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MIT staff blogger Dave McOwen

MTV by Dave McOwen

Wait, I think that name might already be taken

I’ve been working with video since CPW wrapped up, generally lamenting our lack of access to Pixar’s render farm and kicking myself for not putting “build Admissions Beowulf cluster*” on the To Do list. I ♥ my MacBook, but let me tell you that HD video is not kind to CPUs.

On the plus side, we have great CPW clips on the Class of 2014 site. If you didn’t see Dr. Sadoway speak at the Parent Welcome I highly recommend it. It convinced me to start 3.091 (Introduction to Solid State Chemistry) over on OpenCourseWare just because it seems like so much fun (though granted its applications to Web design are limited).

Also added to the site is a Webcast Archive section. Right now you can watch the Mollie/Christina and Dr. Essigmann/Sarah webcasts, but one or two more will follow before decision day.

Speaking of Monday, I hope we’ve given you every opportunity to ask questions and discover what MIT is really like. The videos are one way to discover if MIT is where you want to be, but please feel free to send me an email this weekend if you just don’t feel comfortable choosing before you get that one last answer.

Good luck!

BTW, if you’re not part of the Class of 2014 please don’t feel left out. We have some great webcasts planned for later in the year!

Hmmm, I think I’m going to need a bigger budget… well that or go make friends with a few Course 6ers.

Pixar's Render Farm *sigh*

* There just aren’t enough excuses to say “Beowulf.” It’s such a fun word to say.

4 responses to “MTV”

  1. ~A says:

    Yay i should seriously start thinking of OCW …hope that would make me feel ok if not better.hehehe

    BTW 1st….!!

  2. genius ('18) says:

    SECOND!!!! What are those huge closet-like-things in the last picture? Mainframes or servers?

  3. Armin says:

    I don’t thank you since the 2014 site is shielded with password smile

    But thank you for Sugar OS, I tried that. It’s a nice project for kids, but I think it should get a yummier interface to make kids interested.
    I hope kids start computers with touchscreens and natural interactions, it’s totally a disaster if a youngster begins drawing by mouse. Thought, I still believe in papers and color pencils.

    I had an interesting dream last night. I was sitting in a class, then Prof. Sadoway came in and beat my palm with a ruler and he left!

  4. @ genius

    That’s the LucasArts render farm: the forrest of servers they use to serve up all those eye candy moments.

    @ Armin

    I know it’s a bit of a tease, but rest assured we’ll have plenty of fun things in the future, too.

    I’ve heard that the next iteration of the OLPC will be a tablet, though the OS remains. As unimpressive as it may seem to us, it seems to work remarkably well for the kids, and I think the simplicity is intentional so they spend less time using the OS and more time using the machine to network and create.

    Interesting dream, though of course Dr. Sadoway would never hit you with a ruler. He’d simply melt you with his mystical eye lasers and… er I mean he’s a very nice man and abhors violence. Yep. wink