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MIT staff blogger Chris LaBounty

Maker Faire 2012 by Chris LaBounty

the Dean is going - are you?

Maker Faire 2012 is this weekend.

If you read these blogs, you probably already know what Maker Faire is, but if you don’t it’s basically a huge convention/fair of creative people getting together to show off the cool stuff they make. (Sponsored by Make magazine, of course.)

There’s an Arduino section, a 3D printer section, there will be robots walking around chilling, and there will be a 6,500 sq/ft 50,000 lbs life size replica of Mousetrap the board game.

Rather than have me add 25 hyperlinks to that very exciting sentence above, just go here.

Now, here’s an another important point to mention: MIT Dean of Admissions, Stu Schmill will be there!

Oh yeah, its got everything. In addition to all of the exhibits, workshops and competitions, Maker Faire also has an impressive list of interesting presenters speaking on a large range of topics. Here’s the schedule.

Dean Schmill’s got a very nice presentation planned called, “Preparing for College: What’s a Maker To Do?”

Its on Sunday at 3:00 pm. You can see it on the schedule here.

By the way, Chris P (King of the Internet) went to Maker Faire out in CA last year and wrote a blog post about it. He took some very cool pics and videos. You should take a look at it. He had me at ,”enormous people-powered death bird.”

Happy making…