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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Mid-January Updates by Matt McGann '00

The latest from Cambridge.

Hello! Here’s the latest:

  • We have begun reading regular action applications. It looks like application numbers will be up once again this year. Lots of reading to be done!

  • If you are a regular action applicant, please check your application tracking on MyMIT today. If you are missing an application component, such as a transcript or teacher evaluation, now is a good time to follow up on that and make sure we have it as soon as possible.

  • If you are in the regular action pool (regular action applicant or early action deferred), and you are in an American school, please try to get us your Mid-Year Grade Report as soon as possible after the grades are available (if you’re on a trimester system, we probably already have all the grades we need).

  • If you are an early action deferred student, and you are looking to send us an update, I would recommend doing so in the next couple weeks, before we go into selection committee.

  • The financial aid deadline is quickly approaching. Be sure to have all of your documents to the financial aid office by February 15.

  • I haven’t forgotten about the Mini-contest. I’ll post some great entries tomorrow!

  • Finally, I hope you can start to relax. I’m still getting some really stressed out comments and emails, but this interim period between submitting your application and receiving your decision is a good time to focus on family, friends, and school. You can worry again about college once you have to start making your decision ;)

72 responses to “Mid-January Updates”

  1. rbanerjee says:

    good luck with applications bro

  2. Soufiane says:

    Hi there everyone! I’m a moroccan applicant to MIT, I’d like to evaluate the chances I have to be admitted and I just have a couple a questions for you. First, what is the average toefl score for an international person enrolled. Well, I had 95 on the iBT test but that’s pretty normal it is so bad due to english is only the third language in Morocco, I’m very good I mean compared to most of the others, but, even if I can improve my English there, I fear to weaken my chances with such a doubtful average. Secondly, I want to understand what is meant by “case by case basis” concerning the tests taken in January. Personally, I’ll take the SAT II on 27th of January and I hope that, all in all, my case is not that bad. Anyway, I’m sure I have the appropriate scientific level, good transcripts and enough skills. I hope that this will be enough and that I still have some chances to integrate MIT. Thank you for answering a desperate applicant.

  3. tony says:


    I’m just a fellow applicant like you. But I think MIT will look at your “context” and think a 95 iBT is pretty good (at least not a deal-breaker). For the SAT, I’m also taking it this month. I received e-mails from MIT confirming that so long as you have listed MIT as one of the score recipients when you registered the test, MIT will take it.

  4. reddy says:

    hey, good luck with reading all the apllications and hope u enjoy each and everyone’s application, including mine hopefully smile
    and thx for the last line of this entry that we ust relax cause admisions is really freaking me out.

  5. Adam S. says:

    Hi Matt,
    When exactly would you like any supplemental material in by? I’m taking part in 6.370 (BattleCode) (Just scrimmaging, can’t compete in the tournament of course) but it runs until early February.

    I’m going to send in a description of my experience, and I was wondering if early February (Feb. 5th or so?) would be in time for selection committee.

    Thanks very much!
    -Adam S.

    Can’t wait to read the mini-contest entries!

  6. Fionna Ng says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m now in Si Chuan , China where the home of panda. The first time to visit Si Chuan as the Chemistry Olympia representitive from Hong Kong,
    I really excited to see the BIG Panda’s home and to taste the hot and spicy food. Yummy Yummy!
    After the 2 days exam, I can really start to relax. I think the 5 girls’ team from Hong kong will be the most loudest one. Relax! Relax! Have fun with yr friends. See you then in MIT!(Hopefully). Good Luck every body!


  7. Abhinav says:

    All the Best with Regular Action everyone! Let us all hope for the Best!

  8. ko. says:

    the mystery hunt was just —-awesome!!
    i really wish i could have participated.
    anyway, i have just one querry
    its been over a month since i have taken my interview but its still not checked on my My Mit dashboard.Is anything wrong? do i need to interview again?

  9. Joe L. says:

    Anon: I would definitely let the admissions office know yourself.

  10. Jg says:

    If i sit for my TOEFL on the 3rd of Feb will the scores be recieved in time for the reading? I have no choice because the computers malfunctioned in december when i originally registered and once again last week. 3rd of Feb is the closest date i can get. thanks.

