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MIT student blogger Lydia K. '14, MEng '16

Pi on Pie by Lydia K. '14, MEng '16

So much pi[e].

This past Thursday on my birthday my floor BMF organized that week’s Random Hall weekly-ish study break. In honor of Pi Day Irina O. ’15 and Luisa B. ’16 baked from scratch 1.909859317102744… π pies (and I did dishes). I want to share them with you, to the extent that I can share 1.909859317102744… π pies over the internet.


(A secret: the pies are a lie. Their bottoms are excised and their insides are pudding.)


Here are the pudding pies, piedentified (joke by Irina’s boyfriend Alex). The top row is whipped cream—just whipped cream (people looking for the pudding in the whipped cream was hilarious), chocolate pudding, and vanilla pudding. The bottom row is banana cream (vanilla pudding and bananas), fruit salad (fruit tart without the tart), and strawberry pudding.



Right now we’re curled up in the kitchen watching Veronica Mars, and when I’m done with this blog post I’m going to go back to grading. (“Grading” is a word which here means “falling asleep with my laptop open.”)

I got in on Pi Day five years ago. In the weeks and years preceding, getting into MIT seemed like the most important thing in the world. In the years since, I have learned that happiness, to me, is

  • books,
  • rivers,
  • forests,
  • my family and friends,
  • working hard on something I care about,
  • walking a while, and
  • a good night’s sleep.

Regardless of whether or not you get in this Pi Day, I hope that you are happy today, and that you spend your day with people you love.

Here is some advice from Irina O. ’15, my roommate, lifelong friend, and one of the lovely people who created all these π-themed pies: “Have cake ready. That way, either way, you have cake.”