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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Not admitted by Matt McGann '00

This year was the most competitive ever for MIT admissions. Admitting fewer than 13% of applicants means we had to turn away many, many incredible students. For those of you who fall into this category, this is an open post for you to talk. And, if you haven’t already, check out Ben’s latest post.

100 responses to “Not admitted”

  1. Amit says:

    I have been rejected… grin (Yes, I always smile!)

  2. me says:

    yea rejected…somewhat surprised

  3. Barry says:

    Well, mostly, I’m relieved.

    It’s over, I’m not anxious anymore.

    My backup schools are still in the top 100 in the nation (according to US News) and I got in them.

    Besides, there are always transfers, and graduate school.

    Now to work on making MIT regret rejecting me smile

  4. Mr. Ken says:


    /mewants to see the statistics. grin

  5. Mridul says:

    Hah! finally, I got the decision. I’m sad :(

    But life goes on! I dream to change the world, people will forget oil, global warming, pollution in the years to come.

    Rejection from MIT.. I expected it. Int’l applicant.

    Living in such a country, I imagine having a tall wall in my way to college, which I have to climb or break somehow.. and MIT has laid another row of bricks to this wall.


    Anyway, rejection has not shattered my dreams & aspirations. And I will continue, work hard, study hard.


    Being an applicant, I’ve learned many things. I want to thank Admission Officers for the care they took of us.

    MIT is a great institute!


    Also, can you (Dear Mr. Matt) please tell me how far did my application reach in the admission process.


    And I also thank my EC for her kindness. She’s a great lady.

  6. Mushal says:

    heartbreaking…isn’t it? but life goes on. nice meeting all u ppl…hope you get into good places…we might see each other there:) Until then, as a friend says: Keep the faith!:)

  7. Mr. Ken says:

    Forgot to say thanks, so here it is: “Thank you!”

    By the way, MIT uses Macs for designing webpages?!

  8. Evelyn says:

    I was also rejected by MIT, but I’m still optimistic. I got into good schools that can give me a great undergraduate experience, and it all depends on what I do with what I have.

    I can’t believe this year’s admission process is over (in terms of decisions). I wish the other applicants lots of luck in the decisions they have to make very soon!

  9. Dapo says:

    Well, Well. I was pressured to check online despite my vehement disapproval. So I’m out. Its sad but I’m not giving up. God didnt intend for me to come to MIT, so He has better plans for me elsewhere. I’ll have to commend Matt, Ben, Nance, and the rest of the committee for your efforts. God bless. I had nurtured dreams of going to MIT with my bestfriend. We were constantly battling each other for science awards. He got accepted and I know he will make an excellent addition to the community. Well, I still say MIT is missing out for not accepting me, I think Caltech will get this mind. But its all good. I love that Institvte. I may not return here for a while. Rest assured you shall from me in the next 4 years. Well if I am still not accepted for Grag school, i will apply for a job. lol

    Once again thanx all. I guess my strategy to prepare for rejection worked after all, right now I feel like going to study for my AP Physics C, not crying.

  10. Mr. Ken says:

    Online decisions are now available at The MyMIT site ( will not be accepting logins during peak decision notification times. You’ll be able to log into your MyMIT account after 2:00PM (Eastern Standard Time).

    Is it not already 2:00 PM? tongue laugh

    Do decisions favour those who post in the forums? The number of comments in this “not admitted” thread should be nearly seven times longer than the “admitted” thread. grin

  11. April (out) says:

    Well, I’m out too.

    Looks like I’m waiting for grad school!

    Thanks for all you guys did.

    I don’t think I’m going to be posting again. :(

  12. Rafael says:

    I got rejected from MIT too but I prepared for it, intl. applicant what can I say. I am now awaiting my decision form Caltech (I’ve only applied to MIT/Caltech) and if this doesn’t work out either, I’m going to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. But I assure you that MIT will receive an application for grad studies from me wink. For everyone else who didn’t make it, all the best of luck with your other options and thank you that I could be one of you.

    Sincerely yours,


  13. Minh says:

    So I was not offered admission. I figure that’s the nicest way I can put it. Yeah, I’m sad, but that’s sort of expected..

    Still, applying to MIT has been one of the most worthwhile experiences for me. I guess this will be my last post here, so I’d like to say a big thank you to all the admission officers. You made my life a lot more suspenseful and exciting in the past few months!!

  14. Sam T says:

    Well I didn’t get in either. I don’t know if I’m alone but I’m just happy all the waiting is over.

    I might try to transfer next year, but I’m not sure right now.

    Good luck to everyone who didn’t make it, we’ll all be fine next year at whatever college we choose to attend. Well I’m off waiting for all of my other schools

  15. Seer says:

    A brighter day will come… I only hope not to get burned.

