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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

MyMIT Status by Ben Jones

Deadline to schedule interview for EA applicants extended.

As you’ve likely noticed by now, the MyMIT site has been down since yesterday due to a hardware issue – we apologize for any inconvenience. The tech gurus have been working around the clock to fix it, but they’re not sure when it will be back online.

As MyMIT is the only place to view your interviewer’s contact information, and the deadline for EA applicants to schedule their interviews is tomorrow (10/20), we have extended this deadline to Monday, 10/23.

I’ll keep you posted on other relevant updates as I receive them.

Edit: As of 11PM today (thursday) the MyMIT site is back online and functioning normally. Thank you for your patience.

23 responses to “MyMIT Status”

  1. Kevin says:

    Yeah, I was trying to fill out Part 2 on my App. for EA. Aaah!, Back to paper for a while, I guess. Thanks for the info Ben.

  2. Asad says:

    What’s the problem? Is it pirates? Tech gurus can’t solve pirates.

  3. Sh1fty says:

    tech gurus? :D i thaught that a lot of mit students were tech gurus raspberry

  4. Akon says:

    Thank you for the update Ben! Like always your A-MIT-azing!

  5. Crystal says:

    Yes. I have noticed the website was down, luckily for me I had my interview done months ago.. Now only if I could check the status of my application….

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you adm. guys go through.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Will you suggest that I should go ahead to mail or fax my Part II to your office? I do EA.

  7. Daniel says:

    Will I have to have to start filling out Part II of the paper application to meet the Nov. 1 deadline or will the deadline be extended?

  8. Ian says:

    Oh good! I’m glad! I was freaking out when I couldn’t access the site.

  9. Tejas says:

    I was just about for some hardcore app work, too. =(

    Well thanks for the update!

  10. Tejas says:

    *just about ready


  11. Raagini says:

    Thanks for the info…
    I was kinda freaking out! smile

  12. Anonymous says:

    And now, for a completely off-topic question:

    How many people applied to be bloggers?

  13. Lincoln says:

    The site is working again! Now I can get my application done.

  14. jen says:

    when are the ECs for regular admissions going to be posted??

  15. Ben says:

    “Will you suggest that I should go ahead to mail or fax my Part II to your office?”

    Nope, you have plenty of time to submit it online before the November 1 deadline. grin

    “Will I have to have to start filling out Part II of the paper application to meet the Nov. 1 deadline or will the deadline be extended?”

    See above…

    “How many people applied to be bloggers?”

    I don’t have the exact number anymore but well over 30 actually completed their apps and even more expressed interest.

    “When are the ECs for regular admissions going to be posted?”

    If you’ve signed up for a MyMIT account you should already have your EC’s info regardless of whether you are applying EA or RA.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ben!

    Thank you for letting us know.

    Does MIT accept rush SAT reports, if I rushed my report last Friday for early action?

  17. I have signed up for MyMIT account several weeks ago but my Interview Information still shows that my EC’s name & contact information will be posted by the next week.
    Would it take more time for international applicants?

  18. I’ve been reading some posts on here and I would have to say that I wish I had applied to MIT as a high school senior. It’s pretty likely that I wouldn’t have gotten in, I have no perfect scores in anything. A discount at the Boston Museum of Science would’ve been nice, but we can’t always get everything right? I’m actually applying to graduate school at MIT, I still probably only have a 5% of getting in but that’s better than if I don’t apply, right? Well, reading all of the posts, expecially from those who aren’t saddened by rejection makes me feel a little bit more calmer about this whole process. I mean rejection isn’t everything. Ok so I don’t get into the really cool program at MIT, I’m still the same person. I don’t think admission to a school changes that. I’m currently at a public school that has given me so much more than I had ever expected. I think the truly successful are those who do with what they get. I wish people would remember that.

    Thanks Ben for this blog. It just makes me feel a little bit better knowing that no one is perfect but rather some people are just a better “fit” than others. It’s hard, but rejection isn’t anything personal unless you make it so.

  19. Ben says:

    Anonymous – yep, your scores should reach us in plenty of time.

    agraduateapplicant – I love your attitude! Good luck with grad school apps. grin

  20. Ajit says:

    Hi Ben. i was looking at the (3)Pulse and came across The Match Between You And MIT at this website and section is left blank promising to post/publish with in few days.But its been weeks nothing has been published in that.Do not you think it would be better to know about the Match from that section? I hope it will be posted soon.
    thank you.

  21. Michelle says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the dashboard doesn’t show up properly in Firefox, which is what I usually use. The Application Tracking box is up higher than it is in IE, and when I click the “click here to track your application” link, nothing happens. (I can see the status of everything from the details page, but it would be nice to get the quick view on the dashboard.)

    Also, I have a minor suggestion. I wanted to send my interviewer a thank-you note, but it looks like her address has been taken down because she already submitted the report. I sent her an e-mail instead, so it’s not a big deal, but it might be nice for the addresses to stay up longer.


  22. Josh says:

    I just sent in my online application. I’m curious, though. Is there a way I could send in jpeg files to compliment the optional essay on my design?

  23. Justin Kim says:

    Hi Ben,

    I was looking at my application status and saw that my partII and Secondary school report arrived. However, it did not confirm that my part I had been received. My school had submitted both parts my application together about a week and a half ago(by mail, in the same envelope). I might have edited a couple of fields online – though had not intended to actually submit the part electronically. Could that be intefering with my status?