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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MIT Meetings with Brown & Yale in CA, IL, MI, NV, OH by Matt McGann '00

MIT Admissions starts to look forward to the Class of 2013 (!).

Beginning this weekend, MIT will be going on the road with Brown & Yale Universities for meetings in Northern California/Nevada and the Midwest. Details can be found here:

These meetings will be a great opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors to hear from three great universities all in one place. Each school will talk a little about what makes it unique, and will also describe common philosophies on admissions, financial aid, and more. Each session, including Q&A, will run about 90 minutes. You can RSVP at

In addition, we will also host breakfast meetings for your guidance counselors. We’re excited to have these conversations with your counselor about the state of admissions. Counselors can RSVP at

I know that many blog readers are seniors, so for you, I have this mission (if you are in the areas of these meetings): 1) inform those great sophomores & juniors about the meetings, and 2) tell your guidance counselor about the counselor breakfasts.

I should note that in addition to the west coast and midwest, MIT will also attend college fairs this month in New York City and New England.

Of course, we’ll also be visiting 70+ cities across the country in the fall, so if we’re not in your area now, hopefully we’ll be nearby in September or October.

We look forward to seeing you!

19 responses to “MIT Meetings with Brown & Yale in CA, IL, MI, NV, OH”

  1. senna says:

    *pokes Matt*

  2. Omar '12 says:

    Haha…I remember going to the MIT meeting in grand rapids way back when. Good times…good times…

  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Matt,

    Is the admissions office aware of an error in the online apply date: May 1, 2007 under upcoming deadlines…

    (I missed enrolling at MIT for a year?! NO!!!!)

  4. senna says:

    hee-hee. It’s fixed, now! ^^ lol.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I went to the GR meeting too! (Hi)

  6. Erin says:

    MIT Admissions should plan a trip to Myrtle Beach.

  7. I would love it if there was a meeting in South Carolina. I can’t go to any of the ones listed since they are too far away. Will there be any meetings planned for the southern region of next year?

  8. madmatt says:

    @Sandra: Thanks for the heads up!

    @senna: Hello! =)

    @Erin/John: There are tentative plans for MIT Admissions to visit South Carolina in the fall… stay tuned!

  9. Judy '12 says:

    I remember the one in MD from last summer. I think Mr. Bryan Nance was there.

  10. moose '12 says:

    I’ve already told SO MANY of my junior and soph friends about it– hopefully they attend! =D Though I wish MIT had come to Reno in my jr year instead of just Sacramento… but that fact is going to encourage a lot more people from my area to go, which is a happy thing…

  11. Cody Dean says:

    Awesome! :D Matt, are there any trips planned for the West Virginia (or I guess Virginia since it is decently close) area planned. Sometimes we get forgotten out here and there is so much unharnessed potential. Happy travels!

    Cody ’14 <— (okay, don’t smash my dreams just yet!) haha

    Thanks for the info.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt,

    Please come to Pestalozzi International Village, Hastings, UK. This is the place with the noble mission of “giving permanent solution to the poverty of the world through education” In order to achieve so, Pestalozzi selects most promising students from the poorest backgrounds of the poorest countries and pays for their two years of IB education in the UK. I was also one of those lucky ones, whom Pestalozzi has entrusted to carry its message. Our Counselor will be extremely pleased to see you. Last year Duke, Stanford, Upenn, Georgetown, Connecticut, Hamilton had visited Pestalozzi and talked to us as you say you are going to do in the coming months. This year too, these universities have already confirmed their visit.

    You will really love to hear the stories of these people who have an inbuilt source of endless energy. Last year I was quite disappointed that, my dream institution MIT could not make it. However I have been admitted to MIT luckily and that is all I need. The students will love to hear you. I hope you will try.

    Ram MIT class of 2012

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why? Why, oh, Great Gods of Admissions, do “CPW Guest Entries” keep coming?

    Seriously, they are getting quite boring.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I do not think so!!! The guest entries are superb.PLease keep them coming.

  15. Ivan says:

    @ Matt
    Do you know where I can get information about MIT’s meetings in other countries?
    Do you know if there are any dates for meetings in Brazil?

  16. Ray says:

    I got rejected.. i now wish to take a gap year without enrolling in any college and try again next year for MIT. Is dat allowed? Has anyone who has been rejected once admitted in the second instance?? i am an international student. I have no other choices…

  17. Mairead '12 says:

    @ Matt
    I realize this isn’t really related to the thread, but it’s really important ^-^.
    I’ve been looking at every letter I’ve received since I was admitted and nowhere is a deposit mentioned. I’m mildly confused: is there a deposit at all, and if so how much is it?

  18. Silvia says:

    Hello Matt,
    I do not know if you remember me because I’m sure you have seen many other students since the April 26th stop at the Ramada Hotel in Fresno. I was the only student from Dinuba High School that attended and after the session, I gave you my business card. I hope you sill remember me, but if not then I hope we can still stay in touch through email because I have tons of questions about preparing and applying to MIT.

    Well, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us about what makes MIT a distinguished school among the rest of universities! I hope to hear from you soon.
    Until then,
    Silvia García