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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MIT Regular Action Deadline by Matt McGann '00

MIT's regular action deadline is January 1.

The Office of Admissions is currently closed for the holidays, and is not accepting emails or answering phone calls (and I am on vacation!). The office will reopen on Monday, January 3rd.

However, with the RA deadline fast approaching, I’d like to use this entry to answer some of the common deadline-time questions. There are many answers already here on the site — for example, about standardized test requirements or statistics. And below, I’ve provided answers to some additional FAQs:

  • The deadline is January 1, meaning you can click “submit” on your application any time on January 1 or before. (I strongly discourage waiting until the last minute, though.)

  • It is perfectly fine if, through no fault of your own, your school forms (e.g. teacher recommendations, secondary school report, transcript) come in after the January 1 deadline. We are much more understanding of and flexible with late documents from schools than with late documents from the applicant.

  • The MyMIT Tracking is up-to-date (while the Admissions Office is closed, the Records Office is working hard), but please recognize that processing can take 2 weeks. You do not need to worry at this time about documents that are not showing on MyMIT; we currently have a backlog of materials in our processing center, and expect to have that backlog into January. Do not send a second copy of any document at this time. Also, you do not need to call MIT Admissions at this time to check on any such documents (there is a time for this later). Do not worry about materials that have not yet shown up on MyMIT Tracking.

  • Please note that you do not need to express mail or overnight any part of your application.

  • The teacher evaluations, secondary school report and transcripts must be sent through the mail (though we can accept electronic documents through Naviance/eDocs for schools that use this system only).

  • Any application materials being mailed, including recommendation letters, should be sent to: MIT Office of Admissions; 77 Massachusetts Avenue; Room 3-108; Cambridge, MA 02139; USA. It need not have any special code on the envelope.

  • Please include the appropriate cover sheet from MyMIT for any document you send, as it helps with filing (but documents without the cover sheet will be fine, too, as long as there is enough information for us to match the document with your file).

  • For teacher recommendations and secondary school reports, we prefer our form, but will accept your school’s forms, the NACAC forms, or the Common App forms.

  • If you are having credit card problems, please email applicationpart1 at mit dot edu. If problems delay your application past January 1, we will extend the deadline for you due to any problems on our end.

  • We are happy to accept fee waivers for any student (foreign or domestic) who needs one. Using a fee waiver will not negatively impact your admission. You may use the SAT Fee Waiver, the NACAC Fee Waiver, or a letter from a school official detailing your situation. We will accept other fee waiver forms as well. Generally speaking, if you are in tough financial shape and make a good faith effort to inform us of your circumstances, we will waive your fee.

  • Listing awards that you have received is sufficient. You do not need to mail us certificates. Do not lie or be deceitful, though.

  • We are aware that our application strips some formatting. We apologize, but everyone is on the same footing.

  • We believe the word limits as stated for the essay questions in the application should be sufficient to answer the questions. You may have noted, though, that the application will not automatically cut off your answer at the word limit. You may choose to send in the essay at a length that exceeds our stated limit; it is your choice. We do not auto-reject candidates because of word length, but we believe the word limit specified usually should be sufficient. If your essay is greater than the word limit, I would recommend considering cutting down your essay; it’s your call whether to submit it as it currently is, though. If your answer is so long that the preview-function view of the answer shrinks the font, then I definitely recommend shortening your response.

  • There are often many questions about the self-reported grades form. We ask that applicants in US school systems do their best to accurately and completely fill this out. Be sure to include your current year courses. Be sure that your self-reported grades match what is on your transcript. If you have taken college, online, or summer courses, you should include these classes and grades as well. If you do not attend an American-style school, you do not need to fill out the self-reported grades form.

  • If you need to update your application after you submit it, the best — and recommended — mechanism is the Midyear Report, an online form which will be available in about a month. On this form, you will also provide updated/semester/midyear grades and any changes in your coursework. You will also be able to provide information about any new awards or anything else you want us to know about.

