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MIT student blogger Nisha D. '21

MIT launches AI Education website by Nisha D. '21

I worked on this cool thing for my UROP!

I usually don’t make *official* posts, so I’ll try to keep this one only mildly official even though it is straight up an advertisement. As some frequent readers of the blogs might know, I have a UROP at the Media Lab that I adore and pour a lot of my time and energy into. Recently, a website that I’ve been working on a lot since school got cancelled just launched – you can find it at If you’re a student who’s bored at home and wants new things to learn, or a parent who wants to give their child some interesting material to learn about, I’d definitely recommend checking out this website. There’s all sorts of resources, curricula, and current research projects that you can check out.

I also cheated on the Admissions blogs and collaborated on a very official and detailed blog post about the project launch. You can check it out on Medium as well as the Media Lab website (and please share!)

screenshot of


In my last post, I mentioned how therapeutic it felt to be able to drag a bug report to the “Done” column on Trello. This might be Stockholm Syndrome, but I cannot explain how satisfying it was to see this website slowly become free of typoes and weird errors and become literally the most beautiful and perfect website that has ever existed :,) I might be biased though.

We had a big push to get this website out ASAP when we realized schools everywhere were closing so that kids across the country could get access to all of these resources while they’re stuck at home. You can see this reflected in all of the nice graphs that Github provides based on commit history to the project repo.

graph of commit history to aieducation project repo

here’s a graph of commit history to the project repository (fancy terms for the number of changes people made to the website over time). notice that giant mountainous spike in march as soon as school closed, lol

nisha's commit history graph

this was my commit history to the project repo, which spiked enormously in march

nisha's github commit history

my github commit history looking SPICY because of all the changes i pushed to the website

This is all to say that if you’re bored at home and want to learn something new, I would very strongly recommend checking out – there’s tons of super cool stuff on the website to learn!

Let me know in the comments if you read something cool or play with a tool that you think is fun! Here are some of my favorites.