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MIT student blogger Abby H. '20

MacCPW, et al. by Abby H. '20

in case you couldn't make it

CPW is officially over! The CPW weather machine ended up pulling through, and it’s a sunny Fahrenheit 63 as I type this on Sunday afternoon.

Welcome to my dorm’s implementation of CPW!

MAC.0001: Introduction to MacGregor House

MacGregor House is the West Campus dorm between Burton Conner (or actually No. 6) and New House. It’s the tall one that looks like a hospital because that aesthetic was chic in 1970 when MacG was built. It consists of nine entries, A-J (minus I because it’s ~imaginary~), in a highrise stack (A-E) and a lowrise block (F-J). It’s mostly singles with three doubles in F entry (my home). About half of us are on the meal plan, while the rest cook for themselves in our suite kitchens (or more realistically pay for other people to cook better food and deliver it to them). Much of Mollie B. ’06’s post re:MacG remains true, but I may need to update some of the details soon.

And now for the main event.

CPW 2017 Events

A Entry: Roll with the A Dogs

The people of A invited prefrosh to meet residents and eat snax. (I don’t have pics of this one because tbh I was asleep. A entry people are pretty cool though. They’re sporty.)

B Entry: Be Chill followed by No Chill

Eat pancakes with B-eople and then play those icebreaker lying games with them.


easy Breezy highrise aesthetics


C Entry: Movies Against Humanity

SnaCks, Cheesy movies, and Cards against Humanity. Talk about Chill.


totally Candid pics


D Entry: A Night in the Lounge

The first opportunity to chill and eat with MacGregor people. I missed it (smh bad blogger), so no pics for you. My sources tell me that D residents have a similar vibe to B and F, but that could be up for debate.

E Entry: Protobowl and Produce and SNL and Brownies

Billed as “the only fruits and veggies you might find all CPW”, Protobowl and Produce sounds great for restoring vitality after a long night of self-(con?)destructive CPW crashing. I went to SNL and Brownies instead, for obvious reasons.


fun fact: E entry owns ghost chalk


F Entry: Frilled Cheese

This one expanded my worldview in relation to grilled cheese. Avocado? Peanut butter? Bacon? We know how to simultaneously lure in and scare away some prefrosh.


ΦΥΚ: when you’re here, you’re Family


G Entry: Netflix and Chill and Smash and Cheese

During in-house rush, I was told that the G unofficially stood for “Gaming”. And while that’s not for me, it’s probably for a lot of you. Just ask the room full of prefrosh who showed up to play Smash on some old school TVs in MacGregor Dining Hall.

they also had so much mac and cheese

H Entry: Creative Cooking with H Entry

Learn how to survive and thrive in a cook-for-yourself community. H offered up some kitchens and some residents to show off to some hungry prefrosh.

the H stands for “Hack” but you didn’t hear that from me

J Entry: Murder Mystery and Memes and Cereal

I personally thought J won at MacGregor CPW events this year. I got to check out the Murder Mystery dinner but missed eating cereal and watching Important Videos with J.

I don’t know what’s going on here either

BONUS: An Assortment of Other Events That I Stumbled Into

A Little Concert @ Senior Haus

Another Smash Event with Nu Delta

Obligatory Pic of the Green Building Getting Lit

Kresge in Full Swing on Saturday

Shoutout to all the student groups for planning, a special shoutout to the prefrosh I talked to that confirmed my suspicions that we only admit people who belong here, and a big thank you to everyone who let me do prefrosh things since I missed my CPW last spring. (: