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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

November Scores by Ben Jones

To anyone who’s been worrying about scores from November tests geting to us in time for EA selection, here’s a bit of good news – we got ’em!

They’ll be loaded into the system tonight.

Now stop worrying! ;-)

12 responses to “November Scores”

  1. Laura says:

    Heehee. Great entry, Ben. =)

  2. Merudh says:

    lol the system said my november scores were loaded a while ago…anyway yeah I didn’t like my november scores too much hehe

    alright cya ben

  3. Kiki says:

    *deep breath…now i can breathee, je n’ai pas peur maintenant

  4. nehalita says:

    What if our scores from November have been delayed?

  5. Merudh says:

    oh ben,

    I had a quick question. What are the chances that you will be reading my application or what are the chances that you already have? lol

  6. Zack Yang says:

    Yay for November scores.

    And good luck with the reading and reviewing, Ben! Being an admissions officer has got to be a tough job.

  7. Christina says:

    You know what’s weird? I actually envy your job. I love reading my friends’ college essays and the like, and I would LOVE to be doing it for some of the best students in the country.

    I think MIT Admissions needs to hire me as a student admissions officer. Think about it! ;-D

  8. Shikhar says:

    Ben wouldn’t you guys have made a lot of decisions by now..its Dec 1.

  9. Timur Sahin says:

    Decisionmaking started December 2. So yeah, they’ve had ~two days of decision making.

    Wow. So scary. :/.

  10. Rodrigo says:

    I took my SAT 1 on the November date, but I just took my SAT 2s in December… I’m regular admission so I hope those arrive in time.

  11. Brian Clare says:

    Heh… I took my November SAT 2s on the 19th, postponed due to Hurricane Wilma. I had called admissions and was told I’d be fine, but MyMit app tracker hasn’t registered that you got mine yet.

  12. Dheeraj says:


    due to non availability of passport i could not give sat 1 in november.can i take it in jan 2006.will its scores be considered.