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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Missing Application Materials? by Matt McGann '00

What to do if your MyMIT tracking shows missing documents.

Admissions has been deluged with calls and emails from students who are worried about missing materials.

Do not worry.

We have not yet finished processing all of the application materials submitted for early action. We do not expect to have finished processing these materials until next week. That means that most of you who have a missing document will see your applications become complete over the next week or so, with no action needed to be taken by you.

You are at no disadvantage of your application is not yet complete.

Over the past month, we have received more than 10,000 pieces of mail, as well as thousands of documents submitted online through MyMIT or Docufide. Of these tens of thousands of documents, only your MyMIT Part 1 and Part 2 require no processing. Every other component — notably teacher recommendations and transcripts — requires multiple processing steps.

Every application is evaluated using the same criteria, whether it is the very first or very last application read. There is no bonus for people who complete their application earlier.

When we have completed the processing of the materials submitted, I will post another blog entry. At that time, if your application is still incomplete, it will be appropriate to send in an additional copy of this missing document. At this time, however, you should not send additional copies of missing documents, as it may slow down our ability to process the documents we already have.

Also note that while some of your schools submitted documents electronically via Naviance/Docufide, and while Naviance may show that we have downloaded the file, that does not mean that we have yet fully processed it on our side. Also note that Docufide has been experiencing significant technical problems that have impeded our progress with these electronic files.

If you have taken November standardized tests and have designated MIT at a score recipient, you are all set; there is no more you need to do. I assure you we will have your scores in plenty of time to make a decision. You are not at any disadvantage.

If you have completed your interview with an MIT alum and it is not showing up as “Interview Conducted/Processed” on your tracking system, you may fill out a Completed Interview form (in the green interview box on your MyMIT homepage).

I hope this is helpful!

Bottom line: relax.

15 responses to “Missing Application Materials?”

  1. Ali says:

    Hey Matt,

    I went in today to give my teacher a thank you gift for writing my evaluation letter. He completely forgot to send it in; he wrote it and everything, but didn’t mail it out. He sent it out today, but this is 10 days past the deadline. Will this affect the application decision since all materials were not in on time?

  2. uddhav says:

    Hey Ali, I hope it will be fine. But one thing, you made my day….its so funny….all the best man…

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, I realized that I haven’t sent my transcripts from dual enrollment courses that I took. I took one course each at two different community colleges, and both the courses appeared on my high school transcript. Is it worth it for me to send them? My application tracking shows that everything else has already been processed.

  4. Aris says:

    I am wondering in what form will the supplemental part show up on the application tracking window for the applicants?
    Thank you.

  5. Such a precious piece of information for all applicants. Thanks for the hints, Matt.

  6. Momo says:

    I just started an internship with a DoD company in the related field for my major. This information was not on my application when it was submitted. This is a significant accomplishment for me. How do I show that the admission office?

  7. Alex says:

    How and when can I find out which supplemental documents were received?

  8. Fe says:

    I signed up for Nov SAT but due to some circumstantial reasons could not take it. I had to resign up for Dec. I don’t know if MIT is going to dismiss my app or defer me to the regular deadline?

  9. Hi Elizabeth! Very very cool post))) Thank you very much…
    Elizabeth i got a problem, I have graduated from my high school in 2009 since in post soviet countries such as Russia and Kazakhstan etc. We study only 11 classes/grades, so I am 19 now… I was admitted by medical school in my country, but realized that i don’t want to be a Doctor. After my 2nd semester there I decided to change my major and Applied to Government international scholarship Bolashak(from kazakh “Future generation”)as an Electrical Engineer, I past all the tests. I won it…)
    Now they are sending me to Intensive English language Institute to U of Illinois at Urbana-Ch.
    So it means that I have to miss application to class of 2015 and apply to class of 2016…
    Would it be a “minus” for me?? I mean wouldn’t they consider me as a crazy old man that is crazy for MIT?
    Thank you Elizabeth…
    my email is [email protected]

  10. IAB says:

    Hi! I have two quick questions about RA admission.

    1. What if I have a blog I’d like the admissions officers to see? I’m not an artist or anything, but I’m hoping to have a few projects to show soon, and they really won’t be mailable through the post. Is there somewhere I could attach a URL for a blog?

    2. How much is the fee for application submission? I’ve finished Part1, but I just need to know how much the cost is before I can pay it.


  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey IAB,

    I did EA and I can answer those questions.

    1. There is a space near the end of Part 2 for a URL for projects like yours.

    2. It is $75.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Surya ('15?) says:

    Thank you Matt fr the great post!