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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MIT Application now available by Matt McGann '00

Apply now at MyMIT.

Happy September! You can now log onto MyMIT to access the application for freshman admission to MIT. Your MyMIT page includes interview information, personalized MIT recommendation forms and cover sheets, and the ability to track the different parts of your application.

On your MyMIT site, you will find the contact information for your MIT interviewer, or Educational Counselor (EC), within a couple days of registering. You should contact your EC as soon as your are ready to schedule the interview, but well before the application deadline. Remember, if you are applying for the November 1 Early Action (EA) deadline, you should set up your interview before October 20th. If you are applying for the January 1 Regular Action (RA) deadline, you should set up your interview before December 10th.

From MyMIT, you should print out personalized teacher recommendation forms. Teachers may use their own forms and format, but please include the personalized teacher recommendation form with each recommendation letter.

You will submit your part of the application online via MyMIT. However, if there are additional materials that you need to mail to us, note that we will read your application online; printed materials that are mailed to us will be scanned. I recommend that you consider things like staples and binding, and ability to be viewed in a 2-D environment, before mailing us any additional materials.

If you need to mail us any additional materials, please include the MIT Supplemental Document Cover Sheet available in the Application Forms section of MyMIT with your materials. If you send us additional materials more than once, please be sure to include the cover sheet each time.

You should be sure to frequently check the email account that you list on your application. If we have any questions or announcements, this will likely be the place for such communications.

Please note that MIT is not a member of the Common Application. MIT has its own application, which is only available at MyMIT.

Also note: if you have in previous years applied to MIT or started an application to MIT, you will not be able to create your new MyMIT account and begin your application until early October. Please be patient — besides, you already know how the app works.

…I think that's it, for now, anyway. As the admissions season progresses, we'll have lots of application updates and tips here on the blogs. It should be an exciting year ahead.

I look forward to reading your application!

37 responses to “MIT Application now available”

  1. Raymond Tjahjono says:

    Dear person in charge,

    My name is Raymond Tjahjono and I am a student from Indonesia. I am in 11th grade currently , and I was born in Los Angeles, California. I am planning to apply to MIT for university and hoping for mechanical engineering/aerospace engineering. Moreover, I want to ask further requirements for applying in MIT. From the websites that I have searched, it has only provided me with an SAT score for math :740/800, Critical reading : 670/800, and Writing : 670/800. I want to ask further requirements especially for academic scores because I am currently attending an international school with an IB curriculum. if possible can you give me the minimum score of the IB grade because the IB grade is out of 45. Also, If there are other requirements can you also provide me with those information. Furthermore, is there any other application such as scholarship, others?

    Thank you very much for your kind attention.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Raymond Tjahjono

  2. Chris Peterson SM '13 says:

    Hi Raymond –

    There is no such minimum grade on the IB. We don’t have minimum scores of any kind. As for scholarships, all students at MIT are given all the money they need to be able to afford to come, though there is more specific information in the “Afford” window above.

  3. Alan Joseph says:


    My name is Alan. I’m from India. I would like to apply this year for undergraduate study. I am yet to take the SAT exam this year, and will probably take it next month. But as I am a Seventh – day Adventist, I will not be able to take the exam on Saturdays. I also know that the College Board conducts exams, for those who have religious observances on Saturdays, on Sundays. But I see on the College Board website, that Sunday testing is not available for India and Pakistan. I am not sure of what I should do. Doubts, like the following arise.

    1. Could I apply without the SAT exam?

    2. Will the university consider my application without my SAT scores?
    Please advise me on this matter. Looking forward to your soon reply.

    Thank You,

    Alan Joseph

    P.S. – I have contacted both ACT and SAT Boards, but unfortunately both boards gave negative responses saying that there was nothing that they could do. What should I do? I think it is safe to say that I am the first Seventh-Day Adventist applying from India ( and Pakistan). Hence since no
    Seventh-Day Adventist has applied to a university in the U.S or taken the SAT or ACT before, there is no provision for me to take the exam on a Sunday. And many Universities don’t accept an applicant without Standardized Test scores. I am caught between the devil and the deep sea, and have no idea how to proceed further. Please advise.

    Thank You,
    Alan Joseph

  4. dilx says:

    hey alan, in which part of india you live? i am also an indian, applying to mit this yr. good luck:)

  5. m_quinn says:

    So another cruel season begins … eh Matt? Let’s be honest and lay out just what an applicant can expect from MIT ….

    1) merit just doesn’t matter: Work all your life for excellent grades, merit scholarship, high test scores, validictorian , but, in the end, merit just doesn’t matter.

    2) where you live effects you chances: MIT snubs whole US states – make sure you’re not in one of ’em. Move to or use a Mass. ( or other wealthy state) address.

    3) having rich and well connected parents trumps EVERYTHING. MIT talks the generous talk but have you ever wondered why no SES stats have been posted?

