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MIT student blogger Cristen C. '10

My Schedule Is Awesome by Cristen C. '10

& it's better than Snively's / Sometimes completely unrelated entries are posted in pairs.

No class Fridays, the end.

(actually the above screenshot is a lie because I forgot to adjust for the President’s Day holiday, oh well)

21W.735: Writing and Reading the Essay. It’s my last class in the HASS requirement, and my second writing class at MIT.

4.440: Basic Structural Design. Forces! Trusses! Flying Buttresses! For undergraduate and graduate students who are not engineers! hahahaha!

4.431: Architectural Acoustics. A little seminar where we’re presumably taught how to design spaces while enhancing acoustic quality.

4.502: Design Scripting. A new class, this one is both undergrad and grad like 4.440. I learn Rhinoscript so I can code things in Rhino. (Why yes, you’ll probably end up coding something regardless of your major..)

4.292: Special Problems in Architecture Studies. This is a weekly nighttime graduate seminar on ‘Responsive Cities’ which runs until March 17. Oddly my largest class (like 70 people showed up last week!?!?)

Note that I don’t have any class lasting only an hour this semester. In Course 4 I’m much more used to having some 3-hour long blocks of class, and many 1.5-hour long blocks of class. And no, my schedule isn’t the best — I still have to wake up before 9am every morning I do have class, and having 3- or 6.5-hour long breaks in between classes can sometimes feel awkward. And everything ever is due Thursday mornings, and of course I have APO meetings on Wednesday nights… but that’s just bad luck.

Oh yeah, happy Friday the 13th everyone. :D

14 responses to “My Schedule Is Awesome”

  1. HST says:

    hi christen,first let me tell you that you are soooooooooooo cute. more importantly, your schedule is not that intimidating. Back here in nigeria, even an high school student does not get to go home until 18:00 and lectures for 4 straight hours are not rare at our colleges. take care

  2. lulu says:

    lolwut these comments suck

  3. Jack says:

    Getting up at 9 doesn’t seem that bad until you actually go to a rigorous college and have to stay up until 2 or 3 AM a few times a week to finish your work. No, don’t tell us to manage our time better, unless you think we should stop eating, too.

    I’m also going to assume (hope?) that the reason Nigerian high school students do not get home until the evening is not because of sports or because the day starts at noon. In any case, it doesn’t matter how long a day of high school in Nigeria lasts for the purposes of this discussion, because high school is not hard. Yes, even if you’re in the highest available calculus and physics, MIT is much more difficult.

    Most importantly, Cristen never even said her schedule was “intimidating.” In fact, I think I recall her saying it was “awesome.”

  4. jimmy '13 says:

    yea…………….YEA…………finally…….im first to post a comment…………….hmm…………………



    ………..i guess i should read it first…………………….

    who first…….whopee…………

  5. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. OOPS !!!!



  7. jimmy '13 says:

    muhahahahah…………..iz rules……….sayz my kitty

  8. navdeep says:

    well your schedule tells that you have a lot more free time than snively ..
    snively’s schedule ..scariest thing i have ever seen
    it would have been impossible for him to cope {i think so},if he dint had those Monday and Wednesdays in between

  9. Anonymous says:


    That’s really awesome Cristen, but I have a question >>

    How did you make that layout of your timetable above, is it some kind of spreadsheet??


  10. cristen says:

    I use Google Calendar

  11. deng says:

    you college people…. complaining about getting up before 9… xD
    oh hey, I didn’t even realize it was friday the 13th

  12. zhiren says:

    neat! Your schedule is so awesome. I want something similar next year smile

  13. rohan says:

    ur schedule is so sexy as u