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MIT student blogger Bryan O. '07

Motivation by Bryan

Finals are FUN!

My grades for the semester so far:

This should keep me motivated for my final tomorrow.

Final Exam 1 of 1
Wednesday December 20, 2006
9 AM to 12 PM
20.430: Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems
Test Format: 2 Questions, Open Book/Note

Brief Commentary:
So I originally wanted to take the undergrad version of this class, but last semester, it was cancelled, so I was out of luck. So this term, since I knew the graduate version would definitely be offered, I took the class on Jr/Sr P/D/F. So even if I get a C, it will appear as a bright and shiny P. (Now if only I thought that way.) Back to studying.

Followed by: Various End of Term Celebrations *<):^)

Later this Week:
2.009 Presentation Recap

Good luck to those of you applying with exams this week.

14 responses to “Motivation”

  1. Bryan says:

    The J on the grade sheet means that I’m making justified progress on my thesis which is spread out over two semesters.

  2. Whiner says:

    Good luckon your final tomorrow! Update us!

  3. Whiner says:

    Good luck on your final tomorrow! Update us!

  4. Laura says:

    You suck.

    I just took a 6 hour final that totally kicked my you-know-what. It was in computer science and Borski says it kicked his too, so you know I’m screwed. =P

  5. Bryan says:

    Love you too, Laura!

  6. Sarab says:

    Charming. I just love to see two adults at one of the worlds most prestigious univ’s duking it out online…..

  7. Alex says:

    haha it’s a totally different type of motivation xD

  8. Melissa H says:

    My last three finals are tomorrow.


    AP Gov, AP Eng Lit, AP Span

    All three of them on the side of my brain that doesn’t work so well =(

  9. chris says:

    @Alex M…

    Try some USAMO/AIME problems =) You’ll see how they can ask relatively “few” problems and give you “loads” of time to solve it wink

  10. Alex M. says:

    How hard can these questions be? To have 3 hrs to complete 2 problems with notes must been they are nearly impossible, yet it is hard for me to imagine serious test questions of that difficulty…

    Thus far in school, I have found I either know how to do a problem, or I don’t. For example, in AP Calculus, there are only a certain number of type of questions that can be asked. After a while, all optimizations, all related rates, all solids of revolution etc. look exactly the same. If you know how to do one, you can do them all.

    I guess I’ll find out just how hard this stuff can be soon enough smile

  11. Anno says:

    What does the J on the grade sheet stand for?

  12. Justin says:

    haha USAMO, i remember recently looking at the mathematical hopping frog one, quite boggling

  13. Alex M. says:


    Yes, I have done the AIME for the last few years, but I draw a seperation between math contests and school. I realize that tough problems are out there, but a teacher would never ask me one of those for a test. Many of the AIME and USAMO questions rely on mathematical insight and strategies that are not touched on in class whatsoever.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a three-problem exam from the 2004 offering of the same class.