    Forget calculus and get good with the yo-yo …

  6. valart says:

    If you sign up for a MyMIT account as a junior in order to register for an overnight visit will you be able to start your application in September of senior year or do you have to wait till October?

  7. Yuniya says:

    Hi Matt,
    I am looking into transferring to MIT, and I have a question about the max number of college credits I can have and still remain eligible to apply. I know it’s no more than 2.5 years, but how many credits is it exactly? I’m originally from Ukraine, and I was somewhat led astray by my college’s guidance counselor who made it sound like I need an AS to transfer to a four (and I should have explored the question further!) so I kept taking courses required for that degree, filling my transcript with lots of non-science courses.
    So now, as a result, I have accumulated 61 college credits. I looked at the required coursework: a year of calculus, a year of calculus-based physics, and a semester of chem and bio each.
    I now have two semesters of college- level biology, one semester of college-level (non calculus-based) physics, and a semester of calculus. I would like to apply to MIT for fall 2012, and so this semester i’m taking Calc. II, calc-based physics, and chemistry, and I’m planning to take the second semester of physics in spring.
    My concern is that because I already have 61 credits, when I will have completed these courses (they are 4 credits each), I will be at 77 credits – Is it more than 2.5 years of college?
    Because I read that students without a year of calc. and calc.-based physics are rarely admitted, I thought that maybe I should not take chemistry to keep the amount of credits at 73 – I’d rather prefer to take it, but I am concerned about the issue of not exceeding the limit.
    In any case, all this is so much a guesstimating, because I don’t know the precise max. amount of credits in an academic year. Could you help me with this question?

  8. Tanjim Aumy says:

    Thats looks cool but I have to go a long way to reach here……………my dream…………

  9. Vinay '18 says:

    When I was registering for a MyMIT account, the school finder could not locate my school. Thus, to proceed with the registration I had to choose a different school. Is it appropriate?

  10. attica says:

    I’m an international student and I can’t see the app when I log into MyMIT – is this because I’m an international, or am I doing something wrong??

  11. Mason Williams says:

    Matt McGann:

    I was truly excited when I logged on last week and the application was open! I completed the biographical information that day and have been working my way through part 2. At school today, I heard from a friend about the QuestBridge application. I coincidentally received an email today from QuestBridge and decided to do some research. The application seems beneficial because I am a high achieving student from a very low income family. I will need financial aid if I am accepted to MIT, but I was already aware that MIT would meet the financial need of an accepted student who applies for aid. I wanted to know if applying through QuestBridge would have any affect on my chance of acceptance to MIT or increase the amount of financial aid I may receive (if I am accepted). I know that MIT’s requirements are the same for both applications (teacher evaluations, score reports, etc.), but I do not know the intricacies of using QuestBridge (Is a QuestBridge applicant considered under Early Action? Is a QuestBridge applicant deferred to regular action if not accepted?). I want MIT to be aware of the economic obstacles that I have overcome because they define a large part of who I am, but I just do not know if I should scrap the MyMit application and try with QuestBridge. I am also under the impression that some students who apply through QB do not become “finalists,” meaning that they were not accepted by any of the colleges they chose to apply to?

    I really appreciate any answers that you can give me, and I am sorry if I have asked too many questions! I really want to know what the best way to apply would be given my circumstances. If you need any information, let me know. Thank you very much for your time!

    Mason Williams

  12. Nour says:

    Dear sir,
    i sent Mr.Darmofal an email nearly a week ago, seeking his guidance. I have not received an answer yet. Pray, is Mr. Darmofal still on vacation or did he not receive my email?
    I thank you for your time,
    Nour Belle Zouein.

  13. Emaad says:


    should i submit the transcript of class 11 along with secondary school report as i’ll be passing 12 in april next year..

    what about the SAT scores in the PART2 if i submit PART2 before taking SAT??????????????

  14. yash kumar says:

    i have completed only a month in Indian Institute of Technology.please do tell me whether i can apply as a freshman or not.
    please answer in either yes or no.

  15. Nick says:

    Hi Matt!

    Not sure if I’m the only one with this trouble, but I created a MyMIT account around August, and as of now I am unable to find a link to the live application when I log in. I noticed a commenter earlier on implying this sort of thing happens with pre-existing accounts – will I be locked out until October? Should I create another account?

    Thanks for your help!

  16. STASCHI says:

    SIR,I live in INDIA. I just completed my Bachelor’s Degree in ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING from one of the INDIAN Universities.I would want to know if MIT offers any Post Graduate Program for related field.And if they do i would like to know program details and admission criteria and procedure.