  16. Mushal says:

    Love you April…it was nice seeing you on the blogs. I’m probably not going to visit much either…too painful:)

  17. Krish says:

    Rejected sadly.. will be attending the University of Texas at Austin to do Mechanical Engineering now… ranked 10 for mechanical.. not too bad.. well thanks for the oppurtunity MIT…

  18. Phil says:

    Rejected :(

    Ah well, hopefully somewhere else will take me.

  19. I got rejected as expected. International Applicant …. from Bangladesh …. Mr. Matt can you tell me how many applied from here & how many have been accepted ….

    Ohh … I’ll make MIT regret for what they’ve lost too …. I’ll join grad school there hopefully …… :O

  20. Yizheng says:

    I am surprised I was rejected.

  21. ROSA says:

    Rejected. No disappointments at all though. I think I will reapply next year. One rejection doesn’t mean our lives are over. There’re still many chances as long as we don’t relinquish our dreams and hopes!!!

    Once again, thanks the entire admission committee for all your hard works! You all are the coolest people on earth! raspberry

  22. Pierluca says:

    Hey… got rejected from MIT too (wow.. great huh?) .. only uni I had applied to in the U.S… mainly because of the lack of time when I took the decision and the other universities requiring too many exams.

    got rejected from imperial college london, too (great,huh?)… probably going for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne or Zurich… (we’ll maybe meet there rafael!)

    this will probably be my last post… good bye all, and thanks again to the admission staff (I must be masochist to thank you, but still… you are doing a great job)

  23. loL says:

    completely surprised in being rejected.

  24. Anonymous says:

    In our lives, when we have something in front, we look forward to it.

    But when its over, its over.

    Life would still go on and look forward to something else.

    So, Best Of Luck for that !!!!!!!!

  25. Rupa says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention my name in the above post.

  26. M.O.E says:

    Ouch, right in the face, another rejected international applicant. Well at least the waiting is over although painful but life goes on right? im still waiting for the other universities but i got attached to MIT, i got into v.good universities so far.But i will apply again for grad school, just 4 yrs, 2 months, and a couple of days left for decision to be released. Anyway good luck to everyone who didnt make it and i wish u the best with ur life.

    Thank u admissions team for ur hard work.

  27. Saneet says:

    Well……I’ve been rejected too…..and I suppose this is my first and last post on MIT…best of luck to all who have been rejected… could still make it big easily coz all of you are pretty talented….nothing much to worry about….this hasn’t affected me and I would still work hard and remain focussed to reach my goal…

    Thanks anyways to all the members of MIT who have reviewed my application….

  28. rejected but thats life:) really appreciate the communication tho MIT admissions.

  29. I’ve been rejected too :( I am so sad, MIT was really my dream. Anyway, I will try again next year. Thanks Matt for your time and consideration in the entire process.

  30. Sarah says:

    I’m rejected too. What colleges are everyone who didn’t say going to? I’m going to end up at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. On the plus side of not getting in, I get to do a lot of surfing and the weather in CC is a heck of a lot better than boston. I think I might apply for a transfer to either MIT, Caltech, or UC something, or UT (my dad went there). Mostly because A&M CC’s engineering program sucks. I know this post sounds oddly cheerful, but I’m not as dissapointed as I thought I would be. And thank you to the admissions team, and good luck to everyone who didn’t make it in. In my opinion, the admits don’t need luck because they already got their fair share of it. Sorry if that sounded a little bitter. ;P

  31. Sarah says:

    wow, I didn’t mean to write so much.

  32. amino21 says:

    well, rejected but still in good spirits, smile glad i applied…. I’m going to take a nice walk on this perfectly sunny florida day, and I hope everyone likewise finds something to be happy and smile about despite the sad news…thanks to all the admissions folks and the bloggers that made the waiting process so worthwhile in laughs, advice, and sincereity…peace.

  33. joe says:


    Why don’t you guys just only give applications to people who have an actual shot at getting in? It would save you guys a lot of trouble and it would save us a lot of time and $$$. 5 kids with perfect grades from my school applied and none got in, and two got perfect SAT/ACT, so obviously grades + test scores don’t really matter and you guys look for something else. Besides that, we all are taking 5-6 AP classes, play sports or are otherwise really active in our school community. So in order to save us a lot of shame and time and effort, and you the trouble of reading our somehow inferior applications, you should withhold them from students who are in possession of this all-redeeming quality, whatever it is, that you guys are looking for,

  34. Zach says:

    Well, I’m disapointed that I didn’t get in, but I’ve been trying my best to prepare myself for the bad news all week, and I really am happy for the people who were chosen. I’m still pleased that I’ve managed to be accepted to other good schools, but, as I’m sure is true with everyone on this board, MIT was my dream school. Oh well, there’s always grad school, right?

