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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

More for Admitted Students by Matt McGann '00

What to do now if you've been admitted to MIT.

Hello, MIT Class of 2016! Here are some things that admitted students should do, now that you have been admitted…

First, check out your MyMIT Portal: Over at MyMIT, you’ll find a bunch of stuff only available to admitted students, including:

  • Campus Preview Weekend Registration: Please register for CPW by Thursday, April 5, or when your travel plans are solidified, whichever is sooner. Also, when you fill out your CPW registration form, give us as much specific information as you can; this will help us make your CPW experience as good as possible. Finally, please complete the Medical Release Form.
  • Notes to the wise: if you’re flying in, book your plane tickets early. If your parents are joining you, have them book their hotel early (today or tomorrow would be very smart). I highly recommend hotels that are within walking distance (or easy public transportation) of MIT — driving and parking in Boston is not a good experience.
  • Local Admitted Student Gatherings: Over the next few weeks, MIT alumni across the globe will be hosting gathering for the Class of 2016, as nearby campus as Weston, Massachusetts, and as far away as Singapore. There will be meetings in dozens of locales, including New York City, Dallas, San Diego, Miami, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and many more. RSVP information is included.
  • Class of 2016 Guestbook: Hundreds of your classmates have checked in to introduce themselves. Since only admitted students can enter themselves on the guestbook, it’s a good way to share your contact information securely with your future classmates, and to get emails and screennames to be in touch with fellow MIT 2015s!
  • The MIT Reply Form: As soon as you’ve made up your mind for sure about whether or not to attend MIT — after you’ve reviewed your financial aid package, come for CPW, or anything else that you need to make your decision — please let us know your decision through the online reply form. You have three choices: tell us you’re enrolling this fall (Yay! Welcome officially to the MIT Class of 2016!), that you’re declining our offer of admission (it’s okay, we know you’re making the best choice for yourself), or to request a deferral/gap year(s) before enrolling at MIT (for a gap year, military service, or other reason). Take as much time as you need to make your decision (and if we can help, please let us know), but be sure to let us know by May 1.
  • Overnight Program Registration: If you can’t make it for CPW, don’t despair, you can still come visit through our Overnight Program. Please register at least two weeks in advance, and we’ll do our best to show you MIT.
  • Link to the Facebook Group & Page: Facebook is a great place to meet your future classmates and get questions answered by current students.
  • Financial Aid Tracking & Award Letter: Find out what documents are still required for your financial aid to be packaged. If your financial aid application is complete, you award letter will appear here. There is also a link to the contact information for your financial aid counselor.

Also — don’t forget about the Webcast event on Saturday. Check your email for details!

Finally — you may want to tune in to watch the MIT Men’s Basketball Team competing in the NCAA Division 3 Final Four on Friday night at 8:00pm EDT (and hopefully in the Championship Game on Saturday!). Livestream information | An MIT Basketball Primer