  17. AZ says:

    Application was available on August 18th, you posted a little late Matt, considering the fact that you just copy-pasted from last year’s post!!
    I have completed all parts of my application, but I can’t submit it because US has put a new sanction on Iran, and now all credit cards are useless. No one knows how much I have to wait till they make a new arrangement and give my father a new credit card. On top of that, my EC is refusing to interview me now because he says that I should submit part 1 of my application first (his reason is that many students will not apply after interviewing, and his reason is eligible but I am really gonna apply!). @Matt and anyone else: can you think of a solution for me? BTW, waiting is not a possibility here!!

  18. valart says:

    Wow, some of you people are really rude. MIT admissions does not owe you anything but honesty. They do not have to have these blogs or answer your questions. They do it to be helpful. Some of the comments above from m_quinn and AZ are just nasty and disrespectful.
    There are more students with perfect GPAs and SAT scores of 2400 than MIT has room to admit. There’s plenty of diversity on campus racially, religiously and economically. I’ve seen it with my own eyes when I visited. There’s one common thread among the students who go there. They are all nice people who aren’t nasty, judgmental or condescending. They were all genuinely kind helpful and caring people.
    Life isn’t fair and many deserving students don’t get in because there simply isn’t enough room and some of the decisions are just splitting hairs about who would be the best fit for the school. But, reading these blogs MIT seems to have the most fair admissions process possible. You will not get in because you’re rich or well connected or affirmative action etc. You have to earn it and have the right personality for it.
    If you have a bad attitude or are disrespectful or think you are better than other people your grades won’t matter. They don’t want people like that in the student body. There are many schools with great academic programs, renowned professors and research opportunities. MIT obviously is superlative in that respect, but the best thing about MIT is the people.

  19. AZ says:

    @valart: First of all, in what part I was rude? And if I was in your opinion, I really don’t think that you should write about my politeness, as it’s a subjective point of view, not objective. I also should acknowledge the fact that I LOVE MIT. It’s my first-choice college, and there’s nothing about it that I don’t love. I can guess that the part you consider nasty may be the part that I said the post is late, which is not nasty(please!), just check this link:
    It was written on Aug 10, 2010. This article which is a copy of that, is written on Sep 1, 2011. FYI, MIT has great students (as you said), which are NOT prejudicial (as I consider the possibility that you are, but not saying you are!).
    All I was saying was my own situation which is a kinda desperate one, I didn’t say anything bad about my EC either, it was just my bad situation. I asked if anyone had any solution, that’s all!!!
    It’s also noteworthy to point out that m_quinn is either a current applicant who wants to discourage people from applying or he was rejected in the last years while MIT was his dream college.
    Anyway, if anyone else thought I was rude, I sincerely apologize, I didn’t mean to be.

  20. AZ says:

    @matt: I have a suggestion: since you pointed it out that you will scan all materials, why not making it available to submit supplementary materials online? I mean it can get your job easier because you wouldn’t have to scan anymore, at least for supplementary data from applicants who want to do it online. Also, it could’ve been easier if teachers who are not part of the Naviance/Docufied could submit forms online, I mean like common app. That’s what they told me when I gave the forms anyway (I got a feeling as an RD applicant I did it a little soon, but I think the sooner, the better, right?).

  21. imtiaz hossain says:


    i’m imtiaz,from bangladesh. i don’t know anything about to apply in mit. plz can u write me in brief. besides,i didn’t complete any course like SAT,TOEFL,GRE etc. till now. now,what can i do first? which course are need to be completed? plz help me to fullfil my dream.


  22. Roger says:

    @Imtiaz: Well, I think you shouldn’t apply this year. You have to take TOEFL, and SAT subject tests and get good grades at school apart from being a cool person, and I don’t think you have the time to do all of them perfectly before January. You have less than 3 months, so start working on SAT and TOEFL (GRE is only for grad admission) now and you will have time to do awesome in those tests. I don’t wanna judge you, but from your cm I can assume that your English is not that good, so you will have to do something about your English first. By the way, how can MIT be your dream while you know nothing about it?? MIT is my dream too, but it’s not because of its reputation. I know many things about MIT. And to clarify things further, do a little search on this website. It’s not that hard!
    I have a question for everyone who can answer: If the most important point about having international students is diversity, why MIT says that it doesn’t disadvantage you if many other applicants are from your area? I mean this way, 90% of international students will be Chinese and Indian. This way the great diversity will not be achieved. Maybe setting limits for each country is the solution. Anyway, anyone know why they say that?

  23. valart says:

    @AZ The only part where you sounded rude was how you addressed Matt “Application was available on August 18th, you posted a little late Matt, considering the fact that you just copy-pasted from last year’s post!!” Perhaps you didn’t mean it to come off as a rude remark. I apologize. He did say on Aug 1st that applications would be available August 19.
    I suspect you are correct that m_quinn was rejected last year and is upset and therefore bitter. I’ve seen so many negative remarks which is what prompted me to write the earlier post.
    This is a great forum for asking questions and getting information and I’d hate seeing it become so negative.
    I am not prejudicial. Part of what I love about MIT is the diversity.
    I hope you are able to resolve your situation and apply. If MIT is your first choice and you are meant to be there I hope you get in.
    Best wishes.