    If anyone who was accepted is reading this, you are one of the top studets in the country, and so lucky to have the chance to go to the best school in the United States- Congratulations and good luck; you know you’ll be going on to great places grin

  35. wak says:

    Well, no matter what i told myself, I was certainly not prepared for this. I spent the entire week praying because I am an intel who had to do a proper job and take up one of the hardest courseloads every so that i could go to MIT. I need loads of aid, and MIT is one of the few need blind universities. I really wanted to get out of my country because I really dont feel i belong here. I had been so nervous this month that my grades began to slip. Oh well, back to the same old routine. Party’s over. And who ever said life was fair? I’ll just ask God that!. Thank you Matt, Ben, Marilee, Nance and everyone else who read my application. I really can’t digest the fact that there is some other road for me now (although i was the one who used to say it a million times before this) and it is true that I have “fallen short” of what MIT look for – I feel i am “inferior” although I am trying my best not to believe this. Anyway, thanks again guys for all your blogs and reassuring messages – I just hope i can survive this phase of my life and come out stronger.

  36. Wenhao Sun says:

    It’s truly been a pleasure getting to talk to each and every one of you. Although it’s been said many times, don’t let it become cliched that MIT has by far the most personal and friendly admissions committees in the nation. And like we’ve been told by all our bloggers, life goes on, and we’ll succeed with that passion that we have, regardless of where we end up. So, thanks for the journey, and maybe I’ll see you all in 5 years!

    And at least we have OCW tongue laugh.

  37. Raz says:

    I do agree with wak. Even though I prepared myself for the disappointment, but still the letter slapped right on to my face. Anyway, I wish to lay aside my sorrows and start new. Hopefully the matter would take a couple of days to settle in, but i will manage.

  38. Akhil says: the decision..

    I was kinda sad in the beginning, but realized the pool was way too competitive..

    oh well..i guess that will just get me to work harder grin

  39. Mahul says:

    I’m all out. I actually expected it anyway, so I wasnt too upset when I found out. The pool must have been extremely competitive.

    Good luck to all, and the class of 2010.

  40. anon king says:

    I didn’t realize it would hurt so much.

  41. Anonymous says:

    this stinks. my first college admissions decision is a rejection! :(

  42. jordan says:

    I also did not get in to MIT and now I’m relived. I applied because my parents thought it would be a great school for me. I have been accepted to several great schools and I am waiting to hear from a couple more before I make my final choice.

    Good luck to everyone !


  43. Well guys, you know what? We gave them a chance to accept us, and the only thing that comes to mind right now is that as long as we know we deserve to be there, we do. =)

    And then again, MIT can’t take all of us, but I am sure that if they had a chance to meet us all in person (like they do in Olin) we wouldn’t be commenting in this blog.

    On a side note, its also somewhat good that we didn’t get in since now we can do our masters in MIT.

  44. It was kinda what I expected (rejection). Oh well, I’m still waiting on 7 other schools. I already got into my safety (the University of Washington).

    I’m gonna try and set the precedent of posting my rejected GPA/SAT scores so that hopefully others will follow and we can get some general rejection stats:

    GPA: 3.7458 unweighted, 4.3390 weighted


    Reasoning #1: 720 Math, 660 Verbal

    Reasoning #2: 710 Math, 690 Verbal

    Reasoning #3: 640 Critical Reading, 790 Math, 640 Writing

    Subject #1: 620 US History

    Subject #2: 620 US History, 790 Math Level 2

    Subject #3: 760 Physics

  45. Rodrigo says:

    I got rejected (International applicant)… Even though I knew it would be a hard and tough process I had some kind of hope in my heart, I knew that I might enter MIT. When I got the bad news I felt like if I was worth nothing, it was really a bad experience. Now, five hours later I have had the chance to meditate a little and I prefer thinking that maybe MIT didn’t deserve me after all. Thanks to all you people! Your blogs made me feel much more better. I wish luck and success to the class of 2010, maybe we’ll see each other some day. To the admissions comittee: I want to thank you because I know you did your best! I hope you don’t forget me

  46. sam says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been rejected too :(, sucks cuz my dad went there and he’s giving me grief. WE just gotta remember that this isn’t the be-all end-all of our lives, like Marilee said in her letter, we are all excellent students, and they could only take less than 13% of us. It is harder than ever to get into college.

    I wanted to post my #s, as many other rejected students have been doing:

    GPA: unweighted 4.0/4.0, ranked 3rd out of 595

    SAT I: 800 math 740 reading 760 writing

    ACT: 34 reading, 35 english, 35 math, 36 science

    SAT II: 800 US History, 800 Math IIC, 760 Chem

  47. jcombs says:

    Well, I looked at the admitted students thread first, and this one is way sweeter! I wonder how many were waitlisted. These were my scores on SATs like the post above me:

    Reasoning – Math:760 Verbal: 800 Writing:710

    SAT 2s – MathI:730 US History:760 MathII:800 Physics:680

    But I’m sure they could fill their campus with perfect scores if they wanted. All us rejectees can do now is hold our heads high and say that at least we had competitive applications.

