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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MIT Central Meetings by Matt McGann '00

Today, we'll mail out the first of four batches of letters announcing the MIT meetings we'll be doing across the country this fall.

Tomorrow, we will mail out the first of four batches of letters announcing the 70 meetings we’ll be doing across the country this fall. We call these “Central Meetings” (CMs), and between September 6 and October 18, we’ll be crossing the country, between Boston and San Diego, Miami and Seattle, and many places in between (not to mention Puerto Rico and Hawaii).

If you have registered for MyMIT, have replied to a letter/email we’ve sent, or otherwise affirmed your interest in MIT, you will receive an invitation to our meeting in your neck of the woods (haven’t yet signed up for MyMIT? What are you waiting for?). Even if you don’t receive an invitation, you’ll still be able to RSVP (details forthcoming).

Each year, a different member of our staff will visit different areas of the country. In previous years, I have conducted Central Meetings in Providence, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Toledo, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, York (PA), Philadelphia, South-, Central- and North-Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County (MD), Wilmington (DE), Greensboro, Coumbia (SC), Atlanta, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Mobile, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Silicon Valley, the East Bay (CA), and Sacramento. Wow that’s a lot of travel!

This year, I’ll be doing CMs in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Miami, and Tampa, Florida; and Orange County, Westwood, Pomona, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, and Long Beach, California. It will be my first ever visit to Miami, Tampa, San Diego, and California’s Central Coast, so I’m pretty excited.

As our Central Meetings draw closer, the blogs and MyMIT will have more details on these events. For now, keep an eye on your mailbox, and hopefully we’ll be in your neighborhood this fall.

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  1. First! smile

    Ha. I remember these.

    These were fun. And the stories people tell are hilarious.

    Oy, I find it harder and harder to believe I’m a freshman again :p



  2. madmatt says:

    (Saad, Ann, et al.)

    This is not the answer you’re seeking from though it’s a pretty good red herring!

  3. Saad Zaheer says:

    hahhahaha! when u get ur answer no. 1 wrong… theres a chance u wd get no.2 wrong… and if u get both of them wrong, you wd sure get the third one wrong! so no more guesses from my side now, raspberry