT scores compare to each other? Is it a simple proportion or some other method?

  3. Teck Lee says:

    Hah! Love the 8-bit characters. Kudos to whoever did it.

  4. Kiersten says:


    I wish I could paint on my door. [cries in socks in night]


    philosophy question of the day: if it dies, what’s the link?

  5. Saad Zaheer says:


    Scott Hughes is my recitation instructor, he teaches 8.022!

    he is an awesome fellow, its not possible to sleep in his class.

  6. jimmy says:

    it takes a lot of talent to paint in 8-bit. no joke.

  7. Rushil Goel says:

    Doesn’t MIT have an Admissions Video like others? If it dies, what’s the link? Thanks!

  8. I thought this entry would be a profound discussion about the deeper meanings of doors and foliage within our lives. I am not sorry to have been dissapointed.

  9. Justin says:

    How does the graduate admissions process work? While this blog goes into depth about undergraduate admissions, there is no similar thing that explains what admissions officers look for in graduate applications. Do the same people work on both grad and undergrad applications or is there another section of the admissions office devoted to grad applications? It may be a bit early to discuss graduate school, but it would give hope to everyone who doesnt get into MIT as an undergrad that they can try again in four years.

    Also, how does taking graduate classes as an undergrad work? The course catalog mentions a Simultaneous Award of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees but how would one pursue this option (specifically Course 22)?

  10. Leon says:

    The campus looks beautiful in the fall. I also heard it has snowed there. Would you later on post some pictures of MIT in snow? thank you

  11. I think graduate school admissions would be handled by individual departments. If you want to enter the PhD program in the bio department, you apply to them.

    I don’t even go to MIT so I’m just guessing.

  12. Gorgeous leaves… I’ve not seen them for ages…

  13. If you click on the link “Admissions” at the MIT homepage, and then click on “Graduate” in the admissions page, then you’ll be directed to the graduate school’s admission page. There, they state that the application goes directly to the individual departments.

    And yes, if I don’t make it to MIT for undergrad studies, I’ll definitely try for graduate studies. It’s just too cool to miss.

  14. Yinky says:

    What you’ve shown on your blog makes me more interested in MIT.I hope I can be one of you as soon as possible~!