  48. john says:


    Just wanted to know if there was any place we could give feedback on our ECs; mine wasn’t very helpful at all and I think that, even had I gotten in, my impression of MIT would have been worse because of her, and I might have decided to go elsewhere. Thank you so much and good luck to the class of 2010!!!

  49. Phil says:

    Rejected (international applicant). I was not really surprised, because I was prepared for it. I strongly believe in competition and selection, and I know MIT is the world’s elite. Also, I didn’t actually intend to go to MIT even if I had been admitted: I had no real financial plan (and didn’t want to have to respect a strict one) and no relations in the US and the tuition fees were simply too prohibitive. McGill in Canada, which is also an outstanding institution, offered me admission with an entrance scholarship, which is great: I am probably going there. Still, I am somewhat puzzled as to why I wasn’t admitted. Was it our completely different grade points system, that makes scaled averages look poor, even though I have been leading my top-level class for two years now-me being rejected means de facto that probably no one in my school would have been admitted, if academic record was really part of the reason? Was it the relatively poor (mid 700s) SATs, which I took very late, and without serious preparation, except for looking at the web sample questions? Even though MIT was never a realistic option for me (or at least it seems so in retrospect), rejection is still a disappointment for someone who has not often been confronted with failure in any academic matter, but on the other hand it is a huge motivation: I somehow feel an (irrational) urge to ‘prove the admissions staff wrong’ by earning the highest possible honours over the next few years. Maybe MIT hear back from me when the time for graduate applications come. No hard feelings though, you guys are doing a hard job maintaining MIT’s academic standard. Long live MIT and congrats to all admitted.

  50. Yizheng says:


    800 math, 800 c.r., 760 writing.

    SAT II:

    Chem: 780

    Math II: 800

    Physics: 800

    Top 10% of class.

  51. Chris says:

    I wasnt accepted either. :-( Oh well. I have one question though. This year I will be finishing my junior year, and I plan to attend another University for my senior year. Would I apply next year as transfer or freshman applicant to MIT? And in addition, how does MIT handle those class credits?

  52. QRiashi says:

    Reas:math 730

    Sat2:Math 790 Physic 800

    Ib predicted

    Math Hl-7

    Physics Hl-7

    CS Hl-7

    Economics SL-6

    polish a1 Sl-5

    English B HL-7

    Toefl -263

  53. Di says:


    from Canada (heard it’s VERY hard for Canadians to get in)

    SAT scores:

    Math: 800 CR: 750 Writing: 730

    SAT II’s

    Math IIC 800

    Physics: 800

    Chemistry: 780

    taking IB, have good EC’s…

    It was probably my teacher recs or class rank that hurt me.

    Oh well, I’m not surprised. There’ll be chances at other good universities in the States and in Canada.

  54. Ellie says:

    Phew!! I’m just relieved that the suspense is over! I got rejected, but hey, I’m okay with it. I’m just thankful to have received the opportuniy to be considered for admission, alongside all the other geniuses who applied. Yes, everyone who applied has to be a genius to dare the attemt. I’m sure that all of you are at the top of your classes, are deeply involved in numerous avtivites, and have the potenial to do fantastic things. As I have discovered first hand:

    REJECTION, though strange to us, can be molded into a powerful LEARNING EXPERIENCE.

    Best of luck to everybody, and don’t forget that you are brilliant!

  55. nhien says:

    oops made a mistake, the ranking was in Washington monthly….I see why they didn’t accept me…

  56. nhien says:

    hey anonymous…I have two x chromosome (also asian) and apparent that isn’t good enough for them either…stop hating on the ladies…

  57. nhien says:

    i’m sorry matt for my very rude comments…i’ve gotten over it..and i just want to thank you…for every posting that you have ever put up…

    for other students who didn’t get in marilee’s latest blog…i guarantee you will feel better or at least less worthless

  58. jian says:

    It’s not so much on the SAT scores. I’ve seen someone with 1380/1600 SAT got waiting list. Don’t use SAT/AP to gauge your ability to get in, it’s just a minor part of the whole evaluation. What’s more important is your high school results for the past few years and your extra-curricular stuffs. Ability (or disability) to invent something brainy doesn’t affect the evaluation at all.

    and then there’s the essay. MIT wants wow factor.

  59. nhien says:

    are you sure jian?