  • January is the last testing date that can be seen by the Admissions Committee (February will not be seen). If you will be taking the January test, you obviously don’t have the scores yet to write down in your application. This is okay. Just be sure that when you take the test, you designate MIT to receive the scores; other than this, you do not need to do anything special. Please do not rush report your scores. We require either SAT Reasoning Test OR ACT Plus Writing (or TOEFL) AND 2 SAT Subject Tests (one in math, one in science). We we only use the scores that make you look best, and we do abide by Score Choice.

  • The deadline to request an interview was December 10th, and has now passed. While highly recommended, the interview is not a required part of the application. You are welcome to request an interview from your Educational Counselor (EC) after the deadline, but do not expect that your request will be granted. If you have already interviewed with your EC, or have scheduled your interview for the near future, you are all set. Do not worry if your interview report has not yet appeared on your MyMIT Tracking; the deadline for ECs to submit their reports has not yet arrived. If you wish, you may now fill out the conducted interview form and we will be sure to get the interview report.

  • Regular action results will be released in mid-March.

I hope this is helpful. Best wishes as you finish and submit the application!

100 responses to “MIT Regular Action Deadline”

  1. Bhaskar says:

    Hey Matt,hope you are enjoying your vacations.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yead ahead.I am an applicant from India.In the part 2 of appplication in the optional section,I included the introduction part of my NASA project as reviewing the complete one is a bit hectic for the committee.But still I would like to share it with you for any suggestions,etc.Shall I share with edocs? Will it be fine?


  2. Anirban Shaw says:


    I am applying to MIT this year and my Education Counselor is Mr. Ayan Sen. I had my interview today. However, Mr. Sen said that my name was not on the list or on the website where he has to post the interview report.
    I have applied the first part of the application as well as the application fee.
    Could you please guide as to what should I do on the matter?

  3. Hesham Zaini says:

    Thanks, Matt! A life saver, as usual.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. prabhudas says:

    Hai,sir ,How are you?,wish you happy new year

  5. Danilo(15?) says:

    Matt, on my country one needs only to do a test to enter college, which in some cases cases can be really difficult, given that for some the number of people doing it immens, can I consider being accepted in a high-level college(from my contry) a scholastic distinction?

  6. Trent says:

    One question for next years application, does JROTC count as a humanities?

  7. Tony says:

    Thanks for the additional info on applications, definitely useful for me!

    Also, enjoy your vacation!

  8. Dog says:

    Well, I will call my comrades to spam the MyMIT page on December 31st…

  9. Brenda says:

    Hi, I am having EC issues : I contacted my EC in Late November, and we set up an interview for December 15th. Somehow, he went MIA around that time and had been trying to contact him with no avail. On 27th December, he sent me an email, apologizing and asking if we could do the interview in early February, a date that I know is way past the deadline. I really wanted to have an interview, is it still possible?
    P.S. I indicated the communication barrier in my MIT application

  10. Archan says:

    What if we take a class at MIT ESP Delve? Should we list that in the course list (and appropriately mark them as such)?

    And also what about extra courses such as Physical Education and Art? Should we list them or are they unnecessary?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Matt, thanks so much for taking time during your vacation to answer all our questions. I’m sure we’re all stupidly grateful, I know I am at least. smile

  12. Matt '00 says:

    @Bhaskar: You can put a link to the full paper.

    @Anirban: I’m not sure what went wrong, but I fixed it. You now now appear on Mr. Sen’s site.

    @Krusger: We have procedures in place, no worries.

    @Danilo: Yes, you can.

    @Trent: Not for the B Evaluation.

    @i_H: Don’t count on it being Pi Day.

    @Brenda: It is good to have indicated the issue in your application. February may not be too late; for now, it may be good to plan on it.

    @Archan: Yes, you can list Delve classes on the Self-reported Coursework form. And if you have room, you are welcome to list Art and P.E.

  13. i_H says:

    Just submitted my app, feel as if pi day (is it still on pi day?) is millenia, no, make that eternity, away. Whoa. I actually applied.

