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MIT staff blogger Ben Jones

Please Stop by Ben Jones

You're hurting the wrong people.

To the person who keeps posting hurtful things to my blog and to Matt’s, pretending to be “YJ” and others, please stop. It’s one thing to mess with me or Matt – understandably, we represent MIT, with which you are obviously disenchanted. But messing with other applicants is simply not fair – they’ve done nothing to you.


20 responses to “Please Stop”

  1. amrik says:

    First! I got in Ben! smile

  2. Theo says:

    I feel stupid raspberry I got in the comments page and I just starred because I forgot my original intention! I need a memory upgrade :(

  3. Dongyon Kang says:

    Congratulations Amrik!!! I’m sooo happy for you! I hope I got in too… but I don’t know yet.

  4. a fat sheep says:

    one more day………….snail………… mail……………….i wish i won’t become a skinny sheep when i see my rejection letter tomorrow *due to dehydration.*

  5. David A. says:

    Ouch, don’t cry yourself to death…

    There’s no way you could possibly know that you’ve been “rejected” already. At best think acceptance, at worst think waitlist!

    I hope you get in, in fact I hope everyone that frequents Ben’s + Matt’s blogs gets in. I know how the adcoms must feel, being pressured by the school and the applicants. It’s like that orchestra field trip, where you can’t miss a physics test yet you will fail orchestra if you don’t go to the festival :-( Stuck between a rock and a hard place some people find themselves!

    Well, regardless of anyone’s decision, I wish them the best in life. Unfortunately, this marks the beginning of a whole new process….

    Selection for the class of 2010 (i.e. hopefully me)

    Wish me luck? :-D

    *SEACREST OUT* (still don’t know why Ben says that…)

  6. Wendi says:


  7. nghi says:

    yay :D

    now i can really keep my [email protected] address smile

  8. Meder says:

    Hi Ben.
    i wanted to thank you. your blog was very helpful. i’ve just recieved my package.
    thank you, again.

  9. .... says:

    Ben, it’s me. I was accepted. I want to say thank you to everyone.

    I didn’t think admission after deferral was possible, but you truly made a difference in my life.

  10. amrik says:

    Ben how do I get an email address?

  11. Theo says:

    I was just wondering if something extremely bad happens at one’s school (i.e. you are accused for plagiarism) and he was admitted to MIT, are there any chances of caneclling his admission? Could you please answer that?

    Even though I feel a whimsical happiness being rejected, I’m terribly jealous of the Kerberos-based Athena services you’ll all get to access and the email address :| As well as the nifty MIT card raspberry

    By the way, are there any statistics available about undergraduate admissions per country?

    Congratulations to everyone admitted, my sympathies to everyone rejected… (I dunno about waitlisted raspberry I just you’ll have to … wait!)

    I love this blog smile I’m posting more stuff here than at my own!…


  12. We got them from RSI smile
    Sup nghi?

  13. Ben says:

    Amrik – you need to be enrolled to get one (in RSI, undergrad, etc.) You’ll probably have to wait until you get here. grin

    YJ – I know you didn’t mean any harm, and I know that someone has also been impersonating you trying to make it look like you did. No worries, we know. As for E3 cards, I’m afraid we can’t release those.

    All who got in – congrats!

    …. – I am glad you are safe, and congrats. It sounds like things were pretty stressful there and I want you to know you can come to me if you need to in the future… really.

    Theo – if someone is accussed officially, it’s likely that the school will let us know. I’ve heard of decisions being overturned in extreme cases, but without knowing the details I couldn’t say for sure. Anyway, thank you so much for your positive attitude and good spirits – you are a wonderful presence on the blogs.

  14. Ben, I love you. Immensely. And your beard as well.


  15. YJ says:

    Ben– thank you very much.. I apologize for the DHL thingy although I know I can’t reverse the damage I have done.

    Just out of curiosity, is there a chance we could ask to see our decision cards? I think they were called e5 or something.. don’t remember exactly.

    Thanks– YJ

  16. nghi says:

    nick, can we be roommate? hahaha raspberry

  17. nghi says:

    omg nick’s sn is the funniest…

    isn’t it [email protected]?
    i hate mine. it’s so unoriginal.

  18. nghi says:

    they were called e3 i believe

  19. amrik says:

    I will get my email address in due time!

  20. Ben says:

    Congrats Amrik & Wendi & everyone else who got good news today! grin