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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Meet the Admissions Officers: Stu Schmill ‘86 by Matt McGann '00

Name: Stu Schmill; Job title: Associate Director of Admissions and Director of the Educational Council; Hometown: Little Neck, NY

Name: Stu Schmill
Job title: Associate Director of Admissions and Director of the Educational Council
Hometown: Little Neck, NY (in Queens)
High school: Benjamin N. Cardozo HS
College: MIT ’86, mechanical engineering
Favorite thing about MIT: The people. That students and staff are engaged in so many things, have many talents, and are focused on what is really important in this world. And for all this passionate pursuit of excellence, the place is remarkably fun and laid-back.
Favorite things about Boston: How walkable the city is. And how, once you’ve been here a while, every time you go out you see someone you know.
Favorite movies: The original Rocky, The Godfather, The Princess Bride (read the book first, though), Annie Hall
Favorite food: A corned beef sandwich from Katz’s deli, with the steak fries, of course
Favorite music: Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffett, Danilo Perez
Favorite book: World’s Fair (and most anything by E.L. Doctorow), Portnoy’s Complaint (same for Philip Roth), Call it Sleep, Don’t Stop the Carnival, The Inner Game of Tennis, the Spencer books
Advice about applying to college/MIT: Have some confidence that being open and honest and being yourself is going to lead to the right outcome for you. This is true in whatever you do, not just in applying to college.
Fun fact about yourself: In the last 6 years I have lived in 4 houses, had 3 careers, and 2 kids. I think change is great! (I do plan to stay in my current house, job, and kid level for a long while, though.)
Anything else? I was once quoted by Diane Sawyer on ABC’s World News Tonight.

9 responses to “Meet the Admissions Officers: Stu Schmill ‘86”

  1. FIRST!!!

    hehe..hey Stu!! how’s it going smile…wow you kinda have my dad’s taste in movies ;P .. hmm…yeah it’s really cool how every person at MIT or online that i’ve talked to keeps saying the best thing is the people because that’s one of the most important factors at college…the people you meet smile..oh my God 4 houses are you kidding? ;P you lived at each one for like a year and a half then..that’s crazy…but i congratulate you on such an..”exciting” lifestyle how’s it like being an admissions officer at MIT? and how long have you been doing it..because matt is like associate dean after 5 years of graduating only which is pretty cool, so can i apply to that position too because, I mean, being a dean of admissions can be a pretty awesome thing looking at what kind of things people do in applications…anyways i’m rambling too much right now so take care…salam from a future MIT applicant (Kuwait) =D I hope to meet you in the near future..


  2. YEAH Bruce Springsteen!!!!

  3. Merudh says:

    I love your last comment on how you were once quoted by Diane Sawyer on ABC’s World News Tonight. man that’s gotta be a good feeling =)

    anyway…happy days. It’s awesome to see that such dynamic personalities are going to be reading our apps woo goo MIT!

  4. Ajymurat says:

    The Godfather is really good.

  5. Thanks for that comment on applying to M.I.T. i sure appreciate it.

  6. sami zantout says:

    hi Gann through my MIT application form i am told that i have to meet the educational counselor in my country(QATAR) , can you please tell me how & where i can meet him cause im trying to meet him for a long time

  7. saywah? says:

    cool guy likes Godfather :D great movie.

    also thanks for the advice on getting in smile.

  8. Viji ramesh says:

    Hello Stu, I would like to RSVP for the info session at Mira Loma on Sept. 18th, @ Sacramento, CA. But can’t find the link or phone # to do that. My son’s first choice of school is MIT and we don’t want to miss this oppurtunity to meet with you.



  9. Huzzah! Katz never kloses.