  14. i_H says:

    Arrrrrrrgh! I’m feelin’ so restless!! And to think that I have nothing but to wait! How are you people feeling?

  15. ~A says:

    Happy New Year!! Congratulations to all those who got in and the ones who would make the class of ’15.
    Good luck and have a great year. Cheerssss smile

  16. i_H says:

    There was this young man called i_H
    Who wondered if his talents could fetch
    The part of his dream
    In the class of ’16
    But now waiting makes him wanna retch!

  17. i_H says:

    Sorry, make that class of ’15!

  18. Archan says:

    Thanks, Matt!

  19. Jesus says:

    I was unsure, are we not supposed to report our fine arts credits?
    For example, I’ve been in band for four years and I’m not sure how to report that.
    I have had classes that are listed as “other” on my transcript, such as Principles of Engineering, so I have put them there, but that leaves no room for fine arts.

  20. Anne says:

    Just spotted an error on part 1 – already submitted. Is the mid-year report where that can be fixed?

  21. Archan says:

    @Jesus: I’m not part of the admissions committee or anything, btw. You could put your engineering class under science, I guess, to make room. That’s what I did; I put my computer science class under mathematics.

  22. Archan says:

    @i_H: You should check out Pi is wrong!!!

  23. Jesus says:

    @Archan, yeah I was thinking about that.

    There is one more thing. My robotics team (due to fragmented coverage and website leadership) has a different URL for different competitions and robots. Is it possible for us to separate multiple URLs by a simple comma?

  24. Krusger says:

    Hi Matt..i’ve always wondered what if somebody lies his way through the application about his credentials and life story and you are never able to make out and he gets into MIT ??? That would be so unfair to others!…how do u catch such people???

  25. Dhananjay says:

    Hello Sir,

    I had an interview with Mr. Dilip Coelho around the 10th of December, however, he said that my name wasn’t appearing on his list! I Contacted the admissions office about this, but to no avail! I have submitted all my essays and my school has sent all the requisite material. Only the interview issue is a problem! can you somehow help me with that??

  26. Dhananjay says:

    Ps: I forgot, Merry *belated* Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! @Matt: My full name is Dhananjay Goel. could you please see if my name appears on Mr. Coelho’s list?

  27. Matt,
    My interviewer, Mr. Ravi Meattle was very busy this month. As a result, he could not conduct my interview. He gave me the details of another EC, Mr. Vinay Rai with whom I had my interview on 17th December. I request you to change tbe EC information being displayed on my displayed on my dashboard.
    P.S.I’m just about to submit my Part 1 of the app.


  28. Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your information. I have submitted my application. And have a nice vacation.

  29. i_H says:

    That could be right, @ Archan I say
    I wouldn’t be surprised if one day

    the relevance of pi
    becomes as unreal as i

    You could just as well use tau, hooray!

  30. K.Bhaskar says:

    Thanks Matt.I have actually submitted my part 2 of application and did include the introduction part.I will try for the link soon and will list in the mid year report.I hope that goes well.I am still editing it before finalizing it.Apologies for that.Anyways Happy New Year ahead.Have fun..!!!

  31. Tammy says:

    Hey Matt,
    I tried contacting my EC, Mr.Ayan Sen in November. He said that he would conduct my interview in late December. Although I’ve been trying to get in touch with him from early December, he’s not responding to my mail. I really wanted to give the interview. What should I do?

  32. i_H says:

    Dear Matt Mcgann double-o
    How is submitted research reviewed, do you show
    It to faculty,
    or simply see,
    it after application reading,I’d like to know.

    Thank you so much, enjoy your vacation and the new year!
    Incidentally, my name is Ayman but I like to sign off as i_H

  33. Matt '00 says:

    @Jesus: You should report all classes on your transcript on the Self-reported Grades form. If you run out of room, you may omit non-academic classes. With your situation, one option would be to just list Band once as

    Band (all 4 years)

    or something like that. Or you could add your engineering classes along with math and/or science.

