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MIT student blogger Emad T. '14 by Emad T. '14

The best dang hack there ever was [citation needed]

In honor of Wikipedia’s 10th birthday (January 15th), MIT celebrated the only way it knows how: through imitation (as flattery), and a hint of geeky wit.

This, for instance, hung from the ceiling of Lobby 7:

I was actually kind of ashamed when I didn’t recognize the iconic globe right from the get-go, but after walking down MIT’s Infinite Corridor, I finally put it together. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the Infinite Corridor is perhaps too aptly named…

After finding the Wikipedia-styled notification at the end of the Infinite, I challenged myself to find as many other signs as possible. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until I realized just how thoroughly this hack was done. I’m sure there’s at least several missing from this collection.

For those who just can’t understand the complicated language of doctors, someone who posted this sign at MIT Medical shares your pain (or your sense of humor):

And I guess the editors posting the signs frown upon duplicated effort. Not even East Campus, composed of two parallel buildings, can get away with it:

Also flagged for review was the Transparent Horizons sculpture; some people(who?) claim it’s a big metal eyesore:

Outside the Chancellor’s Office, there was a call for factual accuracy, presumably an allusion to MIT’s current search for a new chancellor after Chancellor Phillip L. Clay announced he was stepping down from the position. (I managed to cite my source there, at least.)

And here, too, though I honestly forgot what this was for:

This sign that was posted on the railings at Lobby 10 was probably meant to confound my picture-taking efforts. It was on the second floor, and getting a good shot of it was a real hassle.

…though I was determined…

…I was not entirely successful.

And the last one that I found states what many of us already know about the Institvte:

Heck, that’s just one of the reasons why there’s a celebration of Wikipedia’s 10th birthday at MIT in the first place. Personally, my school career – and perhaps, the careers of many others – would not be complete without Wikipedia’s random page function, or the endless related links on most articles that, over time, become entirely irrelevant to what you first intended to research. And who can forget Wiki racing? Such a great high school pastime.

(Oh, and it’s got facts and stuff on it.)

With that in mind, here’s to ten years of editable knowledge – free to the public, but perhaps at the cost of your productivity.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    @ Vivek I know you are being sarcastic ! but never mind.

    If my psychic powers prove to be accurate,you too are nothing but the re-incarnation of Utkarsh’s ego.

  2. Haha! This is just awesome! I really hope that I could study in this wonderful place.

  3. Ian McDaniel says:

    This is EPIC!!! Hilarious nerd fun at its finest. It is times like this that I’m reminded why MIT is the best school in the country.

  4. @Anonymous:
    Who the heck do you think you are Mr. Psychic, commenting over Vivek and me!? I mean, do you even have any idea who we are, or have even ever talked to us Mr. Anonymous?
    Hiding behind a tag of anonymity and sarcastically commenting on other applicants, we don’t need you mister and similarly MIT as well does not! And let me remind you that the admissions committee is more than qualified and capable of bringing genius upon genius kids generations upon generations to this great institute, and we have our applications in the same hands! So please, you don’t worry whether we are “hopefuls” or not!
    Care about your own application instead of spoiling teh blogs with stupid, humongous, filthily-sarcastic comments!

    Try meeting me or talking me face-to-face if you have got so much problem!

    Anyway, where the heck did my name even come up on this blog for you to mention me out of the blue ehh!?
    Stupid moron!

    P.S.: I am sorry for insulting him blog-friends, but this “Anonymous” stupid person was being way too rude!

  5. Vivek says:

    Priceless. I think my favorite has to be ‘Citation Needed’ for the Chancellor’s door! As for the one on the second floor railing, did you hang off the railing with someone holding your legs? Or just reached down an flashed blindly? First theory is kinda cool though. wink

  6. oasis '11 says:

    ^ haha the colombo one is brilliant*

    * if you know anything at all about the debate over a six-lettered word that begins with D and ends in ING at mit

  7. Nasser '17 says:

    Utkarsh, don’t let Anonymous upset you, probably just being mischievous.MIT always has interesting stuff taking place. So cooooool.

  8. Ryan '15 says:


    Great !!


    @Ian, if I may, I must correct you. MIT is not the best school in the country. It is the best school in the world. Haha.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes Utkarsh we all love MIT and many of us are hopeful 15′.

    Tell us something we do not know. raspberry

  11. Vivek says:

    Something we do not know (up till now) – Anon possesses psychic powers!

  12. Nathan says:

    There was one in Stata, and one on the statue on mass ave too! Bah, this is great!

  13. @Nasser ’17: Yup dear you are right… why should I care if some stupid “Anonymous” idiot git is trying to spoil my mood…
    You are right, I should rather not be provoked or else he’s the one who’s intentions are getting accomplished, and after all I don’t want him to win! Haha!
    Thank you for enlightening me to the right scenario! I got derailed because of this “jerk’s” comments!

    @Anonymous: Go find someone else to prey upon, I stand clear of you mister! Stupid person!
    [Again, Sorry guys!]

  14. Anthony '15 says:

    This is gold.

    I’ve been linking all my friends to this today, haha.

  15. Vivek says:

    @Anon – Hey. No hard feelings. And don’t be a *stranger* if we bump into each other along the infinite. wink

    @Utkarsh – Calm down, mate. You can’t let such comments get to you. Just play along!

  16. How longs does it take for hacks to be taken down??
    I’m visiting this week and I want to at least see this hack. =D

  17. ladiesman says:

    sounds like some ppl havent gotten lucky yet… hhahaha

  18. Emad '14 says:

    Thomas: I didn’t see it today. Unfortunately, you’ve missed your chance…