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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Overnight Program: Now Taking Requests by Ben Jones

Plus... a fun milestone!

In case you haven’t checked your MyMIT account lately, I thought I’d mention here that the MIT Overnight Program is open for business. You can stay overnight on campus beginning on September 30th, and since we need two weeks notice prior to your arrival, we’ve already begun taking requests.

There are a variety of details on this page, but here’s a quick overview:

  • You can request a 1 or 2 night stay
  • Overnights are available Sunday – Thursday (we can’t host Fridays, Saturdays, certain holidays, finals week, etc.)
  • Please try not to request a visit less than 2 weeks in advance
  • You can only select dates up to 60 days in advance
  • During January and February, preference is given to seniors and to admitted students, and starting in March, the program is only open to admitted students

Please note: host-matching is done by people, not by a computer (it’s an art!) so it can take up to a week for you to receive a response after submitting your ONP request. Thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions about the ONP, please leave them in the comments. Thanks!


On a totally unrelated note…

Tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999. Because this entry is the 1,999th MIT Admissions blog entry.

Which means…

The next post will be #2000. Woot! Any bets on which blogger will get it?

21 responses to “Overnight Program: Now Taking Requests”

  1. Grace '11 says:

    oooh exciting! have the new bloggers started blogging? it would be awesome if one of them got it! ’11 represent!

  2. Becca says:

    I’ll go with Grace…new blogger.

    Different admissions question: I had my interview almost a month ago, and it’s still not on MyMIT. I tried contacting my EC about it, but haven’t heard anything back. Any ideas?

  3. Hunter '11 says:

    Prefrosh: If you can spend a night at MIT, do it! And if you can do it, spend another day exploring Boston (and take a Duck Tour!). And if you can come for CPW, DO IT. I knew I wanted to go to MIT, but when I came here, I felt so much better leaving home for college because I knew the type of place I was coming to.

  4. Isshak says:

    2k post ? Wohoo ! May I suggest Pretty Ricky, Linkin Park and Mica to get your party starting ? And, of course, Akon !

  5. Matti says:

    The MyMIT page has been saying all day now: “The deadline to apply for freshman admission to MIT has passed for entry year 2007. The online application for entry year 2008 will be available in late summer.”
    I had already half finished Part 1 but can’t access it anymore.
    ONP page is working fine, though.

    Any help?

  6. Karen says:

    I don’t think I’ll make it by 2000….But I’d quite like to have the 2011th post…

  7. Harrison says:

    My bet on who DOESN’T get the 2000th post: Laura

  8. I don’t know…I’m guessing either you or matt, being the top posters and all…^__^

  9. Tina says:

    Cool! But I have no chance this year :(
    Wish me good luch and have a chance to stay for two nights smile

  10. What a terrific program! My son has already had a welcoming email
    from his overnight host. They’ve even managed to match him up with
    a host who’s doing the same course he wants to do at MIT.

    Some people think that college visits are best left until after admission
    offers are made, to help you make your final decision. But my son’s
    decision is not likely to change, and this visit is our way of making
    sure that, even if he is not admitted, he will have the experience of
    sleeping in an MIT dorm and walking along the Infinite Corridor at least
    once in his life. And while he’s doing that, I’ll be taking the Duck Tour
    and having fun exploring Boston.

    So our flights are booked, and we’re coming to MIT in October!

    Now back to my riveting conversation with the Head of Sixth Form
    about the Secondary School Report:

    –“What is a transcript? What does GPA mean?”
    –“Don’t worry, I can explain all that…”

  11. Star says:

    Oh, I really wish I could visit, but my parents (understandably, I guess…) won’t let me fly all the way to Boston for a two day visit, even if it is MIT. But Hawk, you have to tell us ALL about it. And same goes for anyone else lucky enough to arrange a visit.

  12. Paul '11 says:

    2000th post would be amazing, but I’d settle for #2011 as well. How ’bout it, Ben? wink

    By the way, let’s not forget about the other half of the overnight equation…student hosts!

  13. Nihar says:

    I realllyyyyy want to spend a night at MIT!!…But I dont think dad will share my enthusiasm. Again, one of the drawbacks of being an “international” MIT fan!….hmph!

  14. Dustin says:

    By your post, do you mean that admitted students definitely can stay overnight in March, or just that the admitted have priority?

  15. Might a prospective transfer participate in this, or is it exclusively for freshman applicants?

    And a Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day to all ye who sail the Infinite! Arrrr!!

  16. Hawkins says:

    I’m a step ahead! =P Hope to see you today, Ben!

  17. milena '11 says:

    Wait– can freshmen host pre-frosh too? I want to host someone adventurous enough to want to give Senior Haus a try! (And live in a shoebox single for a night) grin

  18. I had already spent 42 nights at MIT. Hope I will have more!

    I like the Athena Cluster in the student center best. Good for stay overnight. Haha… Rickoids’ pleasure.

  19. Isshak says:

    Lol if it’s possible, would the pre-frosh party with you and you party buddies ? Because then I’m ready to fly from Cotonou to Boston !

  20. Julian says:

    I want to be assigned with Kwadwo Nyarko