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MIT staff blogger Kris Guay

Lobby 7 by Kris Guay

Gotta love it

Here’s a little tribute to lobby 7. Since my start at MIT in January, I’ve walked through this lobby nearly every weekday to get to my office just a few feet down the infinite corridor. I enter with my morning coffee cup in hand, along with a horde of students and tourists, and I climb the iconic front steps and glance up at William Barton Rogers’ name – MIT’s founder – chiseled high up in the building’s façade.



It’s a magnificent lobby all on its own, but even better for the kind of things that happen in this lobby every week.

I’ve walked through in the morning and smiled at the many, many tourists with cameras taking pictures in front of the seal. I’ve stopped to watch the practice sessions of more than one student dance troupe late at night.  I’ve heard the chancellor speak, seen the president dance, witnessed a hack, listened to a group of students jamming with guitars, passed by the MIT marching band, and gawked at a huge constructed green bug-like thing on stilts during CPW.

Almost anything goes in this open, inclusive, majestic lobby. And today at 5:30, I’m going to find reasons to miss my train home and linger in the lobby just so I can hear the Ascoli Ensemble, MIT’s latest artist group in residence performing a free community concert of medieval music.

Gotta love Lobby 7

7 responses to “Lobby 7”

  1. Lobby 7 is indeed fantastic, and that is a very majestic photo. How did you achieve the glowy effect?

  2. kris says:

    Lydia, Erin Yunes in our office took the photo. She’s good, huh?

  3. Snively says:

    Woo Lobby 7!

    A La Minecraft

    On a sidenote, when I was in line to pick up my cap and gown for graduation the guy in front of me (who had just picked up his cap and gown) was told that he could pick up his tickets in Lobby 7. “Where’s lobby 7?”

    I gaped at him. Who picks up their cap and gown and DOESN’T KNOW WHERE LOBBY 7 IS!?

  4. eric says:

    Kris–the only thing that you didn’t mention that I remember is the coffee stand, which I noticed last time I was on campus is no longer part of the lobby, but a room off the lobby. In my experience with MIT over the years, going back to 1978 when I first toured before deciding to attend, Lobby 7 looms larger than almost anything else. Your description more than does it justice, and brings me back. The next time I find myself there, I may just spend a good chunk of a day people watching on the steps and in the lobby…

    eric g. 83

  5. @Snively –

    A clone who hasn’t completely uploaded all knowledge from the original.

  6. Vinay '18 says:

    @Lydia, you can very well get the same effect by just duplicating the photo layer and setting it on overlay.

    All this will be alien to you if you haven’t used any image editor smile

  7. Ash says:

    The Ascoli Ensemble’s music is absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the link!!!!