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MIT student blogger Chris M. '12

Livebloggin Ring Premiere! by Chris M. '12

Twitter is good for something! (maybe)

Via Twitter!!


follow as long as my cellphone battery lasts!

37 responses to “Livebloggin Ring Premiere!”

  1. QA ('14?) says:

    @ Kir: I kinda agree with you about the “caltech” thingy but I think it’s rather immature than smart if this is a work of MIT student. I suppose a fan of MIT (surely smart) sets this up or this is a virus created by Caltech to hack this website of MIT and it’s been here for a long long time (if this’s true, they got ya, MIT smile) )

  2. Han '14 says:

    However, twitter is blocked by our communist government here in China… :(

  3. Im reasonably certain the caltech ring says “#1 technology school in the world!”

    make sure you put “pending accreditation” on the side

  4. Im reasonably certain the caltech ring says “#1 technology school in the world!”

    make sure you put “pending accreditation” on the side

  5. thats right king, et sans veritas di ordus. cest vrai

    on the other hand, “accreditation denied” might be more appropriate.
    but hey, im only as the only school NASA trusts to operate their jet propulsion laboratory, dont take my word for it

  6. Chris M. says:

    ” im only as the only school NASA trusts to operate their jet propulsion laboratory”

    clearly they did a good job.

    Maybe it’s a good thing the program’s drying up….

  7. Morteza says:

    Our government in Iran blocked twitter too but it’s really interesting to break the law and bypass them. Making a proxy is easy.
    @Han: You can use Tor. (

  8. Kir says:

    What kind of person calls himself “caltechmathsomething”? Either a very smart MIT student (with questionable honor, though), who tries to discredit caltech, or else someone really stupid.

    @Morteza and Han: my verbal support to rebelling against unwise (I am being polite today) governments, for what it’s worth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    wow that live blog was decidedly lame

  10. My take on censorship:
    The thing about technology is that you never can really hack-proof anything. This is why you cannot restrict access to something; no matter how hard you try, there will always be that one guy who will find a way around it. And now, in a time where everything is done through a computer, it is just too easy to ‘start a revolution’.

    You block websites, you can take away my software and you can convince yourself that you have stopped me, but if I wanted to find a way around, I would. Tor, Proxies and HTTP Tunneling are nice out-of-the-box solutions, but there are ways to stop them on smaller (and hence manageable)networks. But when you know how the things behind that GUI work, there is no stopping you.

    What is really needed is more technology awareness in countries where the government is imposing unnecessary censorship. And as important as this is, it is also important not to go overboard and cross the thin line that divides the black and the white. Too bad, it is a line, not a fence – it is easy to cross.

    Worst case scenario : You really tick me off and I take it all down with a dDOS attack. Illegal, time consuming, but entirely (and easily) possible if you look through the code that holds the internet together, and plan it just right – there are a lot of holes, logical and technical.

    @Caltechmathwhatevers : Come on guys. You really want to get bashed again? Stop spamming.

  11. teilwal says:

    @caltechlord god or whatever cause’ I’m sure the 4 of you are only 1 according to the way you guys state wink. Why dont speak out loud the name of your “good schoo lwith proper standards and practices” instead of hiding behind the Caltech cover. Anything wrong? smile
    ~Long Live Twitter~ XD
    Captcha: teaching lucid >:)

  12. @ Han and Morteza:

    And THIS is why you two would be a fit for MIT (or at least one reason, because I’m sure there are others)–you are willing to take risks for something you are passionate about. :D Don’t get caught. But I know I am rooting for you! Hope you both get in…

  13. C2 says:

    @ Breaking law people =]
    Well, our school blocks sites like hotmail, facebook, and other game sites. But, me and some friends use ultrasurf to bypass stuff =]. What you do is, download ultrasurf, then open it and browse on the ultrasurf site that pops up.
    Hope this will help xD!!!

    Twitter~ Lets go go go!

  14. Morteza says:

    I want to correct one thing. Actually we don’t break law because law is something made by people indirectly through congress but it’s true when people choose congress candidates. Now our supreme leader and president manipulate the congress election to get their friends into the congress. And also according to our law it is one of our citizens rights to communicate freely with other organizations, organs and groups. So they haven’t any rights to block websites such as Twitter, Myspace and Facebook and international news agencies like BBC (They even block GMail in recent days) so it’s the government that break the law not us.

  15. Kir says:

    that’s something that troubles me. thing is that in practice the law is what the government says it is. and in your case the government turns into a brute enforcing his will. and if more people are able to break the ‘law’, the government might enforce it harder. it still has to be broken to do the right thing.

