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MIT student blogger Snively '11

NOOOOO! by Snively '11

It's so sad!

I’ve found my excuse to write a new blog entry.

Remember way back when, when I blogged about the new chairs that could possibly be installed in 10-250, MIT’s most popular lecture hall? If not, take a quick read and get acquainted with the various seating options.

I picked up a copy of “The Tech” after work today. I was very excited to get my Tech because they only come out once a month during the summer. I perused it and saw an article entitled “10-250 Upgrades to Be Completed by Fall With New Seating, Audiovisual Equipment.” Woo-hoo! An update! I quickly skimmed it, looking for any mention of chairs. Nothing on the front page. I then turned to page 18 where I saw the title “Seats in Renovated 10-250 Will Be Wider, With Power Outlets for Each.” Woo-hoo! Wider. . . and powerful, I’m liking this! I read on, hoping for an indication as to which chair they picked. I read this paragraph:

The purple seats will be replaced by maple-backed charcoal ones. While there will be fewer seats — 425 instead of 450 — they will be wider, at least 20 inches instead of 17 inches, said Bedrosian. To accommodate student laptop use, power outlets will be installed on the side of every seat, below each armrest.

“Maple-backed charcoal” huh? I rushed to my computer to see if that was one of the chairs on my list, and if so, how I ranked it. I found it.

NOOOOOO! WHY!? WHY WOULD YOU PICK THIS CHAIR!? I only gave it 2 stars!!! I thought that maybe my entry may have persuaded you to pick the red chair. It was a well written entry, right? I mean, it was written during 8.01L, but seriously, chair manufacturers commented on it, it had to be good. Why didn’t you listen!?

Of course, there’s still hope. Maybe these aren’t the chairs they picked. Maybe they found other maple-backed charcoal seats. I doubt it, but we can hope.

So, now, let’s all mourn for the red chair, because it really would have been the best choice and it was unfairly ousted in favor of el sucko the black chair.

16 responses to “NOOOOO!”

  1. Kevin X says:

    Oh I remember that post! It was one of my favorites!!

    Haha the wooden holy chair. Maybe you should send whoever is in charge of this an email with a link to the previous blog post. That red one does look quite comfy ;D

  2. It seems that too often people go for aesthetics rather than utility.

    Yet the yellow chair looks a lot more confortable than the metal crud I sit in every day in high school.

  3. Gah, I misspelled comfortable. What is wrong with me?

    Also, I wonder if the yellow chair was chosen because of price.

  4. '10 says:

    Ten bucks says they chose those chairs just to spite you. Consider it the chair’s revenge for your “I’m sorry [maple-backed charcoal] chair, I just don’t like you.” comment.

  5. '10 says:

    Incidentally, the chairs they ended up choosing don’t appear to have any desks at all! WTF?!

  6. shashank says:

    you have to have faith in authorities else make them pick the chair u want them to choose

    my aplologies with u :(

  7. Daniel '12 says:

    Since FF0000 > 000000
    the red chair should have beaten any and all other colors.


  8. Sauza says:

    *Sigh* All that camera work we did for nothing

  9. Anonymous says:

    you are so egotistic

  10. Anonymous says:

    I totally saw that article in The Tech and remembered that blog post. So hilarious.

  11. Aditi says:

    ‘el sucko’
    well said.

    Red chair, amen. :(

  12. Judy '12 says:

    Woah… ok… that black one looks hideous in comparison to the red one

  13. Kat says:

    That black chair is hideous and looks like some sort of torture would be conducted in it.
    The red one’s not so hot either but better.

  14. Ty'12 says:

    Ehhhhh, the black chair is… indescribably…. ehhhhhhhhh….

    Yes! I like the Red Chair too! It looks more happy and kind and not at all ehhhhhhhh….


  15. Hawkins says:

    Sooooooooooooooo sad. *tear*

    Red chair, we will always love you. May you adorn an even greater lecture hall someday.

  16. Anonymous says:

    If we woulda gotten the red chairs I woulda named mine “companion red chair” and would put a heart on it. Then I would never, NEVER incinerate it.

    The maple backed charcoal seats are a lie!