    @Anne: I would recommend sending an email to admissions next week.

    @Pulkit: You, or Mr. Rai, should email the MIT EC Office next week to take care of this. Having your EC switched is a common thing and this can be easily dealt with.

    @Tammy: Keep trying to be in touch with him. On the Part 2, note that you first contacted Mr. Sen in November (well before the interview deadline) and that you are hoping to interview in the future.

    @Eva: Yes, you can still send the scores and they will arrive in time.

    @Nikita: Relax, be yourself, and come ready to talk.

    @Dhananjay: You are on Mr. Coelho’s list already.

  34. Diego says:

    Hi Matt.

    I have not sent my secondary school report and my teacher evaluations, but I have sent my transcript, and also I had letters of recommendation from the principal of my school and three teachers sent to MIT. They are aout to arrive these days. Is that OK, or do I still have to send the MIT forms, given that I will not be able to postmark materials on the deadline?

    Have a Happy New year!

  35. Eva says:

    Hello Matt!
    I hope you had a great Christmas, and Happy New Year!
    I had one concern about my standardized tests. I only sent in one of my official ACT scores, but on my application, for the place asking for the highest scores of each subsection, I listed scores from both of the test dates I had taken the ACT. If I try to order the other ACT test scores to be sent, the request will only be processed on Jauary 3rd, after the application deadline.
    Should I still send in those scores, even though they will arrive late?

    Thank you

  36. Nikita says:

    Hey Matt,Happy New Year!
    I will be meeting my EC in a few days for the interview. How do you suggest I prepare?
    Enjoy your vacation!

  37. Kaan says:

    Hi Matt.
    I’m applying to MIT this year but I have some form problems. One of my teacher got sick and couldn’t wrote her form in time. The other evaluation form writer’s and my principal’s forms also won’t be posted for a week or something like that. Does it matter? or, can my application be deleted? I really worked hard on that application and I really don’t want any last minute crash.
    Finally, have a happy year.
    In fact, we’re in 2011 for half an hour in Turkey.

  38. Dear Matt,

    I am a student from Myanmar. When I took the TOEFL paper-based test in November, I listed MIT as my score recipient, but the checklist of MIT indicates that MIT haven’t received my scores. How long does it take to reach my scores to you? Should I ask another score order request? Because I am a high school graduate of 2009 ( The fact that the reason why graduated early in Burmese high school and other information are explained in my application), I no longer have midyear report. Does this put me at a disadvantage? I am afraid that you will not have enough information to evaluate me; therefore, I have conducted interview in October, but because my region doesn’t have any MIT ECs, it was the Skype interview. I believe my interview completed successfully. Because of the slow connection and interruptions, I am afraid that my interview report doesn’t include enough information about me; therefore, I sincerely hope you will understand my situation. The online interview isn’t as good as face-to-face interview. I also hope my counselor will explain it in the report.

  39. Nue says:

    @Bhaskar : thanks,mate (: I have put you an email,check it out when you have time

  40. Nue says:

    @ Bhaskar : heya(: Are you talking about the NASA Space school project? or any other any other official NASA project for highschoolers?
    Please clarify.

    @ Matt:- I am a homeschooled student from India,planning to apply for fall of 2011. I wish to know how you would like the transcripts to be seen.Should it be a comprehensive portfolio(with records) or just transcripts? What would be the case of an unschooled student who does research instead of regular schooling?Can he/she applying for admissions after taking the SAT& TOEFL?

  41. :D says:

    Happy new year everyone
    Thank you for the information Matt, can’t wait for the results :(
    Best of luck everyone , especially my Indian friends. This years I hope all the Indian 2300s+ get in raspberry
    Best of luck :D

  42. Hi Matt,

    1. My school report and teacher evaluations were posted a week ago from India. In the Indian postal service website, its last record was on 25th. But I cannot find anything about it on the US postal site ( Should I just wait now, or try to have them resent, at least a scanned copy via email?

