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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Meet the Admissions Officers: Amy Perez by Matt McGann '00

Name: Amy Perez; Job title: Assistant Director of Admissions; Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Name: Amy Perez

Job title: Assistant Director of Admissions

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

High school: Lubbock High School

College: Tulane University, Bachelor’s degree in Marketing

Favorite things about MIT: I love the MIT Dome and the Boston skyline, both of which are right outside the Admissions Office. I also love getting discounts as an MIT affiliate at the Boston Ballet, Aquarium, and many museums. Current students always surprise me by being witty and down-to-earth. I am never afraid of talking about my loves of SciFi movies and Harry Potter novels because many folks here share my interests. I also love IAP, MIT’s Independent Activities Period because I take classes. Some of my past IAP classes include Beginning Potter’s Wheel (which was actually challenging!), cooking classes, and a Walking Architectural Tour of the Boston Public Library.

Favorite things about Boston: I love going to the ballet, eating famous Boston ice cream (such as Toscaninis or Christina’s), and I’m becoming a fan of the Boston Red Sox. I also love the shopping (on Newbury Street or Downtown Crossing)!

Favorite movies: Star Wars, classic movies like Gone with the Wind or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or comedies like Mean Girls

Favorite food: Mexican and Indian, which are actually similar.

Favorite cartoon character: the monster in Looney Tunes cartoons

Advice about applying to college/MIT: Pay attention to the details-be sure to use spell check and capitalize your name, etc. Also, tell us something that delves deeper into your personality or a funny story. It shows a human side of you that we’ll relate to.

Fun fact about yourself: I can wiggle my ears but I can’t whistle (you just got two fun facts for the price of one)!

13 responses to “Meet the Admissions Officers: Amy Perez”

  1. Michael Tayu says:

    Hello I am 19 boy from Camerron and I will like u to tell me more about admission at MIT.hope to hear from u

  2. Jackson says:

    Go Texas! Lubbock’s a nice city. I myself am from Pearland, a growing city just south of Houston. MIT has always been a dream for me and learning is my passion; seems like a perfect fit to me. I’d like to get all the information I can about the school and what I can do to increase my chances of acceptance. I’d greatly appreciate the opportunity to email you and ask you a few questions.

  3. Enhao Li says:

    Ms. Perez,

    I am very excited about applying to MIT, so I check the online application everyday, but it’s still not there. Some of the other schools have even sent me their applications. I really want to get a good head start in the application process. Could you tell me about the admission process of MIT and if possible how soon I can get my hands on a MIT application. I look forward to your response.

  4. omar kamel says:

    Hello Miss. Perez

    I would you like to know what are the addmisson requriments for an international student who is graduating in 2006 from an american school in Cairo,Egypt.

    Thank you

  5. Nikita says:

    Dear Ms. Perez

    I would like to know what you look for in an international student and things that can make us stan apart from the rest.Please give me the necessary details for admissions in fall 2007.I am awaiting your reply.

  6. "tokenadult" says:

    Hi, Ms. Perez,

    My son (still quite young) and I saw your presentation in St. Paul, MN last year. You and the ECs did a good job of making MIT sound like an exciting and interesting place–MIT has definitely caught my son’s attention. He’s still a few years off from applying to colleges, I think, but we appreciate you traveling around the country and letting people know about MIT.

    Best wishes in your work of reaching out to MIT applicants and sorting through the huge number of applications to build a class.

  7. Matt!

    Amy gave the presentation with Denise at the WTP lunch. You should tell her “hi” for me… after all, all Texans share a special bond!

  8. Amy Perez says:

    Hi everyone!

    Unfortunately this blog entry was posted while I was out on travel last week. So I’m just now able to answer your questions.

    For those of you requesting general information about admissions, I hope you’re taking advantage of the wonderful resource of MyMIT. It’s designed to give you both information on how to apply (see the links at the top of MyMIT home page, various views of life as a student, and Matt, Ben, and others give a great perspective on how we evaluate applicants. It’s hard for me to answer a very general question such as “can you tell me more about MIT admissions” in this blog response. Please check the other parts of MyMIT for this information.

    I can answer this for those of you wondering about international admissions: we accept only 100 international applicants a year, which statistically is about 5% of the pool. Since we have so many international applicants, the best way to make yourself stand out is to be very honest about the type of person you are, and don’t be afraid to talk about your achievements (even if it feels like bragging). If you have additional information to provide about yourself, feel free to send them in (cd/dvd of performances, portfolio or papers/projects). We do our decisions for international students in a separate committee, so consider that you will be viewed with other students in your country.

    To Enhao Li, the online application will be available beginning in August. Check MyMIT on August 1st. It should be up by then.

    To tokenadult and Katharine, I do remember those events. Its great to hear from you, thanks for writing in!

  9. Amy Perez says:

    P.S. In September, I’ll be traveling to the following locations: Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Corpus Christi, McAllen, San Antonio, and Austin (all in Texas). In October, I’ll be visiting Denver, Las Vegas, and Salt Lake City. I look forward to meeting all of you in those cities!

  10. Omar says:

    Hey, I received a notification that MIT will be visiting Puerto Rico! I’m so glad, I’m really happy for that. I feel MIT has a great Admission Committee and that my Application will be in good hands. :>

  11. Omar says:

    P.S. It’s great to know that some people there read things like Harry Potter. I was getting scared because no one mentioned it even when the 6th book was coming out!

  12. Hello Matt

    I registered myself at “MYMIT” about a week ago and visit the site everyday to see if the EC’s name and address/phone no. is posted there.nothing so far.How long does it take? I live near Knoxville,TN.



  13. Carlos says:

    hi… Amy, I don’t know if or when you get these messages per se, but I was wondering if you might remember me from high name is Carlos Romero.. I live in Albuquerque now and I thought it might be nice to keep in touch. So if you get this message feel free to write.. it would be very nice to hear from you.