  11. Viksit says:

    Hey Matt.

    I submitted my application via post on the 1st of January, but I still dont have any confirmation, if MIT has recieved it. Neither does My MIT account show anything. I have started to feel the heat now, esp. after reading your post. What do I do? Write to MIT admissions about it?


  12. Amjad says:

    Relax??? oh god i’m trying, but i’m FREAKING OUT!
    in fact i dream of MIT every night. Hey Soufiane 95 is really good. don’t worry about it.

  13. Amjad says:

    Relax??? oh god i’m trying, but i’m FREAKING OUT!
    in fact i dream of MIT every night.

  14. turnef says:

    Just wondering… How many people submitted an entry to the mini-contest?

  15. Roger says:

    How many people applied for regular action this year? What is your targeted 2011 class size this year? How many international applicants?

  16. Dear Mr. Matt

    I took TOEFL iBT on Dec 15, 2006, I got 112 on 120. I don’t know why ETS took a lot of time, to evaluate my scores, and so finally, after a long wait, ETS displayed my TOEFL score today, in my account on their website.

    I had asked ETS, to send my scores on code 3514, but my MyMIT account still displays that MIT is yet to receive my TOEFL scores. I haven’t received my score report by mail yet.

    I am really scared, because considering the pace at which ETS is doing its job, I doubt that they’ll send to you my score, in time.

    Please help me, as the TOEFL scores will play an important role in the admissions process. Please also tell me that, whether my TOEFL score is good enough, or might I take it for a second time, and try and improve it, to improve my chances of getting admitted.

    Mrinal Monga

  17. Amjad says:

    Mrinal Monga, INDIA:

    look i sent my TOEFL scores by FAX that is what the admissions office told me to do, and i think you should do so as well.

    good job on your
    hope you will make it to MIT
    and hope i helped you. as i believe Matt won’t answer anyone as he is totally engrossed in reading applications.
    this is the FAX number (001) 617 258 8304
    print your score report and send it. i’m sure MIT will process your scores in less than 3 days if you send them a FAX
    do it as soon as possible

  18. kanika says:

    hey viksit
    if you used normal indian post air mail to send in your recommendations ,bro…you are going to have a hard time…i am not tryin’ to scrae you but the mail was flooded with christmas and new year greetings around the deadline time and it is goin to take veeeeeeeeerrrrryyyyyyy long for your stuff to reach the admissions office..still try and relax don’t go by what i say ..thats just my perception still cling on for the best…lotza besties to you…

  19. bhushan says:

    mine reached in just 6 days at same time( i mean christmas and new ear)

  20. kanika says:

    matt sir…
    i have put up this question on almost every blog entry…but i still haven’t got an answer…puhleeease take some time out sir…can you please give any tentative deadline for sending in supplementary material…like if i wish to send in an application in visual basic that i have created ..can i send it in the executable form or do i have to send it in the crude form(with the tedious lines of code for the admissions office to go through—but that way it will be even tedious for a layman to run and see how it works)—so csn i just sendin a .exe file of the application on a CD in time to reach you by around say beginning of feb…..puhlease somebody answer!!!!

  21. bhushan says:

    hey kanika i replied to ur queation where last u posted

  22. kanika says:

    hello…even mine were delivered in 6 days of time but the checks appeared after almost 15 days..i used DHL to send in my stuff…theyre pretty fast…besties to you…buh bye…adios amigos…and did you submit an essay for the mini contest???

  23. bhushan says:

    can u please explian besties to you…buh bye…adios amigos…
    2)no, i was having IIT practice test in Bansal
    thirdly i used Indian Post

  24. kanika says:

    lolzzz…so what are you upto …want IIT as well as MIT….and btw…are you really at bansal…i mean are you in kota…thats where i am from…and buh bye is jus a more vivacious way of saying bye and adios amigos is the spanish word for good bye and besties means ‘good luck’…

  25. bhushan says:

    u r in which class i m too taking individual at MT an D B Singh

  26. bhushan says:

    to Kanika,
    i think i know u did u took SAT in US Ambessy in Nov travelling by Janshatabdi at 6:00 AM

