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MIT student blogger Snively '11

Oh the People You See by Snively '11

*does a barrel ro-- I mean a double take*

Today was moving day. My role in life on May 25th, was to move all of my crap (believe me, a lot of it is crap) up a floor (onto Conner 3) and down the hall. This took several hours, partially because I didn’t care enough to pack everything into 4 boxes and partially due to the fact that I have a lot of crap. 20ish trips and multiple breaks later I had almost everything moved and decided to call it a day. All that’s left is bedding (should I just sleep in my old room tonight or move all the bedding up?), bathroom stuff, and kitchen stuff. Seeing as I bathe just about as much as I cook (I’ll let you figure out the rate of each) neither should take very long (oops, gave it away). Now all that’s left is to get all of this stuff out of bags, boxes, and various other vessels (of varying qualities of plastic), put away, and start enjoying my summer.

After giving up on my packing I spent some time installing software (SolidWorks, Dreamweaver, Windows Video Encoder) and playing with the webcam I won for 6.270. It’s kinda fun, actually, I’ve never messed with webcams before, and it’s really easy to hook up so it streams online.

Anywho, after playing with computers for a while (and listening to Blast! at a volume that probably have angered people on the floor above me had there actually been somebody there, I got a text from Jordan inviting me to an EMT barbecue over at East Campus. Free food? Yes.

Two cheese-dogs, one normal hot dog, and a mushroom burger later I was uncomfortably full and ready to head back, but Jordan had an “I lost my rugby ball” epiphany and remembered that she had left it in one of the side compartments of the MIT ambulance so we walked over to the Stata Center to retrieve it (the ambulance lives in the basement of Stata). After successfully retrieving Ruggles (Jordan doesn’t know I’ve named him that yet) we headed back to Burton-Conner so Jordan could pick up her bike. On the way back we were chatting about various BBQ intricacies when we approached a couple heading in the opposite direction. I looked. Then I stared. Then I probably made a weird face (I hope they didn’t notice) because I couldn’t quite figure out what I was seeing. It looked a lot like Susan Hockfield, but it couldn’t be. I mean, it was like 8:15 PM, nowhere near her house, and whoever this lady was she was wearing bluejeans and a shirt, definitely not what the president of MIT would ever wear in public, right?

After staring directly at her for a good five seconds as she spoke with her husband, I realized that it was indeed Susan Hockfield. Something you will always find strange at MIT is seeing important adult figures wandering around campus. Sure, you’ll see Prof. Auroux every day in 18.02 but the instant you see him cross Mass Ave to go to the student center you’ll get this really strange feeling deep down inside. Prof. Sadoway anywhere but in 10-250 just doesn’t exist, right? Seeing Susan Hockfield and her husband walk down Vassar street towards you is just bizarre, absolutely bizarre. They passed without noticing (at least, I hope. Remember, goofy face on this end). After a fair distance I nudged Jordan.

“That was TOTALLY Susan Hockfield.”
*looks over her shoulder* “You’re right! I need to pay attention more.”
“Yeah, I feel kinda weird, we were talking about barbecue.”

So, in order to make up for my lack of cordiality I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to Susan Hockfield.

Hello Susan Hockfield.

There, I feel a little better now.

In other news, we landed on Mars tonight!

16 responses to “Oh the People You See”

  1. Lauren '12 says:

    ^^ Yeah… writing a graduation speech was fun. Haha, Donald your post made me go look up Snively’s speech. Very nice speech, Snively. Much more serious than my graduation speech… huh. I’m not so good at the whole serious thing I guess. Also not so good at the whole funny thing… heh, we’ll see how that all works out. Totally made an xkcd reference in my speech. Hahaha. Too bad 95% of my class will not entirely get it…

    Anyway, Snively, I totally know what you mean about seeing teachers and stuff outside the classroom… though MIT people are a lot more important than my high school teachers, haha. It’s really awkward to be in the supermarket and see like, my eighth grade science teacher shopping. and he recognizes me… haha hmmm

  2. anis says:

    i m final year student of electrical engg. My main problem is i m not able to figure out my field of interest. i want to continue my studies further. What should i do?
    Am i the only one, not able to figure it out?


  3. Sam says:

    Seriously Snivs, you referenced “do a barrel roll” on MITblogs.

  4. Hawkins says:

    haha, I totally saw Mr. Thomas (my Calculus/Physics/Chemistry teacher – yeah, small town) at Wal-Mart while I was home in April. He recognized me and we started talking about printers (that’s what we were both looking at). It was weird, but in a good way. =)

  5. Tanmay '12 says:

    Whoohoo! Phoenix EDL team! :D

    PS: If “crap” refers to broken electronics, iPods, hard drives, crazy-bright flashlights… I have tonnes of it to bring to MIT. LOL

  6. Snively says:



  7. Anon says:

    Congrats on finishing your moving. Almost.

    Yay for the Mars landing! It’s about all I’ve been hearing on the news today.

  8. donaldGuy says:

    Haha .. Sam called you Snivs .. good times .. perhaps I should go to sleep since it is, after all, nearly 3am.

    Unfortunately, I have to write a graduation speech. Snively, I would totally steal yours, except that it sounds way too much like our salutatorian from last year’s .. except replace shoes with hats.. and rather than walking out it was throwing hats up in the air (at the end of graduation).. Its a lot different, but not different enough. Also, plagiarism is a bad thing.

    *sigh* .. I don’t know what to write!!

    The End.


  9. Piper says:

    Is it usual for people to switch around in BC? I know with some dorms people tend to move halls (or entries, or floors, or whatever) more than others.


    (PS – Barrel roll? Is that a Skyrates reference, or am I missing another internet meme?)

    (PPS – Real barrel rolls are difficult to do. You have to keep in mind that the flaps and the rudder switch purposes at one point, and directions are inversed at another point. I have no idea how I did it without crashing the poor Cessna.)

  10. Snively says:


    There isn’t a whole lot of moving between floors. Actually, almost no moving between floors. We took one new person this year and he’s been trying for about 2 years to get onto the floor.

    Barrel roll is a Star Fox 64 reference.

  11. Star says:

    Wait, what? You mean teachers actually have lives? Outside the classroom?? I refuse to believe it.

    Also, I should really be doing homework now… grrr. Slacking off as a second semester senior catches up with you, and when it does, NOT FUN.

    And @ Piper,
    Your PPS made me laugh. I want to go flying, NOW.

  12. '12 says:

    dude when did they start erasing “first!” posts?? wth.

  13. Cynthia '12 says:

    @ donaldguy & lauren
    LOL, all this speech talk reminds me that I just graduated Friday. I made a Boondock Saints reference in my speech. Only my IB Calc class got it, but it made me happy and I laughed all night. Actually, I was just happy that I got up there and didn’t die, or explode from the massive heat from the stadium lights.

  14. Cynthia '12 says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to add GOOD LUCK and CONGRATULATIONS for being valedictorian/salutatorian/class officer or whatever you get to make a speech for!!!

  15. Aaron says:

    15th post!

    Just for you Snively.

  16. E. Rosser says:

    21 Days ’til I come to the ‘Tvte for Interphase! Wait I cannot. Master Yoda nothing has on MIT teachers…
    Anyway, good luck w/ moving Snively, and hopefully take more baths during the summer wink. Congrats to everyone who pulled a top or second GPA this school year– I got third in my class. Grrrr… Anyway.
    Keep it real, folks.