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MIT student blogger Jess K. '10

Pi(e) Day by Jess K. '10

Burton 1 celebrates Pi Day as we generally like to celebrate all unofficial nerd holidays - with a sugar high.

(CONGRATULATIONS, Class of 2012! I’m way excited to meet all of you, and also not because you make me feel old. But I’m mostly excited. Excited to get fitted for my dentures. Anyway, I’m still hosed, and I have a million other blog entries that I’ve been meaning to write – including having dinner in New York with Michel Gondry on MIT money – BUT this should only take a second, and I haven’t blogged in so long that I got pushed off the front page, and the only thing I hate more than getting pushed off the front page is grape-flavored anything (it’s not even a flavor, I swear). The point of this entry is that my friend Liz ’11 and I recently got elected social chairs of Burton 1, and to celebrate that we had a Pi Day party. So I thought I’d take a second to post a bunch of pictures and make you all jealous, and a little hungry. But I mean, you’re second semester seniors now; you could eat pie all day and still pass your classes.) (You are passing your classes, right?)

From: jess
Subject: IT’S PI TIME (PIE IN THE 132)
Date: March 14, 2008 10:13:04 PM EDT
To: burton1

There is an ABSURD amount of homemade pie (two apple pies, apple torte, vanilla cream, chocolate cream) in the 132. Bring your own plates and forks. Warning: you may get pied in the face (Kes was the first victim).

Happy pi day!
Brought to you by your social chairs + eva + anna haaaas

I’ll be back next week, when I return home for spring break and attempt to recover being blasted away by six midterms and a sugar overdose. See you soon!

27 responses to “Pi(e) Day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s such a cute idea!

  2. Aww, now I want some pie. smile

  3. Omar '12 says:

    Lmao to “pi bonding.” That is too funny.

  4. Sammi says:

    That’s really cool

  5. ka '12 says:

    I liked Pi symbol on apple torte smile!

    Want to taste bit of it smile

  6. Aditi says:

    Congrats Jess!

    I’d kill for the pi(e) =D

  7. Isshak says:

    Pie ! I love pies ! You better make some for the lucky prefrosh coming at CPW.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Pi bonding.” That’s so bad it hurts smile

  9. Snively says:

    Thank god I’m done with 3.091, otherwise I might actually know about pi bonds (as opposed to now when I can only acknowledge that I know they exist)

  10. Mgccl says:

    Pie day would be great.
    but Pie day are going to be on August 53rd…
    guess that’s why there is no Pie day for me.. T.T

  11. Will says:

    Haha…Pi Bonding… I got that :O

  12. Zaira '11 says:

    LOL, Pi bonding. LOL

    LOVE IT!

  13. Rose says:


    My friends and I cut ours into radians.

  14. Rose says:

    Hey, you got a major!

    I miss the “Major? What Major?” :(

  15. Karen '12 says:

    Hahaha at pi bonding, second grape is not a flavor, and yes, I’m passing all of my classes smile Well, technically, anyway. See you at Meet the Bloggers!

  16. Sam says:

    Ha, pi bonding!! It’s a good thing I’m not working with any dangerous chemicals, because I would have thrown them all over my lap. Can we do some bonding over some cheeseboard pies sometime in the near future?

  17. Nan says:

    Those pies looked delicious.
    Our calc BC class had the same idea and brought in 3 pies( we only have 4 kids in class and one person had to bring in the chips/soda to counteract the sugar high). It was so much fun!

  18. Anonymous says:

    My mouth is watering…all the pie we had at my school was like bought at Stew Lenard’s, not homemade.

    whoah, you picked a major?

  19. Lauren '12 says:

    Ooh yum pi(e)! I had a pi day celebration too, complete with pumpkin pie and chocolate mousse pie. Also, I recently made a wager with a friend; well namely, if I can figure out how to make a pi-shaped pi, he’ll buy it off me. I’m working on it grin. Anyway, that apple torte looks amazing. I’m hungry…. grin

  20. Steph says:

    The chocolate cream pie looks so delicious. I’m jealous for pie. :(

  21. Rachel'12 says:

    ha ha ha pi bonding

  22. Davorama says:

    I have to admit Pi Bonding made me laugh. My chem teacher would be proud.

    I love the Pi on the torte. It looked so perfect.

  23. Rutu says:

    Man I’m hungry now……..we had a pi day party at one of my friends’ houses, and basically spent most of the time eating pudding pie (there were other types, but this was teh first time I’d ever had pudding pie, so I was mesmerized ^__^) and playing blokis (this really awesome game with triangles and shapes (ok, so cirles would have been more appropriate, but blokis depends on space-filling and triangles are much more efficient…..hence the fact that triangles make up the game)) and doing a 20-something foot long sudoku puzzle that was taped to the wall……..woot pi day!!!!!

    Also, hehe, pi bonding ^__^. Thanks for the pics ^__^.

  24. José P. says:

    Physics problem: How many pies can a person gobble up in a minute, without puking? Bonus points if you use equations and color graphs!

  25. Christina says:


    pi bonding