  27. bhushan says:

    to Kanika,
    i think i know u did u took SAT in US Ambessy in Nov travelling by Janshatabdi at 6:00 AM on friday with ur mum

  28. bhushan says:

    to Kanika,
    i think i know u, did u took SAT in US Ambessy in Nov travelling by Janshatabdi at 6:00 AM on friday with ur mum

  29. tony says:

    hey, i also have a 112 on iBT, and feel quite complacent about it. don’t think u should retake it; perfect scores are pale; other stuff get u in

  30. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Matt, just two quick questions —
    >1. I was recently named an Intel STS >semifinalist, will Intel send MIT a report, or >should I send in a note or email stating this?
    >2. My evaluation A has not been received. I was >wondering if the admissions office has filed >all of the paperwork currently there, or if >there is some still left to be filed?
    >Thanks in advance!

    yo Anonymous smile

    all you have to do is just ask the admissions office, send them an e-mail or you could of course call them. regarding the first question, what I would do (watch out i said “I”) is send them a note by Fax ( yeah i love FAX smile ).

    i can’t answer your second question i guess you should call the admissions office or send them an e-mail.

  31. Amjad says:

    wow we posted our comments at the very same time tony smile

  32. Amjad says:

    that was my comment at 6:41 but i just forgot to type my name.

  33. kanika says:

    no no no no…i am taking sat on jan 27th and that’ll be for the first time …n yeah ill be travelling by janshatabdi but nt wid my mum…alone…lolzz ..n u didnt tell me do u study at bansal ,kota..and we’re kind of making this blog a chat room..thts indecent lets jus hop outts here my id :[email protected]/…dun laugh im no gr8 at nuthn..jus created dat id in standard 8 dats y its so dumb …buh bye

  34. Amjad says:

    112 is a perfect score indeed…but it’s not pale!!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    As you start reading applications, I thought you might like to know that I LOVE YOU.

    smile Have fun!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt, just two quick questions —

    1. I was recently named an Intel STS semifinalist, will Intel send MIT a report, or should I send in a note or email stating this?

    2. My evaluation A has not been received. I was wondering if the admissions office has filed all of the paperwork currently there, or if there is some still left to be filed?

    Thanks in advance!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Start to relax? Relax?
    Not with a certain project to complete!
    Speaking of which, by when must we send in “additional materials” in order for them to have a good chance of being read over and considered? I know, “as soon as possible” and “the sooner, the better,” but I’d like to get some idea of how much time I have. Deadlines help me put together highly structured work schedules, from which I can make nearly unreadable project diagrams… which I most often ignore, electing to do things in random order anyway.

  38. Indian says:

    “i don’t waant to again start proving Indians(please)”
    We have nothing to prove.

  39. kanika says:

    if i FAX my toefl report wud they be processed in no time???i mean in 3 days or so…anybody online can help???

  40. tony says:

    just fax it and send MIT an email at [email protected].

    but i think u should also try to contact ETS because it’s ETS’ duty to send the reports and their reports are normally considered the only acceptable ones. Well, I guess you need to do a bit faxing, emailing, and phoning a bit in the next few days, but since you’ve already had the score, things will work out for sure.

    Actually, I think MIT won’t receive the Jan SATs until mid Feb, so you really don’t need to panick.

  41. Amjad says:

    No just Fax it.
    of course you have to include your Name and date of birth and MIT will call ETS.

  42. Amjad says:

    hey but don’t think that the score report you send would stand for your official one. MIT will add it to your file (of course after making sure that it’s not fake) while they await your official results that is what the admissions office told me when i asked them.

  43. bhushan says:

    i gave TOEFL iBT on Dec 1 but my scores are not there

  44. I’m not even Indian and I take offense to that,
    get your garbage out of here.

  45. bhushan says:

    i don’t waant to again start proving Indians(please)

  46. bhushan says:

    and if u hav this attitude even 240 from 120 wont help u for asmission

  47. bhushan says:

    its Job of Admission Office can u please give ur country’s name so i can guess how much it is blessed

  48. bhushan says:

    its Hindi spoken here and adios amigos…

  49. Amjad says:

    easy guys….


    you just have to do what i said earlier (send them your score report)

    who said it’s hindi spoken here?????????
    we are not all indians.

    and just for the record, Matt once said “I’d ask that all commenters try their best to use proper English and not Internet slang, and to refrain from using swear words.”

    no offense.

