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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Odds & Evens & Ends by Matt McGann '00

Notes on CPW, Veronica Mars, and more.

It’s been another late night at work, but I wanted to at least post a few odds & ends…

  • CPW update: for everyone who has registered, we are in the process of matching you to an MIT student host. If you have registered, you will have a host. (More on this soon)
  • Speaking of CPW… our preview weekend is nothing like the “Hearst College” (Stanford South?) preview weekend on the most recent episode of Veronica Mars. For one thing, the weekend is not planned out for you, it’s more of a “choose your own adventure”-style weekend (with nearly 600 events over the span of 4 days!). And, while there will be parties, CPW is a 100% dry weekend. And while you’ll probably see people wearing shirts featuring pi, it won’t be from any evil fraternities like in the episode (non-Veronica Mars fans are quite confused by now, I’m sure).
  • Trying to figure out what to pack for CPW? Check out the 10 day forecast.
  • Following up on the cancer research information from the last post, MIT continues the thread here and here (check it out!).
  • Not as important as cancer research but still affecting every one of us, MIT recently hosted a big conference on spam.
  • A nice review of the MIT Museum
  • …and a review of an art exhibit at MIT (in the New York Times!).

And for now, off to home, and a big dim sum outing tomorrow!

9 responses to “Odds & Evens & Ends”

  1. Hema says:

    Dear Mr.McGann ,

    Thank u so much for this wonderful blog, I didn’t get the chance to know it before , So I missed alot of entries , I read some and I Passed some from the Archive, And After All these readings,I want to ask you an Important Question ,See I’m An International Student And I graduated From High School a year Ago , And My GPA was About 3.2 (I didn’t give The School My Whole Attention , I was so much related To My Computer, Web-Design And Programming back then)

    And I want To apply to MIT , And My Question Is , Are There Any Freshman At MIT hold a 3.2 GPA ,

    And If There not ,Does It make a different If I take AP Exams (Beside My Academic Grade Report Ofcourse, “I mean That If The High Scores At The Ap Exams Could Be like a replacement To my Low GPA”) , And Take it in the Next Few Months, Because If It does I’m ready to do whatever it takes (Even If I take All the 30 Ap Exams “I know It will be a big great Challange But I can make it”)..,

    There is a last Question , Are There Any Freshmen in the 20 Of thier Ages ,I mean Does MIT Consider Accepting An Applicant whose Age is Between 20-23 years old as an Undergraduate Freshman (Like some student delaying thier Entry To College For Some Tough Reasons),And His Grades And Activites And Other Admitting Factors Are great, Or all The Freshman Most be First generation College Students?

    please help,

    thank u

  2. Laura says:

    Ahh! I totally missed VMars this week for about the first time EVER. =(

    On a lighter note, yay for CPW. =)

  3. Masha says:

    Mmmm dim summmmmmm

    Haha, oh Boston weather.

    Also, I had a question – when it says there are financial aid appointments for parents, how to we schedule the appointments?

    Thanks smile

  4. gm says:

    Thanks Mr. McGann for the update =)

  5. l0ngL says:

    Yikes. Wet on Saturday and Sunday. And very cold. [I am from sunny CA after all. (Well, not that sunny now, cas its gonna rain most of next week.)]

    Sorry for the excessive parenthesis. (Frankly, it’s a bad habit.)

  6. just a kid says:

    i LOVE veronica mars! now that matt’s blogged about it, i no longer have to keep it a secret from my friends. tongue laugh

  7. Virginia says:

    Yeah, but will CPW have special guest stars from Arrested Development? Didn’t think so.

    (Seriously, thanks for doing your part on behalf of the get the VM word out movement)

  8. Stephanie says:

    Dang…I missed Veronica Mars last week, too…

    i guess that’s what happens when you go on spring break. smile

  9. Shan says: is peachy keen, but I think everyone’ll have a blast (or at least, I did) calling Victor Zue’s (of CSAIL at MIT) JUPITER :D

    I hope that works smile