    2. My TOEFL scores have been out for some time. But although I listed MIT as a recipient before the test, it is not displayed on the MIT tracking page. But it shows testing requirements have been met, because my SAT Reasoning and Subject Test scores have been received. should I send scores again to MIT?

    3. My interview was conducted on 18th. So I am going to fill out a conducted interview form today. Am I too late?

    Wish you a Very Happy New Year!


  43. Anonymous says:

    Is it okay if my Fee Waiver postmark after January 1st? My school office is not available. I’m so worry.

  44. Vinhdng says:

    Somehow in the preview application, I can not see the 3 mid essays, and the last optional one. The 2 short essays are visible, though. Is it unusual?

  45. Anony says:

    Yes it is…try some different browser

  46. K.Bhaskar says:

    @nue its something official.I have been working on it since last 4 months.Still revising it..haha..78 pages report still not over..Anyways what about you.Who are you and where you from?.

    Well if you need some information or help then you can mail me at [email protected]

  47. Vinhdng says:

    Thank you. Somehow, Opera didn’t show it properly. I’m relieved now.
    Thank you again.

  48. zulkarnine says:

    Hi Matt,

    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    I sent the necessary documents from South Korea on last 28 Dec. by EMS. On the USPS tracking it is showing that the attempted delivery on last 31 Dec. failed due to some reason and left some sort of notice for redelivery. But if that is not claimed within 5 days then that will be sent again to the sender and that might be a problem.:(
    So, can you please do something so that it doesn’t return to me again.
    By the way, have a great time……..

  49. Ceesay says:

    Just submitted my part 2 and feel like a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. Now, I just have to wait.

  50. Naina says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is Naina Raisinghani. Due to unexpected closures in the city, my school will not be able to post the fee waiver details until January 3rd. I would want to know if that is acceptable because I have already changed my payment status to “Request Fee Waiver” and cannot change back. I am more than willing to pay via credit card if th need be, however this will present significant financial problems for my family. I hope that you are able to find a solution to my problem.
    Thanking you in anticipation,

    Yours Sincerely,
    Naina Raisinghani

  51. Ouyan says:

    Hello Matt,

    Happy New Year!
    I have a problem. I thought that sending Transcripts and Evaluations via e-mail was okay and now I red this entry, should I tell my school to send them via mail ASAP?

    Ouyan Zhou

  52. Nikita says:

    Thanks for the advice, Matt!

  53. Jesus says:

    Thank you Matt.
    What about the multiple URLs for things such as robotics websites?

  54. Bhaskar says:

    @naina Well do not worry.The office of admissions understands any unexpected reason of your school closure.Please do inform them at [email protected] mentioning your first name,last name and date of birth.Alternatively you can send a scanned copy of the fee waiver letter.If not possible then just inform them about the same and dispatch the documents on January 3rd.I hope this works well but still if you want then you can confirm from the office of admissions.If you need any other info you can mail me at [email protected] Gud luck!!

  55. Anonymouse says:

    Bhaskar I never knew you were in the admissions department ! raspberry
    or are you just hitting on every girl commenting on the blog…

    U cyber perv…

  56. Shahriar says:

    Dear Matt,

    I submitted the MIT application Part 2 on January the 1st, but in the “GCSE/A-Level/IB/AP scores” section ( Number 18 ) , I only put in my A-Level scores but didn’t put my O-Level scores in. Is that a problem?
    I am sure my O-Level school has attached a copy of my O-Level certificate with the secondary school report that they have sealed and given me.
    I have also put in copies of my A-Level and O-Level certificates with the supplemental materials that I have mails on Jan 1st.

  57. Anony says:

    There were four major flaws in the MIT online application webpage other than the formatting problem. This was least expected from MIT programmers. But anyways it works, and moreover most of the people will not realize it unless the script crashes for them.

    There is one problem in the registration page.
    There are two problems with htmls forms.
    and several other flaws in submission/input and formatting.