  50. turnef says:

    Is there any way we can check if the financial aid documents arrived? I don’t think MyMIT shows the arrival of that document. Thanks!

  51. tony says:

    yeah, what a nice coincidence! smile

    haha, yeah, i’m just saying we shouldn’t be too mark-/score-oriented

    good luck guys, let’s hope for the best and be classmates next year…..

  52. John says:

    Hey Matt/guys,

    I would like to ask if an IB program in Greece is regarded as an American school system.


  53. Anonymous says:

    I saw a post on Adios…. I agree to speak that if I manage to enter.

    And I totally agree to 187749 …. I am the wandering albatross (I am already a lot late to respond the entry,… I came after wandering a lot).. And I can’t furl my wings, can I ?

  54. Amjad says:

    it’s always helpful to contact the admissions office, directly. you can send them an e-mail or phone them.

  55. kanika says:

    thanks fer helpin…im already in sucha panic…are u sure jan scores wud arrive in time…i hope college board isnt as slow as ETS …ive contacted them n everytime they send me a mail to send in my file no n stuff..n wen i do they again send in da same mail…dunno wat theyre upto…newayz im hopin fer da best …asta la vista…

  56. tony says:


    You are welcome. I’m pretty sure Jan scores can arrive in time.

    I’ve heard a lot people saying ETS has screwed up again and again recently in everything. But College Board should be OK.

    As for financial aid, I heard that MIT used to have a separate portal for it. Not sure if it’s still the same case…

    Oh… we really need to fax the certificates?

  57. tony says:

    oh, Kanika:

    I forgot to mention. You should indicate on your application Part 2 that you are writing the January SAT (by putting the date without scores). If you’ve done so, just relax and get ready for the test this week. If not, send MIT an e-mail and tell them your name, birthday, and that you are writing the Jan SAT. This is actually not necessary, but in order to be sure that MIT knows you are writing the SAT tests, you should still do it.

    Here goes my question:

    As for the certificates, I don’t think we should fax every trivial certificate, eh? So, what kind of certificate would MIT want then?

  58. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to anonymous for answering my question above smile I did receive a packet from intel today with a certificate to forward to the MIT admissions office, so that’ll be on it’s way in the Monday mail. smile

  59. Amjad says:

    hey that was not anonymous, that was me amjad smilebut i forgot to write my name. and thank you very very very very much you reminded me to send my Intel ISEF certificate i don’t know why i forgot that i even have a certificate. but you know what, i’m gonna send a copy by fax that’s faster
    thank you again.

  60. Anonymous says:

    wait a minute! do we have to send in the certificats??

    i ahve’nt sent any, i just mentioned in the app?

    should i send or fax now?

  61. Amjad says:

    i don’t know, but for no reson i panicked. i think it’s better to send the certificate. it wouldn’t hurt if you do so. but it might if you don’t.

    by the way i think sending your official abstract is a good idea. i already mailed it weeks ago.

  62. Anonymous says:


  63. to turnef,
    e-mail them your name and birthdate with a question

  64. if MIT holds award for getting responses you are definetly going to win that

  65. Anonymous says:


  66. Anonymous says:
    This is wandering albatross
    I appreciate your energy to hack ETS.. A S T L V i s T a
  67. anonymous says:

    Matt, what happened to posting mini-contest entries “tomorrow”? That is now “the day before yesterday”!

  68. kanika says:

    even i didn’t send in any of the certificates…if i’m accepted (bless my words lord)..n if im asked to produce my certificates…ill do dat…no issues…v dnt really need to send in the certificates…i called up the admissions office also regarding that and they confirmed the same so jus chillax…

  69. kanika says:

    da wandering albatross….i read abou some bird called albatross in samuel taylor coleridge’s poetry…canu temme wat exactly u look like…n im glad i taught someone a new word..lolzz

  70. I hate English Literature!

    GOD! Its a freaking epidemic!