  60. In my psychology class, we learned about a certain personality type that, among other things, possessors of have difficulty expressing themselves well in crucial moments, though they may relate deeply to others and have lots to express. I believe this was the only child, INTJ (Myers-Briggs/Jungian typology: Introverted, Intuition, Thinking, Judging); me. I know that this is true for me in real-life interactions, but I wonder if it was responsible for the stilted artificiality of my application. Anyways, this post is not meant to strike more guilt into the hearts of admissions officials, but to give a toast to that future: of instantaneous brain-scans (for a fee) and ability profiles, eschewing the need for this agony.

    PS. Ah, how coincidental!, Mssrs. Broder and Luo, that

    we random bits of

    floating protoplasm

    from the mid of Tennesse,

    are united, ‘cross a chasm,

    by the choice regarding MIT!

    once by GSS;

    the June of hot aught-five,

    did so oppress the breath

    of physics students numb’ring twenty-nine-

    at night on the roof of the Physics building.

    And now the very spheres

    at which we peered

    have so aligned

    as to uptie

    our three lives

    -all by

    a few sentences, all equal in their talk of

    euphemism, to Nabokov:

    “The operation has not been successful and my wife will die.”

    Michael Yarbrough

    (/Bend Sinister/, p2)

  61. Statscore says:

    More stats:

    GPA: Unweighted: 4.0 Weighted: 4.277

    SAT I: Reading 720, Math 780, Writing 700

    SAT II: Math IIC 800, Physics 800, Chemistry 800

    AP (don’t know how this counts): Language&Comp;, Physics B, Chem, Calc BC, + US History: 5’s

    I’m disappointed but maybe in some way relieved. MIT was my number one choice school, but I think if I actually got in the pressure might just kill me. Now I’m even rethinking engineering as a career. I’m sure the hurt will come soon.

  62. Ok, migth as well add to the numbers in case any statistics students out there want to crunch them:

    Sat 1: 800 math, 800 verbal

    Sat 1: 740 Math, 740 Reading, 800 Writing

    Sat 2: 700 Physics, 740 math 2, 790 US History

    GPA: 4.0/4.0 with 45 college credits.

    And to Jian I offer 2 presidencies and a captainship.

    Shout out to the Olin reference. I can’t wait to see the Needham upstart take on the Cambridge juggernaut. It helps that they stole some professors. grin. Congrats to everyone who made it. You have reason to be proud for the rest of your lives. Like eternal bragging rights. Cheers!

  63. bvS says:

    rejected, asian, n i think my SAT I scores screwed it up

    SAT I – math: 710 CR: 620 writing:570

    SAT II- MIIC: 800 Chem: 790 Physics: 750

    but then again a few of u up there with near perfect SAT scores din get in either…. sigh

    1st US rejection, hopefully i’ll get at least 1 offer frm my other 3 applications, all of which are abt as hard if not harder than MIT to get into.

    anyway based on statistics, only abt 2 ppl frm my country gets in each year…wonder why

    perhaps i should’ve seen it coming

  64. YalieX says:

    Rejected by MIT! ha, wait till the Yale people congradulate themselves!

  65. aikweishen says:

    Well, I have nothing to say but to admit that I am not as competitive. However, I will continue to learn. Hope those who are dejected will continue to strive and never give up. The future is uncertain, no one knows who will be doing better later in life. Thanks MIT for opening my eyes!

  66. Wenhao Sun says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is so concerned with stats when MIT makes it so clear that they’re not for numbers but for people.

    If you want numbers, here is a little compendium of them:

    I think you’ll find that numbers do not directly correlate with chance of acceptance. I’m sure there’s deeper stuff going on.

    The only question that I do have is whether or not gender plays a role in admissions. The only reason I ask this question is because I’ve come across some statistics (can’t find them now, perhaps someone can help?) that had admit rate for girls around 30% and admit rate for guys around 13%. According to Mr. Nance, everyone who is accepted is qualified, and I’m sure that that’s true. However, the disparity between those numbers is a little odd, and I find it hard to believe that girls are that much more qualified than guys. This is not an accusation or an excuse for myself, but merely a curious inquiry. Again, I’m sure I’ve seen these stats before (I think in a link in the comments in Ben’s blogs). I just want to see if this could get sorted out. Thanks!

  67. Anonymous says:

    what should infuriate you all is the kind of people that DID get in. it made me want to cry, to know who managed to get in, over me.

  68. Oren Hazi says:

    Rejected. But I could have told you that wink.

    I just wanted to say thanks to Matt, Ben, Nance, Marilee, the bloggers, and everyone else who made this process human and lively and even fun. I really appreciate everything, and know how hard you guys work to build your class. If it wasn’t for you, MIT wouldn’t be the amazing place that it is, even if it means that not everyone who is qualified can attend. I haven’t lost any respect for the Institute, and hope to apply again to grad school in a few years.

