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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Meet the Admissions Officers: Mikey Yang ‘05 by Matt McGann '00

Name: Mikey Yang; Job title: Admissions Counselor; Hometown: Troy, MI

Name: Mikey Yang
Job title: Admissions Counselor
Hometown: Troy, MI
High school: Troy High School
College: MIT ’05, Biology
Favorite thing about MIT: The people. Hands down. The people at MIT are not what I expected them to be at all! Everyone works hard and studies, but they hang out, party, have fun…the people here are so down to earth. Everyone’s got a nerdy side, and we embrace and accept that. Someone can tell a nerdy joke and people will actually laugh and won’t shun them to the library. The community here is so open, friendly, and accessible. I love being able to stay up until 5am talking to friends instead of doing problem sets. I never thought I could do that here. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade the friends I made here for anything in the world.
Favorite things about Boston: The Charles River is awesome, and the fact that MIT is right on the riverfront – couldn’t be a better location. Also the fact that Boston is such a young college town and a walking town – you can walk or take public transportation anywhere and there’s so much stuff to do for college kids. I love that the city is so diverse and you can find almost any kind of food all over the place – fooood is gooood. And, of course, THE SOX.
Favorite movies: The Usual Suspects, Clue, The Game, The Matrix Trilogy, Zoolander, Anchorman, Primal Fear, LOTR Trilogy
Favorite food: Everything Italian. I <3 food!
Favorite music: I love everything. All music is so awesome. If I had to choose, my favorite bands would be: Coldplay, Ben Folds, Guster, Maroon5, Switchfoot, Jump Little Children, Remy Zero. The Garden State Soundtrack is also pretty sweet.
Favorite book: The Ender series (Ender’s Game especially), Dan Brown books (esp Da Vinci Code), The Great Gatsby, Tennessee Williams plays…unfortunately I don’t read all that much, but I’m trying to take it up! Throw some good suggestions my way.
Favorite cartoon character: Loved watching X-Men and Captain Planet (yeah I’m a dork). But I think I’d have to go with Calvin and Hobbes.
Advice about applying to college/MIT: Be yourself! Show us your personality and uniqueness through your application. We want to know what makes you tick. Tons of people have great scores and academics–we want to know much more than just the numbers.
Fun fact about yourself: I am horrible at activities that require balance. I didn’t learn to ride a bike til I was past 10, and I still don’t know how to rollerblade or ice skate.
Anything else? I love sleeping, eating, and singing. I played the cello for 10 years. I gots tons of Michigan pride. So if you’re from Michigan or love music, we should talk!

16 responses to “Meet the Admissions Officers: Mikey Yang ‘05”

  1. Vineet says:

    Hey Mikey

    I m applying 2 mit for fall 2006 but i dont hav the admission form/bulletin.,

    plz send the same at….

    Vineet Kumar,





  2. Heyy Mikey…hehe nice info. you have there..but don’t worry about it i love captain plant, x-men, dan brown and all types of music, but i’m from Kuwait not Michigan, sorry :D…LoL..just posting for common interests I guess, I’m curious and loudmouthed like that ;P c ya!


  3. Sunil says:

    Not only am I from Michigan, I love music as well. Try out Autolux, Cary Brothers, or Spoon. 2:1 says that you’ll love at least one of them–if you don’t already.

  4. neha says:

    one of my favorite songs is from the garden state soundtrack –

    zero 7 – in the waiting line

    then again…i just really like zero 7.

  5. Cafer says:

    Hi Mikey, 8-|

    I want to ask you about the transfer admissions. If I want to apply in my first year in a college, what are my chances? Or if i apply in my second, what are my chances to be admitted to MIT? I want a major in Physics and I want to take all the way to PhD. I’ll be glad if you e-mail me. Thx for the interest…


  6. anjana says:

    mikey was the best floormate ever! we’re all glad he’s sticking around in boston for at least a little while longer. i can also say that mikey does not lie when he says he loves to sleep (yes, it IS possible to sleep for 10+ hours a day and get an MIT degree)=P

  7. Jin says:

    I’m still a highschooler, but this MIT rocks big time! Wish I get to meet all you people next year!

  8. Andy says:

    So we have a few things in common that I thought were unique to me:

    1) I love Calvin and Hobbes.