  58. Archan says:

    Submitted my application! W00t! What a wonderful feeling! Slight relief, slight anxiety, hopefulness…

  59. i_H says:

    Let’s all hope for the best
    Waiting for mid-march will be a test
    of our patience and steel
    But the silent wheel
    of time, will neither hurry nor rest!

  60. Austin says:

    I know exactly what you mean!
    Hopefully things go well.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Ugh…even though I’m applying for MIT for the class of 2016, i’m already nervous… D:

  62. Why are you guys treating decisions as such a big issue !! Getting into MIT is a very big thing but not that great an issue for so much of hype….

  63. drea says:

    Dear Matt,
    I submitted my application according to mountain time instead of eastern time, will it make a difference of the time zone? I didn’t think of the time difference…ahhh!
    The procrastinator

  64. @drea
    lol !! :D i love the part where it says “The procrastinator”

  65. Bhaskar says:

    @anonymouse doesn’t matter what you think.I suppose this place is to discuss issues and help each other.Also that’s not a mail which i frequently use.I have nothing much to say about’s your thinking.I have met people here who are doing researches in quantum electronics,life on extra terrestrial planets etc etc.. and have become my friends.So please speak all these things somehwere else an to someone else.

  66. tarawinn says:

    thank you matt!! saved me so much time

  67. Hooray for us all, regardless of any outcome, for we applied! (Here I am talking about the outcome right after the application deadline. Best of luck anyways!)

    Is there any way we can confirm the processing of any supplemental materials faxed in?

  68. I agree with Ayman ! HOORAY to all of us !! for we are the MIT applicants for the batch of 15′


    Shreshth – are you Shreshth Khilani from LMB Kolkata ?

  69. Hey Matt, who will be checking most of the international applicants ? and why are the admission numbers so low for international students ?

  70. Chaya.V says:

    Hi, Matt McGann,

    Wish You a Very Happy, Great and Prosperous New Year.

    I am from INDIA, I always had a dream of attending US University, and more so MIT. Till now i could only dream but never think of materializing it. Well, i am 42Years, having 22 Years of Work experience in State Bank of India, and settled most of my responsibilities and hopefully in a position to try make my dreams a reality.
    I have Diploma in Computer Science(1988), B.Com(1992), CAIIB(1996) and MBA (Banking & Finance) (Project papers yet to be submitted). At this juncture can i apply for Masters or PhD at MIT, if yes, do i need to take TOEFL etc.
    Kindly guide me……


  71. KJ says:


    Where can my son go to find summer internships for High School students. He is in 11th grade now.



  72. Dear Matt, Happy New Year to you, and all the MIT applicants, may this year you all should progress & live happily. Thanks. Mohit Sanduja ( MIT Applicant.)

  73. A few days ago, one of my friends who has also applied to MIT (from Europe) told me that there were A LOT OF applicants from India for MIT Class of 2015 (actually every year, as a matter of fact!)

    Now I see what he meant by “A LOT OF…”!

    DEAR GAWD! SO MANY many applicants!? Its scaring me as hell!! raspberry

    P.S.: On a completely different, funny note: I hope we all get in! Hahahaha! smile (Atleast I sincerely hope that I do!)

  74. Dimitris says:


    I pitty you for having to read all of those comments! :-p

  75. Well said Utkarsh Pajji !! This time I am sure some ‘Singh’ will get in MIT !!!! GO PUNJABIIII :D

  76. I am sure that I am getting into MIT. And btw you SURDS….there is no such Punjabi or ‘Singh’ Quota in MIT…. MIT considers people who have a lot of extra curricular activities and good SAT scores….(2150)+

  77. Aron says:

    @ Shreshth :- You cant be really sure unless you get your acceptance letter.So better dont judge nw.But wish you luck and hope u get in. and you are wrong in making the last statement.Even the average student that are considered at MITs pool has those scores (ranging above 2000s+). Becoz of these reason, the colleges has to look on several addt factors as It not all about grades and extra curriculars,there are many many intangible factors as well (that wl b counted wid all ur academic & non achievement)

  78. Norah says:

    Dear Matt,

    I know you asked us not to worry about documents not showing on MyMIT, but it’s been over 2 weeks. According to aramex, the documents were delivered on 12/17/2010 02:29 PM to GISELI THPMAS. How can I make sure the documents haven’t been lost?