    I wish the best of luck to everyone who wasn’t accepted; You guys are the best.



  69. Evan says:

    It certainly leaves an empty hole right in your gut. My girlfriend is in the class of ’09 and I usually go up every weekend to visit her and sometimes go during the week to spend time at classes. Her friends think I’m all nuts because I enjoy 8.02T. Just from the few precious days there I realize how special a place it is, and it hurts all the more knowing that I won’t be able to walk across campus every morning next year. Now comes the work of preparing for a long-term relationship. Sigh.

  70. Shuo says:

    Getting rejected sucks but I’ll get over it. Good luck to all of you and those that did get in. Hopefully, I’ll have better luck on my other schools. I’ve applied to like 15 so chances are that I’ll get accepted at least into one.

  71. jimmy says:

    Its just to get over the rejection…don’t know for how long and i don’t see it going anywhere for a while coz this has been something i ‘ve been dreaming for like since i was 12. I don’t see what they didn’t like got 760 in physics 720 in maths IIc,

    recomendations from “Chairman of Mathematics department” of my school.

    been in school bands, painting cometions, boxings..

    they been asking for.


    Or maybe its becoz i have applied for FIN AID and maybe being an international applicant……i don’t see many internationals geting in.

    o well whatever whats done is done…but dissappointment is still HUGE

  72. Dani says:

    Hey Michael, I am an INTJ too!!

  73. sim says:

    winner never quits quitter never wins…

  74. KT says:

    All I can say right now is good job to those accepted, good luck to those on the waitlist, and maybe MIT wasn’t meant to be for everyone to those who got rejected. I got rejected, but I’m glad the wait for decisions is over with MIT.

  75. Shane says:

    I have been accepted into every college I’ve applied to but MIT, yet still I’m still dissapointed. Not exactly because I haven’t been accepted, but because there was such expectation for me to succeed at MIT.

    I’ll still congratulate everyone who fluked the admissions process, or those with parents who’ve slept with the Dean and his buddies. They’re the luckiest of us all.

    Peace out, champs.

  76. Alex says:

    Actually, I would say that UMCP was sort of more friendly in terms of communication. MIT did, however, keep track of their documents in a pretty elegant way. Transfer to MIT? Definitely not. Hopefully Princeton or Duke will take me, or else I have to go to College Park’s Gemstone program and a 20,000 student university. yay.

  77. Amalchi says:

    well, what can I say, I had my boyfriend on the phone like I had intended to from the beggining,yet once I found out I got rejected the world seemed to throw me against the wall and crash me down for a second or two. Once I hung up the phone, I decided to put Tokio Hotel’s “durch den monsun” like I had previously planned out before reading my descicion letter, and started screaming out loud for a while till I managed to get dissapointment out of my own system. I can’t really say my SAT’s were close to being competitive to begin with, but I really thought GPA, class rank and the many other branches of my life I gave MIT a chance to get to know would actually show them how much I trully wanted to be a part of this family all along. This was the only college where I felt comfortable enough to even open myself about my sexual orientation through my essays, something I never saw myself ever being close to doing..But I did cause I trully wanted this.

    But hey, life has its ups and downs and I just hope something good out there comes along!! I know I will make a difference in this world and I’m sure those that got a chance to know me will look back and realize they were trully missing out on someone ^^

    well, I must part, but this will not be the last time MIT hears from me …**and yes, I was one of those that opened the descicions link infinite ammount of times, praying to God that there was some mistake in what it said, hoping an acceptance window would pop- out at any momment.

    hehe…well, here’s I leave my msn messenger out and to all of those rejected…it was nice to read what you all had to say about this experience (either good or bad)…I must say I’ll never forget the day ^^

    [email protected]

  78. does not succeed to enter MIT.not a very good experience.

    very hard to believe.

    well Mit might have been perfect launchpad for attaining my dreams.

    any way I will attain them whether or not I am selected in mit or not.

    I do think I was not able to express myself fully during application process.

    but every thing in this unverse is predetermined

    we merely feel it by our senses.

    best of luck to admitted ones They had got such a

    good chance to make world better.

  79. jimmy says:

    well……..its still not gone….still feeling its just a dream….and everythings gonna be alrite the moment i wake up…but somehow can’;t find a way to wake up…….

    drop something at…

    [email protected]

    capt_karizma <- yahoo

  80. jbl says:

    Alex: Heh, we’re, like, in the exact same situation. I got into Gemstone too, and while it seems like a really great program, I was really hoping – well, still am actually – to leave Maryland and go somewhere new.

    All I can say is, I’m pretty sure I was a pretty competitive applicant. I just hope that they liked my application and that they thought I was a nice, worthwhile person – someone they couldn’t accept, of course, but at least someone cool who might make it big somewhere else hopefully.

