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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

Meditation Mondays by Mitra L. '07

Achieving inner peace, just in time for my 14.05 pset

Meditation Monday: Tonight, 10/16 @5:30 pm in 50-005

Meditation Monday Series guided by Amy McCreath of LEM (Lutheran Episcopal Ministry) and hosted by [email protected] (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender at MIT).

Join us for an hour of relaxation, self-reflection, and personal growth. Our time will include some conversation about practices and benefits of meditation and an experience of guided visualization, a simple, nonsectarian form of meditation. Everyone is welcome: no experience, wisdom, or attainment of inner peace necessary! Dress comfortably.

I went to this meditation session tonight — which I definitely needed after getting my French quiz back and after watching my chicken shawarma drip onto my pants today — held in the Rainbow Lounge, which is in the basement of Walker Memorial

This was a fantastic session, short enough to appeal to beginners, but long enough to achieve a little harmony and inner peace. If you’re on campus and free on Monday nights, I highly encourage you to attend!

3 responses to “Meditation Mondays”

  1. lexy says:

    sounds like a lot of good and beneficial kharma

  2. Anupam says:

    worth reading…seems u’ve really put into it…
    can i hv ur email..some urgent unanswered queries…tnxs a zillion ton

  3. Omar says:

    Hey Mitra!
    I saw you there last Monday (in the meditation hour), I recognized you, but well, I was kind of shy to say hi (I guess I always do the same thing). Anyways, it was nice seeing you around. wink