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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

…More CPW by Matt McGann '00

The last of my photos from the weekend.

Before we get into it, I need to address a question I’ve heard a few times.

“Is MIT really like CPW?”

The answer is, yes and no.

Yes, in the sense that, I believe, for the most part, the MIT culture is well conveyed. You get a sense of what it is we do at MIT, how we play, see the opportunities that await you.

I need you to think a little more about the “no,” though. First, imagine this: you’re an MIT student. You’re really excited about your living group, the student groups you’re a part of, your major, your UROP. MIT tells you that you have a chance to show off these groups to 1,000 potential members of next year’s freshman class. Are you going to take that opportunity? Of course! You love everything you’re involved with! Now, multiply this process by 300 student groups, dozens of living groups, all of the majors, 41 varsity sports, etc. Finally, divide this by just 3 days. Now, you understand why CPW is as jam-packed as it is. So, is every day at MIT as jam-packed with all of those activities as the days during CPW were? No. But if we didn’t let all of those activities happen, and give you an opportunity to experience all of these groups, you wouldn’t really get to fully experience MIT. Thus, CPW is like MIT, all smushed up into one tiny weekend package for you to sample and enjoy.

We’ll be answering more unanswered questions from CPW and beyond when we get a chance, but for now, here are the rest of my CPW photos…

The Meet the Bloggers party was Friday night, and it was great to get to meet so many of you. Here’s the photo we took at the end; click to see a larger view:

While Ben & I were talking, I look a picture of you, and Snively took a picture of us. You can see Snively’s photo here [direct link].

Also on Friday, I emceed the inaugural Gap year Panel. In the below photo, you can see Prof. Warren Seering talking while the four student panelists and Marilyn Wilson from Career Services listen on.

For many, the highlight of the week was seeing Ben & Marilee rock out. This is the best photo I have; do you have any better?

I came to the office one morning of CPW to see this nice note/proclamation taped to the 3-107 door, signed by 9 members of the Class of 2011. Thanks!

The highlight of my Saturday was judging the mitBEEF beef cooking competition, which was a bit like Iron Chef. Members of mitBEEF and Random Hall cooked dishes expressed the theme ingredient, which was, well, beef. Check out some of the dishes:

…including a meat pie (or should I say, meat pi?).

All of the dishes on my plate, ready to be tasted:

I was very excited when I was asked to be a celebrity judge until I learned that some of the other judges were actually celebrities. In addition to Random Hall Housemaster Nina Davis-Millis (left in the below photograph), the judges also included Prof. Charles Leiserson (!) and Prof. Ron Rivest (!!).

Other events at Random Hall I saw includd liquid nitrogen ice cream making as well as make-your-own LED Mooninite.

More to come…

7 responses to “…More CPW”

  1. “Other events at Random Hall I saw included […] make-your-own LED Mooninite”

    Teaching the incoming freshmen to construct terrorist devices?? I’m all for the freedom of information, but this is just irresponsible!


  2. Thank you Matt for this post. My child chose not to go to CPW because of another engagement happening on the same weekend. He did check on the CPW related blogs from time to time. His reaction is he is not so sure he really wants to go to MIT if it will run like what he saw on CPW (through blogs) all year round. We leave the decision to him , but thank you again for this post, which I believe will ease his anxieties.

  3. Hank R. says:

    We were worried somebody would come by and tear the note down before ya’ll saw it, since we put it up at 3 in the morning

  4. Snively says:

    Yeah, it was a little sad, we’d have to walk by every half an hour just to make sure it was still there.

  5. Alie McK says:

    But we’re all very glad that you found it smile

  6. Jon says:

    woo manifesto! yeah we did have to walk by repeatedly to see if some custodian would tear it down lol

  7. Lendz says:

    yes, a blast i believe it was, loved the pi pie