    I’m grateful for the consideration they gave to my application. And for allowing me to experience my first college rejection, as I’m sure more will probably follow (but hopefully with a few acceptances sprinkled in). Everyone has to fail sometime in their lives

    I know MIT’s class of 2010 will be an awesome class… even without me in it (lol, jk, I wish I was awesome though). And Alex, good luck with Princeton and Duke; I’m hoping MIT’s decision isn’t an indicator of my chances with similar schools as well. wink

  81. JimmY says:

    …a bunch of eassys or a couple of stupid test not gonna decide what i am or what have i got.

    …Einstien never scored a perfect 800 nor did he write some cheesy eassy

    …Thomas Edison barely had any formal education

    …Newton never went to MIT

    Welcome to the league of extra ordinary-gentlemen people

    GOOD LUCK ….

    o_high_flyer_o (yahoo)

  82. Lily says:

    that was a long 3 months… I kind of wish I was rejected during EA… but it gave me hope. Thanks, I actually feel good about it, relieved maybe.

  83. Anonymous says:

    thekeri said:

    “Is it possible that far more males than females apply to MIT to begin with? Say approximately the same number of males and females were accepted; if more males applied, then their acceptance rate would be lower, wouldn’t it?”

    Perhaps, that would be an explanation, but only if MIT was trying to fill a gender quota. So, the question is, does MIT have a gender quota?

  84. Ray says:

    I don’t want to sound racist or discriminatory, but would it be possible for MIT to post breakdowns of test scores/GPAs/Class Ranks/# of APs (of admits) by gender and race (of those who freely indicated it on their applications)? Although it’s been said that standards aren’t lowered for any group of people, being a scientist at heart, I can’t really buy that unless there is definitive numerical data to back it up.

    I don’t want to blame things on anyone in particular, but here are my numbers if you are interested:

    Rank: 1 of 517

    APs: 8 (Chem, BC Calc, Lit, Comp, US, Euro, Physics Mechanics, Physics E+M)

    SATs: 1550 (800 Math), 800 Chem, 790 Math II, 720 US History

    GPA: 4.9

    Multiple honors in all sorts of activities (Model UN)

    Dual Citizenship (US/Swiss)

    it’s hard to believe that there are 1500 better qualified applicants out there.

  85. Anonymous says:

    haha…mit does suck….and so does everyone other than white males….

  86. Anonymous says:

    well i guess it was just and old fashioned lottery where they put all the application in a big drum churn it and make random pick.

    People who weren’t expecting it makes it and rest of us just spend next couple of weeks thinking how come I didn’t make it.

    Don’t worry RAY,

    i got 720 and 760 in maths and physics

    HUge extra curicluars

    been in top 5 of my class

    …and just wathing things go by

    [email protected]

  87. Colin says:

    In regard to all of the “MIT sucks!” comments . . . I can’t help but feel that such an immature reaction only reinforces the reasons not to admit you. No college, MIT included, likes sore losers. I’m sure I’ll be rejected from a lot of schools — I have little to no chance at Harvard, Yale, or Penn — but I’m not going to hold those schools at fault for the system. Sure, said system is flawed, but I’d like to see you come up with a better one that is actually feasible. These admissions officers do everything they can to make the process more humane, and they have a very limited number of spaces for a very large number of applicants. At least when you leave such immature comments, there are fewer people for them to feel bad about not admitting.

    To those who took this in stride: I feel for you. I know what it’s like to want something so badly and have it just out of your reach, but your level-headedness under such duress serves as evidence that you are great people and great students, and you will undoubtedly succeed wherever you end up.

  88. Leon says:

    Well, it has finally come to the end. My dream’s dashed, but the conviction remains. Life’s journey is long, and yet we are still young, many great things are still waiting for us. I feel what all of you guys feel. But our lives cannot be summarized by mere numbers, nor by our failures and successes at our goals. The successes will motivate us, while the failures will humble and instruct us and sometimes bestow upon us more benefit than successes. Keep your hearts strong, and no matter where our next steps will be taken, our convictions will remain undeterred toward the same destination.

    Also, thank you Matt and all the other members of the Admission staff for your hard work and kindness toward me and many others.

    Good night, and good wishes to all as we get up and continue our journeys!

  89. Tis sad to get rejected to your dream school but as many have said before me, it is MIT’s loss for now, and there is always grad school smile

    Waiting for Caltech still … but I may end up going to the University of Texas for the next 4 years to stay close to home and keep the bill low raspberry though I would have searched for every resource to pay for MIT.

    Best wishes to all in this last post from me!

  90. Hann says:

    mmm… another rejected international here. I was a little surprised, although the competitiveness of the international pool ensured that I hadn’t really been keeping my hopes up. Not a biggie.

