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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

MITES, RSI and WTP applications due next week by Matt McGann '00

The three high school summer programs hosted by MIT have their application deadlines next week.

The three high school summer programs hosted by MIT — MITES, RSI, and WTP — have their application deadlines next week. All three are open exclusively to high school juniors. MITES and RSI are free; WTP is subsidized and offers financial aid. Here’s a little more about them:

  • Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) is a rigorous six-week residential, academic enrichment summer program for promising high school juniors who are interested in studying and exploring careers in science, engineering, and entrepreneurship.
  • The Research Science Institute (RSI), sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education and MIT, is a rigorous academic program which emphasizes advanced theory and research in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering.
  • The Women’s Technology Program (WTP) is a residential summer program in the MIT Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) to introduce high school girls to EECS in the summer after 11th grade. The four-week program includes rigorous classes in computer science, electrical engineering, and mathematics taught by women PhD candidates in the MIT EECS Department, and allows girls to explore through hands-on experiments and team-based projects.

Please note that all three applications require essays, teacher recommendations, and transcripts, and all three have extremely competitive admissions. If you are planning to apply to one of these programs, don’t procrastinate!

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13 responses to “MITES, RSI and WTP applications due next week”

  1. Dan says:

    Am I wrong that the application is due February 3rd for MITES and not February 1st? Is it wrong on the MITES website?

  2. madmatt says:

    Oops, good catch, will make the switch (mixed WTP and MITES)

  3. Lerh Feng says:

    Very sad that I could not attend any of these programs when I was a Junior…

  4. shikhar says:

    well I am a bit relaxed..the international deadline is march 1. However I am almost done so i am sending app by Feb2.

  5. Aaron says:

    In response to your post Sohaib, when I went to MITES, I heard that until 2002(?) MITES was ONLY for URM, but after some sort of legal proceedings, policy changed and non-URM’s could attend (I guess, majorities?). I am happy to say I am evidence of that policy change. I know it would be expensive, but I am dissappointed that there are not more summer programs for students who want to pursue careers in engineering at low or no cost. Not every school is able to fund programs which teach students engineering skills like a FIRST Robotics team for whatever the reason (interest, lack of funding, etc). For me, MITES gave me a taste of what engineering is, while at the same time it gave me some of those skills my school district cannot offer me.

  6. Rowena says:

    I was saddened not to have read about the MITES earlier, I could have encourage my daughter.

    She think MIT is the hardest but most prestigious

    Engineering school in U.S to get in. As of now I am taking the OCW to help me get started for my future interest of enrolling (if I’m Lucky.)

  7. advay says:

    As an MIT freshman who attended RSI, I must say it was one of the most challenging yet fun experiences in high school.

    By the way, my FIRST robotics experience would probably tie with RSI, since it simultaneously fostered leadership skills and engineering know-how and lasted all 4 years of high school.

  8. I too am very sad I wasn’t able to attend these excellent programs. At the time I was a junior I was under the impression that MITES was ONLY for URM students, but after reading the MITES website again recently, I learned that it’s only one factor of admission. Just out of curiosity, was this always the case with MITES and I just didn’t catch that, or was it previously restricted to only URM students?

    Ahh…well. I’m sure I would have really benefited and had a LOT of fun. Now to see if I can make it into MIT itself…

  9. I’m a little tense right now and very excited to turn in my application for the 2006 MITES program. The only thing that I want as of right now is to get accepted into this program. Being accpted will mean more to me than than the first time I recieved straight A’s.

    *kepping my fingers crossed*

  10. Caroline says:

    Ooh WTP was awesome! smile Everyone should apply. Well, all girls anyway… I don’t think they’ve had to open it up legally to guys yet…

  11. Yin Yin says:

    I just recieved my acceptance letter for RSI, and I am beyond excited!! I can’t wait for summer to start.

    I was also wondering, Matt, if MIT was going to host a luncheon like they did last year at the Phoenix IISEF. I remember the food was great, especially the milkshakes!

  12. J says:

    When are MITES decisions going out??? Im so anxious!