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MIT student blogger Chris M. '12

MITwitter by Chris M. '12

That's possible the worst portmanteau I've ever made.

Hello Interwebs, it’s me Chris. As you can probably guess from the title, this has something to do with twitter. It is in fact a historic day for me, much like the day I bought my Mac, after being vehemently opposed to all things apple, I’ve shared my dislike and disinterest in the internet phenomena known as twitter. But if you were to go here, you’d see that’s no longer true.

It does provide some nice advantages to traditional blogging. For one thing, it’s easy to post cool things that happen that aren’t worthy of a full blog post (like, for instance, announcing that I now have a twitter account), plus there’s a lot of corporate and news companies adopting the structure, which is pretty cool as well. And the twitter phenomena seems to be gaining some clout. It just might be weird and obscure enough to be something really big(ger). Plus it’s almost zen-like to compose your thoughts in 140 characters.

14 responses to “MITwitter”

  1. Kristina '13 says:

    It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who recently changed my mind about Twitter. It’s actually quite handy.

  2. Chris says:

    I tried it for a while, but I got bored of constantly having to update. Who really cares about my boring life?

  3. (like, for instance, announcing that I know have a twitter account)


  4. Labib (?14) says:

    I guess twitter is just one of those things you register for, have fun with for a while, then forget about and later get irritated when emails from it fill up the inbox.

    Somehow on par with a google statement about Twitter which referred to Twitter as the poor man’s blogging experience.

    Or maybe google is worried twitter might overtake blogspot.

  5. Piper '12 says:

    Twitter’s been quite active for a while wink

    @Labib – I turned off the email function. I have a widget for Firefox where I can view twitters and post responses, and that’s about it. (I also have Facebook set up to update my status with my twitters. I rarely update my Facebook status alone anymore…)

  6. Kazelyni says:

    Hi webmaster! nmx

  7. NYH says:

    Why is it such an awful portmanteau?

  8. Kazelzik says:

    Hi webmaster! sxb

  9. Kazelump says:

    Hi webmaster! ttf

  10. Snively says:

    Hi webmaster! ttf

  11. the eye says:


    I value your comments
    besides your life can’t be that boring
    or can it?

  12. nataly says:

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  13. margaret says:

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  14. Ashley says:

    If you weren’t so much fun to read, I’d lose some respect for you for giving into the dark side.