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MISTI Program

Manage Your Future by MISTI Program

Every year MISTI sends nearly 600 interns from all MIT majors abroad to work in their chosen field. In 2010 & 2011, we sent 66 Management students to 9 different countries to intern in companies such as: Allianz (Germany), Amadeus (France), American Express (Mexico), Brunello Cucinelli (Italy), Cinepolis (Mexico), Daikin (Japan), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), Grupo BBVA (Spain), IFMR (India), King-eClient (Spain), My Gengo (Japan), Naiot (Israel), Nasvax (Israel), Societe General (France) and Xerox (India). 

Sara Hernandez
Class of 2015
MIT-India Program 2011
Internship: IFMR, Chennai

The skills I gained and the ideas I got from field observations will be crucial for my own future research. I really want to improve my qualitative research skills: for that I plan to take some classes at MIT at the econ and anthropology departments. It has been a very good opportunity to learn how the economic theory can be applied to solve real problems and I hope I can go back to India to start my own research project.

The project: Following the philosophy set by the OWC courses, I helped to adapt graduate-level econ subjects to the curriculum of the university: worked on syllabus design, reading materials, class presentations and assignments. I also assisted with a research project that was conducting comprehensive surveys on the rural poor regarding health and productivity.

The host: The IFMR is a very prestigious centre that takes students from all over the subcontinent for MBAs and masters programs. It is a focal point for researchers and practitioners interested in development and poverty research.

The city: Chennai is a very vibrant city with a unique coastal atmosphere. Jumping on a rickshaw, eating masala dosas or attending religious festivals were truly unforgettable moments!

Becca Hung
Class of 2011
MIT-Germany Program 2010
Internship: Deutsche Bahn, Berlin

Through my DB internship, I not only learned about the strategy and logistics for international freight transportation, but I gained an appreciation and affinity forGerman culture. This experience has sparked my interest in getting a job related to International Relations or Germany. Though my MISTI experience, I believe I have gained more knowledge about worldly culture and I am eager to learn more about it through more international experiences and/or jobs.

The project:  I worked on strategy transport and logistics for DB Schenker. This entailed doing market research and financial calculations on various freight transportation companies. I created competitor profiles and presentations for DB Schenker.

The host:  DB Schenker, a logistics company and a wholly own subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG, is a logistics company comprising of land, air, and sea freight.

The city: Berlin is a huge city full of culture, history, fun, and variety. I truly enjoyed catching up with colleagues and friends over a drink at a café or bar (especially Berlin’s beach bars).



4 responses to “Manage Your Future”

  1. anonymous says:

    Wait… how did a 2015 do MISTI already? o_O

  2. MISTI says:

    Sara Hernandez is a PhD candidate

  3. MISTI doesn’t offer payment for our internships. Our internships are all-expenses-paid meaning we pay for airfare, living expenses, etc while the student is in-country. As MIT’s largest international program, MISTI is always growing and sent nearly 600 students to 10 countries last summer alone. Over the course of our existence, we have sent 4,300 interns abroad.

  4. Well, i believe that the all paid internship is unfortunately restricted to top knotch colleges only and people with real talents sometimes find it hard to gain the right experience because of lack of ‘Brand’ tag.. thus, i really think concepts like helps people compete in an equal platform.. Maybe MIT’ians should try that too for getting internships.. wink