    Yours sincerely,

  79. anon says:

    Lots of indians!! looks like i have company (read : competition) smile. All the best to us all.

  80. Hanan says:

    @ Chaya :- I am replying to you as to help you with your application if any queries. I find Matt not replying for last few days,and he would nt be able to guide in making your course selections, but can give you the best of suggestions and clear your technical queries. Kindly feel free to email me : [email protected].

    @KJ :- If you could be more specific, on his interests,and your location, I can help you with some websites where you could apply( The reason I am asking for above detail is because there are lot of internships and most of them have eligibility criterion to met).

  81. K.Bhaskar says:

    @hanan Well Matt is on a vacation for now.But he will be back tonight.

  82. Hanan says:

    @ Bhaskar : I just shooted you an email.So are you working on with Drakes equation or something else.If you could send me a very short note on your project would be great.(: Btwn I have a ppt at NASA Ames Research centre on first week of May. If you are there,we shall meet up

  83. Hanan says:

    @ Bhaskar : I just shooted you an email.So are you working on with Drakes equation or something else?If you could send me a very short note on your project would be great.(: Btwn I have a ppt at NASA Ames Research centre on first week of May. If you are there,we shall meet up

  84. Abhishek says:

    Hi guys I am from India currently in the US to visit my uncle and to have a look at some colleges, it was really very interesting to read the comments on the blog.
    And hell yeah !! there are too many indian applicants, I do not think more than 3-5 will get into out of the 1000s who are applying. I am sure that the competition will be based solely on the SAT scores and school transcripts because there are so many students applying and it is obvious that the officers won’t pay much stress to the applicants with low SAT scores and poor school transcripts.
    Anyways I wish you all good luck, I am too a applicant and I hope my SAT scores will get me in.

  85. Nue says:

    @ Abhishek,
    Think the other way.. there s an increasing application from international students especially from India, and most of them with the best scores and some in mid range,good grades,some may be best( being these as the obvious candidates) admission officers will surely be looking for more than the numbers thats on your transcripts and SAT report .If what you are saying is right,then 3 in 5 will make it to MIT,because of the competitive spirit,everyone is aiming for higher scores,and they yield the best.But this aint right highly selective colleges like MIT are nt trying to produce the all rounded applicants, but well-rounded class of on with a balance between high grade achievers and mid scorers with other impressing credential and special interest cases.

  86. Sandesh says:


    Are grade and scores most important than the concept and knowledge? Is a candiate not more that gardes and scores?? I am international student from Nepal …does a school like MIT aslo runs backs just for gardes and scores…or should they search for some exceptional talent???

  87. Nemo says:

    @Sandesh: how can students prove their ability?
    It is surely that they have to get high scores at grades and SAT SAT II, national and international contest. etc. therefore, it is helpful If you can provide admission commitees as much information as possible. If you have SAT, of course adcom only base on SAT and transcrip to evaluate you.

  88. Abhishek says:

    @Nue – Thanks for your comment, Mit only states that it doesn’t give much priority to grades and SAT scores, but in the end when they are discussing admissions with the board of directors(admission) it is obvious that the deciding factor will be the SAT score and school marks obtained, Consider twins who have applied to MIT, they have similar talents, a similar ambition, haven taken part in similar extra curricular activities and also are proven with similar scientific capabilities, but one has a SAT score of 2300 and the other has a SAT score of 2150…whom do you think will stand a better chance. In India we have the same scenario, only the rich can afford to do something beyond normal capabilities and not pay much attention to studies because they have the resources and such people do not deserve to enter MIT because they do not know the meaning of “hard work”, but for most of the people it is pure competition (“Survival of the fittest”). Hope I am able to prove my point, my fellow Indians will agree with me. In Facebook we have a community which also agrees with what I say.

    may I know how much did you get in your SAT ? and are you from india????