    2) Jump Little Children is one of my favorite bands; Magazine is an excellent CD. I thought no one had heard of them.

    3) I sing, and although I don’t play the chello, I play guitar and a little piano.

    4) I can’t rollerblade or skateboard. The last time I rollerbladed, I fractured my wrist.

    5) I’ll probably be a bio major.


    Andy Hunt

  9. ant06 says:

    is it okay to get a recommendation from a teacher who’s teaching you a subject you are not planning to further pursue, as against the teacher teaching your future major but who doesn’t know you as well?

  10. stephanie says:

    Hi Mikey,

    I was reading your info, and I noticed we have a lot in common (Zoolander…haha). I am applying to MIT early decision, so any advice would be great. I live in California now, but I was born in Michigan and lived there a little. I just went there this summer to visit relatives, and I go back every other year. Oh, and if you like Ben Folds, check out Rufus Wainwright. They’re on tour together now, so you’ve probably heard of him already.

    -Stephanie Lee

  11. stephanie says:

    Hi Mikey,

    I was reading your info, and I noticed we have a lot in common (sleep, Zoolander…ha). I am applying to MIT early decision, so any advice would be great. I live in California now, but I was born in Michigan. I just went there a couple weeks ago to visit relatives (I go back every other year). Oh, and if you like Ben Folds, check out Rufus Wainwright. They’re on tour together now, so you’ve probably already heard of him.


    [email protected]

  12. Ananth says:

    Hi Mikey

    i am applying to mit for fall 2006 and i don’t have an appliction form or even a broucher.please mail it to my email address

  13. supriya says:


    we are from the same highschool!!!!!!!

    just wanted to let you know mr.graham ( chem ap) retired last year….

  14. ‘lo Mikey,

    Whoa…Captain planet…I remember that show!

    Used to show at 5:30 in the morning where I lived. The opening song still sticks with me, very memorable apparently.

    I’m applying for MIT 2006, and was wondering if I should bring an art portfolio with me to my interview, or send it with my application, etc., even though I’m majoring in engineering, not art.

    Hmmm, MIT sounds like an awesome place to be.

    Let’s see if I make it.

  15. Mikey says:

    Hi everyone! Just thought I’d respond to a few of your comments; I think Matt’s probably already answered most of your more logistical questions, so I’ll respond to the more personal comments:

    Sunil – I’ve heard of Autolux, heard a couple of Cary Brothers songs, and am intrigued by Spoon. The band just sounds cool in and of itself. I’ll definitely check em out in more detail when I get a chance. Thanks for the suggestions! MICHIGAN PRIDE!

    Aziz – glad to hear we share the same love for books, music, and tv shows. pretty sweet!

    Neha – me too! although my absolute fave on the gs soundtrack has to be remy zero – fair. although zero 7 “in the waiting line” is pretty darn close.

    Anj – yes, what anjana says is true…although she forgot to mention spending over 25 hours a week on an a cappella group! I was in the Logs…so you CAN sleep 10+ hours a day, spend over 25 hrs/wk on a singing group, be involved in a Christian fellowship, and still get good grades (let’s just say above a 4.5)! MIT really isn’t as hard as everyone makes it out to be – you CAN have fun AND get an amazing education!!!

    Jin – so glad you’re excited! I’m excited too! MIT does rock!

    Andy – haha that is crazy. i never realized there were people out there who shared so many of my interests either. i just discovered jlc about a year ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to them. SO good. i think my favorite song is probably cathedrals or close your eyes…or maybe violent dreams…ahh! i cant choose! theyre all good!

    Stephanie – i’ve wanted to go see ben folds for SO long! but i havent been able to make it to any of his concerts. :( maybe one day…the CD Ben Folds Live is AMAZING.

    supriya – omg i cant believe mr. graham finally retired! mrs. pavich better still be there…right? first mr. bates, then mr. graham…*sigh* (haha do you even know who mr. bates is? man i hope i’m not getting THAT old…) GO COLTS!

    laura – captain planet…he’s a hero…gonna take pollution down to zero… : )

    Have a good one everybody! email me if neither matt or i answered your question and I’ll be sure to get you a personal response. (as long as it’s not while i’m on travel from 9/14 – 9/27…check to see if i’m coming to your area!)

  16. Hey remove the post of the person who has inadvertently given his address.