  16. Anne says:

    thanks for doing this Chris, that’s kind of awesome

  17. o, the insult! us, mit students? no no no no no, we actually go to a good schoo lwith proper standards and practices.
    the 4 of us, god, king, chief, and lord, do not like being compared to mit students in anyway, unless of couse a best/worst comparison. im with lord right now (wh owill post shortly) and he agrees…i think its “hack” time, don you agree, lord?

  18. Too right, god, too right.
    and yes, a hack sounds about right. problem is, miters tend to be a little bit….slow…so they may not notice.

    Ordo seminere nos sans dominitani, Et caltech!

  19. Happy Valentine’s Day MIT.

    Props to Han and Morteza for doing what Dr. Martin Luther King urges people to do, break unjust laws. He deems breaking unjust laws a moral responsibility (letter from Birmingham jail).

    I doubt this “caltechmathlord” guy is an MIT student; if he were an MIT student, he would use proper English!

  20. Niki says:

    Case in point. =)

    I was at a talk the other day by Jeremy Rifkin on the importance of empathy and working together on renewable energy and related issues (if we are to have any hope of surviving the next few generations); he repeatedly referred to our generation (the “students”) as bearing the brunt of the responsibility throughout his speech.

    (Very) long story short — after all, it was a two hour talk and he’s written a few books on the subject — in the Q&A, he said the revolution definitely wouldn’t start in China because of the filters, and I pointed out that they don’t actually stop anyone our age.

    So– thanks for doing your bit in the quest for worldwide empathy! wink

  21. I wish I have the chance to design one myself.

  22. Chris M. says:

    I don’t know, I think it’s worth what it cost you.

  23. Kir says:

    yea, I thought the same thing. look, we have uncovered a conspiracy to start a war… I feel like I’m in star wars.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Just went to the caltech admissions blog… it turns out, our king,god,chief,and lord are not only real, but celebrated.Does this means war??

  25. Larry says:

    I say we organize a strike force and pay the caltech site a little visit!
    Unless……what if this whole thing is being done by a harvard student? or georgia tech?
    ora high school sudent?………….or a MIT student..

  26. @ Larry

    If life has taught me anything is that returning the strike will only cause more trouble, that is how the wars on Lebanon, and most other wars, started. You have to forget this caltechmathking, whoever he/she is. They could be a million different people, from a student at Cal. Tech. trying to tease us, to a student at M.I.T trying to rally the team spirit at M.I.T before we even get there. I’ll admit, he is pretty aggravating, but you just have to cope with him. Eventually, he will realize that we really don’t care and stop bugging us!

    I will back up Morteza on the fact that he could not even consider these ‘laws” actual laws. Either way, you are able to posting powerful comments and are doing so bravely, using your real name. That takes spirit. I remember when my country was driving out the French colonies, the latter tried to stop all media and all newspapers. What the citizens did, though, was make a new newspaper and used “??” as its logo

  27. Anonymous says:

    “Rteurning the strike”???? “Cause more trouble”????
    “war in lebanon”???
    This is spamming a message board , not urban combat…….
    I say we get ’em!

  28. Kir says:

    I understand that hack-ing each other is an mit-caltech tradition and i believe that it is fun. caltechmathperson however is pretty uninventive to say the least, and probably does not deserve our attention. besides, you can’t get them, because you do not know who ‘they’ are.
    (I am so curious how long this thread is gonna get smile we got a spammer and a political topic – a powerful combination)

  29. The newly formed M.I.T. Defense Department (MDD)is seeking members to counter act the recent attacks by caltech. We believe that caltech has made an anti-MIT “hack group”, at this point unnamed.
    We would like to suggest to the bloggers that they create a blog entitled “MDD Applicatiion”, were applicants may post something of a resume.
    The application resume must include the following:

    1. IQ , from confirmed professional testing, including deviation.
    2. Grade, year, age. Do NOT post name
    3.Any “military” background: Perhaps a summer intern with police force, airforce academy high school, etc.
    4. Experience with computer programs, internet, etc.
    5. Languages spoken

    Note: The MDD is a clandestine STUDENT orientated service, not in anyway “officially” associated with M.I.T. Please do not include your name, come up with a codename.

  30. Chris M. says:

    “Rteurning the strike”???? “Cause more trouble”????
    “war in lebanon”???
    This is spamming a message board , not urban combat…….
    I say we get ’em!”

    aaaand you guys are officially off topic. No spam war on my watch. *locked*

  31. parav says:


    Of course they are real! Even bots couldn’t be that stupid. And your claim seems to be false. A quick search for “caltechmathgod” only leads to MIT blogs.

  32. @ parav: Agree. Google is a good friend.

    reCaptcha: handwork city

  33. I tried googling, also looked around on their blogs. And probably the whole idea is to flare up a spam war between MIT and CalTech. But I must admit, I am enjoying it. wink