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MIT student blogger Mitra L. '07

On Broadway by Mitra L. '07

My first few days of fun in NYC

On Tuesday after work, I saw The Producers — not the movie, the show. Some friends from MIT, UC Berkeley, and NYU took care of waiting in line for the student rush tickets — thanks, guys!

I have weakly accomplished my IAP goal of seeing a celebrity, since Jai Rodrigez of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy performed in the show… and since I was seated in row A, I really saw him.

The past two nights, I’ve been working pretty late, but this weekend I hope to see Avenue Q

with a certain someone whom I have (via email) dragged down to visit me.

ALSO I ran 5 miles “around” Central Park — technically, I ran up and down the whole East side of the park, along 5th Avenue. The park is rectangle that is 0.5 miles wide and 2.5 long, so maybe I’ll run loops around its perimeter for fun on the weekend. HAHAHA

6 responses to “On Broadway”

  1. Sam T says:

    NYC is great isn’t it.

    I know I’m going to miss it nexy year. *think about NYC*

    Enjoy your visit to NYC Mitra. Since you you seem into Broadway shows, I’d suggest your see Spamalot(really really funny). It might be really hard to get tickets tho.

  2. Mitra, what’s really going on between you and Sam? Seems like you two have a friendly-feud going on.

  3. Err… or is he your slave or something??

  4. MJ Kamalov says:

    you have a little bit of weird sense of humour:

    ” I’ll run loops around its perimeter for fun on the weekend. HAHAHA “

  5. Arturo says:

    Avenue Q is awesome!!! I saw it almost 2 years ago. People in the bus look at me funny when I laugh while listening to its soundtrack. I really hope you get to see it. Hey and have you tried going to Gray’s Papaya yet? Not the best food, but maybe the cheapest. Have fun in NY!

  6. Ruth says:

    I’ve got to agree with Arturo. “I’m going to find my purpose” is one of those things you hum whilst, well, doing most things as a college student I suppose.

    And Mitra, if you haven’t been to Gray’s Papaya yet, I’d love to go with you.