  89. Hello Matt,

    If the evaluations A and B, as well as the secondary school report could be faxed, or sent via e-mail.
    If that is the case I would like to know to which address or fax number should I send it.

    Thank you

  90. Sandesh says:

    students can prove their ability by good scores and grades ..But i mean is the selectional solely based on grades and scores! They can prove themseleves from many other things, here in Nepal we have very difficult political and economic situation for good enivornemnt, so i cant make my thoughts reality, i tired to make a a dancing Robot but there was no instruments ..and it cant be affored from abroad. So i only have the collection of ideas in my mind bcoz of lack of platfrom….are such things considered or not?? i am thinking of publishing my own book on physics including my thoughts???

  91. Nemo says:

    @ Sandesh: oh i wrongly understand ur idea. I only just mentioned academic achievement, but the accomplishment play vital role in admission in any big university like MIT. of course the grades and scores depend on circumstances,regions etc… It is difficult for international students in some areas to get high scores in SAT or TOEFL, but he prove his potential, i think he has a chance.

    I hope adcom will carefully consider all aspects to make final decision, too.

  92. Franto says:

    Hey guys.
    I find the financial aid app for internationals a little bit confusing. I do not exactly know what to submit so I figured I would rather ask.
    So is that enough if I submit CSS Profile and send my parents` income tax returns?

  93. @Sandesh : What is the use of dancing robots to society ??

  94. Kaan says:

    My teachers havent finished their forms yet. I’m wondering if it expose any problem?
    And, im an international applicant and I havent done any great successes yet. but i want to do them in MIT. can MIT realize that i’ve got that potencial and somehow let me in? Is there any chance? Because, according to people around me, applying to MIT is a huge success by itself. Does it count? They even dont know what is MIT. Please, let me get out of here. smile
    (and i want an answer for every simple question, please , acquaint me)

  95. K.Bhaskar says:

    @nue Its the designing of the space station.

    @sandesh dont fall into unnecessary points.Your application has many parts which will tell about you.If you want you can submit the blueprint of your robot to the admissions office.Mention the link of your paper.Your application will undergo a huge debate between around 12 people before making any final decision.So relax.

    @kaan It would be better if you send the documents asap.Its already past the deadline.Inform the admissions office about this.

    @franto Yes submit the CSS profile online.Be careful while filling the info.You can send the tax forms.It will work.if you have some message for the financial aid office you can write a letter to them stating everything you need to say.Be sure to write your name and date of birth on top of each and every page and do sign all the documents you send by mail.Gud Luck!!

  96. Nemo says:

    @ Kaan:
    I mean if ur circumstance is in poor region, or harship in study, but you can get achievement higher than peers, then it will indicate ur potential. MIT is one of the most selective, so if you want to be admitted as an international student, you must have a distinction.
    I wonder why you ask me about ur talent?? It is you who know about you.If you have a potential, you certainly know about it. To attend a big college like harvard, prinston, or MIT, if you don’t have good grades, sat , you should possess a distictive achievement, and inversely.

  97. Nemo says:

    @ Kaan:
    I mean if ur circumstance is in poor region, or harship in study, but you can get achievement higher than peers, then it will indicate ur potential. MIT is one of the most selective, so if you want to be admitted as an international student, you must have a distinction.
    I wonder why you ask me about ur talent?? It is you who know about you.If you have a potential, you certainly know about it. To attend a big college like harvard, prinston, or MIT, if you don’t have good grades, sat , you should possess a distictive achievement, and inversely.

  98. Indigo says:

    Hi Matt,

    Is there any problem if I’m taking the Toefl test on January 29th. Will my scores reach you on time?


  99. Ha Duy says:

    I have sent all my document for 2 weeks (only one week completely sending to MIT), but it is not up to date in myMIT account. As for you, the process would take two week, but i am so nervous. When MIT Admissions will up to date all student’s documents?