    For those of you who feel “betrayed” by MIT b/c you were rejected while others you consider lesser or equal were accepted – well hey, c’est la vie. We have so much of life ahead of us, and to sulk or storm over this one ‘obstacle’ just delays your next steps. If you’re extremely lucky, a rejection from MIT may be the greatest disappointment you ever receive in your life – but I highly doubt it. Move on. =) Yes, luck was against you, but sometimes that’s the way it goes. To those of you who have been taking this in your stride, thank you for your maturity.

  91. Ben S. says:

    Well, here I am. Rejected after deferral. I’d like to think that there was a computer error or that I have been waitlisted, but my logical side realizes the improbablility of that.

    I’m a little sad, but I realize that there is more to life than this one moment in time.

    “For I know the plans I have for you, ” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

    I realize that while my plans drifted towards Cambridge, the Lord may have other ones. He has closed this door, but I’m sure the correct one will open soon. I think I may apply for Grad school at MIT, but I’ll first have to see where life takes me. All is not lost. Now to go write my EC with the news, as she was really great.


  92. Alexandre says:

    Rejected. Darn.


    GPA: appx. 3.9 (unweighted), 4.6 (weighted)

    SAT1: 750 & 720 math, 690 & 740 verbal, 670 & 690 writing

    SAT2: Math II: 770, chem 770, phys 750

    Good luck to other applicants, congrats to acceptees, and much thanks to admissions people – despite my rejection, you were great throughout the entire process.

  93. Anonymous says:

    I’m rejected, I’m okie now. It’s not the end of my life anyway. What i gonna do now is working harder and harder to demonstrate that you guys have been wrong when rejecting me.

    Remember me, I will come back! smile

    Thank you!

  94. Shawn says:

    Like over 10 000 applicants I was not ‘offered admission’. As an international (Canada) I never expected to be accepted and yet the news was still very dissapointing. Through this process, however, I have learned that MIT posses both world-class academics and world-class class. Thanks MIT, for putting a face behind the blurry admission process.

  95. Nishant says:

    Well, life goes on. I really had my hopes set on MIT, but what the heck, maybe’ll I’ll get into Harvard.

    I’m going to make MIT rue the day they rejected me. Just watch!

  96. Dani says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize how much this would hurt. I somehow thought that the universe would be kind to me because I have had to deal with so many things in my life but have still managed to work really hard. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up with all of the blogs saying “we look at more than SAT scores” because I knew that is the one thing that must have hurt me. Life goes on, and I just have to tell myself this wasn’t my destiny because I know I will be successful and happy wherever I go.

    Thanks to all the hard work by the admissions committee. Hopefully I was given a fair shot–although I still have nightmares about Matt laughing at my application… I know this is so silly, haha. Oh well.

    The important thing to remember, and probably only postive piece of advice I have that I will steal from my mother is “It is the students who make the university, and the university doesn’t hold all the keys to your success and happiness.” All of the MIT rejectees will indeed do great things and make some other universities really grateful that they are able to admit such awesome and brilliant people. I know I will make a difference in the world– that has got to be my destiny, it is unfortunatly not at MIT!

    by the way, my day has been extra sucky b/c I not only do not get the college of my dreams, but I also don’t get the guy of my dream… a very long story, plus it was my b-day two days ago.

    God bless! I am sorry I’m so upset!

  97. Anonymous says:

    Well, I’m not smiling.

    I am enormously disappointed in MIT, for whom they selected (implicitly, over me). I am disgusted and appalled that MIT is taking anything with two X chromosomes, and directly discriminating against asians. The fact that I was rejected for factors that I could not control infuriates me. And for what? For the sake of “diversity?” So some course 6 nerd can have a girlfriend? For every extra hour I stayed up to finish some piece of homework, it’s nothing compared to who I was born as.

  98. Stuart says:

    …rejected. I’m pretty disappointed, but life goes on. I’m still excited about my backup schools, and I’ll definitely be trying again for grad school. Anyway, I found a climbing partner today, so I’m happy. Thanks for the consideration!

  99. dyzzy says:

    Well, I failed MIT.

    There’s always grad school. =)

  100. nhien says:

    So much for the dream…I guess I’ll just have to go on the other road….There I thought that statistics really didn’t determine who you are, guess I was wrong…If I sound bitter, I apologize…I haven’t fully moved on yet…but i will after about another 30 min…that’s probably how long they took to look at my application before…before stamping the big “REJECTION” on it….But I think that it just does make me work harder, I mean out of over 47,ooo applicants for UCLA I got in, but I guess that was not good enough for MIT, hey being in the second best school (according to US New’s College) is not so bad..Like some of you have said, I didn’t expected it to be so dissapointing or for it to hurt so badly. GOOD BYE MIT…