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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

(Q & A)^(n+1) by Matt McGann '00

It’s a beautiful day here in northern Virginia, where I’m celebrating New Years Eve with some of my friends from MIT. Since there’s a bunch of unanswered questions, let me quickly answer them before heading off to the National Gallery (East Wing designed by MIT alum I.M. Pei) and maybe the Hirshhorn Museum (designed by MIT alum Gordon Bunshaft).

existential detective asks, “My higher education advisor told me that my school can submit some kind of letter instead of that portion of the application, just outlining how different our grade system is and how we don’t use GPAs etc. My counselor claims that because it is a selective english school with a harsh grading system it would be unfair on me to compare my grades here to those of a school abroad. My question is: Will this letter put me at a disadvantage, is it even allowed ?”

We always want a transcript of your grades, and any supplemental materials helping us to understand those grades are always welcome, and wouldn’t put you at a disadvantage.

existential detective also asks, “Alongside SATs and SAT11s I have had to do GCSES and Alevels which are graded exams in all the subjects that we do, will these results count for anything?”

We will absolutely consider your international exams, such as A-levels, the French Baccalaureate, the German Abitur, the International Baccalaureate, etc. For students in these systems, your results will be quite important.

Door Matt Not McGann asks, “What about people taking classes for credit at a local university? What should they do about reporting midyear grades (particularly if they aren’t getting those grades on their high school transcripts)?”

We would appreciate being updated on your fall semester university course results along with your midterm grades. For regular action applicants, please list on your self-reported grades any spring semester university courses you might be taking.

Ipsen asks, “What is the deadline for SAT scores to be sent in?”

Please designate your scores to be sent to MIT. If you haven’t done so yet, please do it now. As long as your tests have been taken and designated to be sent to MIT, we do not need to have your scores at MIT by January 1st. We will have them in plenty of time for regular action decision making.

EA Deferee asks, “Matt, just wondering, what does MIT (and other colleges) do with the admissions fee that applicants submit?”

I have no idea.

Ian T. asks, “Is there a deadline for deferred applicants to send in supplemental material?”

I’d say it’s best to try to get things in by the beginning of February, but anything sent in before decisions are mailed in mid-to-late March will be considered in your decision.

existential detective finally asks, “Also, I’m applying next year but I was wondering when a good time to try to get hold of an almuni for an interview is ?”

We’ll send you the name of your interviewer this summer. Most interviews are conducted in the fall.

Geoff Lo asks, “Seeing that there isn’t any way of attaching anything through the online application, I was wondering if it’s okay to mail a CD containing my coursework project in response to the Optional “Show us a device/design” question.”

It’s very important to know that you can always send in any materials you wish regardless of if you apply online or on paper. Just be sure to include your full name and date of birth, and MIT ID # or SSN if applicable.

Happy New Year, everyone! =)

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