  24. AZ says:

    @valart: maybe you’re right. I mean now that I read it in another way it isn’t very decent, but I was just laughing and writing, I mean just playfully, didn’t mean to be rude. It was also good that instead of 19th, it was released on Aug 18th (17th in US). I finished everything in less than a week.
    Never mind. I wish to see you at MIT. Sorry I was a little angry and called you “maybe prejudicial”, forgive me.
    @everyone: don’t you think that Rogers got a point here? I should also add that since many US immigrants are originally from India and China, having 90% of international students from those countries won’t help to have much diversity. Anyone knows why they do that?

  25. agni says:

    guys quit it..
    listen, as per what i know, MIT looks at the talent that you have got not at anything else ..even if u have prefect grades it just aint sufficient .. Its MIT that we are talking about.. and as far as indian and chinese are concerned .. try and sumtimes look at the inhuman timetables of study follwed by other stuff ..just to get us at par with any american child.. i think MIT has to choose some rich guys after all how else do you expect the institution to function ..
    and there are enough students of all kind ..and even then arent there many american students as well.??. Wouldnt it be a fair fight if all applicants are made to enter on an equal basis..??
    the answer is simple, NO,the people who run MIT are very careful they know what to do and what not to do and beleive me ,what ever they do is for the common good .. Or else MIT will not be able to maintain the extraordinary standards of pass outs and the strong devotion to attaining knowledge..
    P.S. sorry for the long lecture but its awfull to stay silent..

  26. Desislava Doncheva says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you sincerely for this important information, but I am afraid I cannot really understand the policy of sending teachers recommendation forms. Could you please indicate where I could get these forms and should I present them to my teachers.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance and willingness to cooperate in order to make my application process easier.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Desislava Doncheva


  27. Alan says:

    Matt, could you please answer the query that I had! I’m a bit confused and need some help.
    Thanks, (and you’re awesome)

  28. Well, Best of luck to each and every one out there! Let us forget about our boundaries and focus on contributing our bit towards the betterment of the world and towards our understanding of mother nature.

    See you around! smile

  29. ayush gupta says:

    sir,high school in india means 10th as the mit application procedure reads out,should i provide information on my 10 standard school and rank.please help.

  30. DG says:

    I, too, created an account in August and still cannot access a completable application. MyMit has the same info on dashboard as it did in Aug.

  31. pei-yun says:

    Hi Matt! (:

    If I could just ask one question – I’m in the second last year of Pre-University studies in Singapore and I’ll be taking the SAT I in November. Should I send my scores to MIT through College Board too, even though I’m applying only next year and even that isn’t a certainty? I’d really appreciate your answering this question, especially if you could also share a little on how, in your knowledge, other schools handle this.

    Thanks! (:

  32. AEller93 says:

    Hi! i have a couple questions:
    If i live in central america and my high school has only 3 years, what are my chances of getting in MIT if i send only those 3 years? (My grades are always between 8.5 and 9 on a 10 scale and i`m in the top 5 of a 40 student class)

  33. Siddharth says:

    Hey Matt!
    My name is Siddharth Pathak. I am from India and I am a first year at a college for my undergrad in economics. I won’t be able to apply for transfer as the courses here don’t meet the criteria set by MIT. Even applying for a Masters(at least for my first one) isn’t an option as American universities don’t recognize the three year BA/BS courses here in India. So I was just wondering can I apply as a freshman for 2012 entry?


  34. Lakshya V Datta says:

    Hi Matt,
    would you be kind enough to tell us when the transfer applications will be available for entry to MIT in the academic session 2012-13. The site says the 2012 transfer application will be available to download in early September. It is already the 16th of September and the application still isn’t available. The wait is killing me! So it would be a great relief if you could inform us of the date it will be downloadable. smile
    Lakshya V Datta

  35. Emaad says:


    should i submit the transcript of class 11 along with secondary school report as i’ll be passing 12 in april next year..

    what about the SAT scores in the PART2 if i submit PART2 before taking SAT??????????????

  36. m_quinn says:


    I’m sure that the admissions staff loves the MIT worship (eh Matt) , but if your mom and dad are poor/disconnected – you are not getting in – plain and simple. My mistake was in believing that MIT would treat me fairly, and I relied on that belief and spent my life preparing for an MIT education.

    Free advice from someone who has been ruined by the MIT experience …

  37. Hi Matt McGann,
    I’m 11th grade, and I want to apply to MIT, I have an MyMIT account and I would like to know I shall I start my application as international student.
    Thanks on advance