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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Regular Action Deadline Q & A by Matt McGann '00

Have a question about your MIT application? Read on...

Update 01/01/2012 7:00pm

It is now 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time on January 1, making the MIT Regular Action deadline 5 hours away. For those of you who have procrastinated and have not yet submitted your application, here are a few tips, notes, and words of wisdom:

  • Submit your Part 1 now, if you haven't already. There are no essays in there or anything that is likely to need changes or edits. No need to wait until the last minute. If you have technical problems with the Part 1, let us know ASAP.
  • Be sure to validate your Part 2 (on page 10) well in advance of the deadline. Most people's problems at the deadline are related to not validating early enough. Also, don't forget to view the preview PDF.
  • There may be some small grace period for people submitting the application after midnight. If this happens to you, don't worry.
  • Do not worry about your recommendations, transcripts, and test scores if they are not yet showing up in MyMIT tracking yet. They do not need to be in by midnight. We are processing thousands of documents right now, so there's a good chance we have received it but not processed it yet. You will be fine.
  • Finally: we're nice, understanding people here at MIT Admissions. If you're panicking right now, odds are that you don't need to be and that we will be understanding of your circumstances.

The Office of Admissions is currently closed for the holidays, and is not accepting emails or answering phone calls (and I am on vacation!). The office will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd.

However, with the RA deadline fast approaching, I'd like to use this entry to answer some of the common deadline-time questions. There are many answers already here on the site — for example, about standardized test requirements or statistics. And below, I've provided answers to some additional FAQs:


  • The deadline is January 1, meaning you can click "submit" on your application any time on January 1 or before. However, I strongly discourage waiting until the last minute. I know that, for example, many students have had validation errors with their essays, taking more than a couple of minutes to fix. If you're submitting at 11:57pm, you're playing with fire.
  • It is perfectly fine if, through no fault of your own, your school forms (e.g. teacher recommendations, secondary school report, transcript) come in after the January 1 deadline. We are much more understanding of and flexible with late documents from schools than with late documents from the applicant.
  • January is the last testing date that can be seen by the Admissions Committee (February will not be seen). If you will be taking the January test, you obviously don't have the scores yet to write down in your application. This is okay. Just be sure that when you take the test, you designate MIT to receive the scores; other than this, you do not need to do anything special. Please do not rush report your scores. We require either SAT Reasoning Test OR ACT Plus Writing (or TOEFL) AND 2 SAT Subject Tests (one in math, one in science). We we only use the scores that make you look best, and we do abide by Score Choice.
  • The deadline to request an interview was December 10th, and has now passed. While highly recommended, the interview is not a required part of the application (and students whose interviews have been waived are at no disadvantage). You are welcome to request an interview from your Educational Counselor (EC) after the deadline, but do not expect that your request will be granted. If you have already interviewed with your EC, or have scheduled your interview for the near future, you are all set. Do not worry if your interview report has not yet appeared on your MyMIT Tracking; the deadline for ECs to submit their reports has not yet arrived. If you wish, you may now fill out the conducted interview form and we will be sure to get the interview report.

Submitting & Tracking Documents

  • The MyMIT Tracking is up-to-date (while the Admissions Office is closed, the Records Office is working hard), but please recognize that processing can take 2 weeks. You do not need to worry at this time about documents that are not showing on MyMIT; we currently have a backlog of materials in our processing center, and expect to have that backlog into January. Do not send a second copy of any document at this time. Also, you do not need to call MIT Admissions at this time to check on any such documents (there is a time for this later). Do not worry about materials that have not yet shown up on MyMIT Tracking.
  • Please note that you do not need to express mail or overnight any part of your application.
  • Any application materials being mailed, including recommendation letters, should be sent to: MIT Office of Admissions; 77 Massachusetts Avenue; Room 10-100; Cambridge, MA 02139; USA. Be sure to include the appropriate cover sheet. It need not have any special code on the envelope.
  • Any application materials being faxed, including recommendation letters, should be sent to 617-687-9184. Be sure to include the appropriate cover sheet.
  • Please include the appropriate cover sheet from MyMIT for any document you send, as it helps with filing (but documents without the cover sheet will be fine, too, as long as there is enough information for us to match the document with your file).
  • Please include the MIT Supplemental Document Cover Sheet from MyMIT for any additional documents you send. It helps with filing. (Documents without the cover sheet will be fine, too, as long as there is enough information for us to match the document with your file.)
  • For teacher recommendations and secondary school reports, we prefer our form, but will accept your school's forms, the NACAC forms, or the Common App forms.
  • If you are having credit card problems, please email applicationpart1 at mit dot edu. If problems delay your application past January 1, we will extend the deadline for you due to any problems on our end.
  • We are happy to accept fee waivers for any student (foreign or domestic) who needs one. Using a fee waiver will not negatively impact your admission. You may use the SAT Fee Waiver, the NACAC Fee Waiver, or a letter from a school official detailing your situation. We will accept other fee waiver forms as well. Generally speaking, if you are in tough financial shape and make a good faith effort to inform us of your circumstances, we will waive your fee.
  • If you need to update your application after you submit it, the best — and recommended — mechanism is the Midyear Report, an online form which will be available next month. On this form, you will also provide updated/semester/midyear grades and any changes in your coursework. You will also be able to provide information about any new awards or anything else you want us to know about.
  • On the last section of both Parts One and Two, there is a link that will allow you to preview your application as a PDF. This PDF is exactly how the admissions committee will see your application. You should always preview your application before submitting it. Two common problems that are often not caught without previewing are listed above: pasting special characters from Microsoft Word and a too-lengthy Additional Information section.
  • Application tracking is available on MyMIT after you submit your Part 1. For this reason, I recommend submitting your Part 1 sooner rather than later, so that you can track your documents.
  • Regular action results will be released in mid-March.

Essays & Other Application Components

  • The word count on the essays is pretty strictly enforced. Perhaps a little overly strictly — you may find that you can only fit, say, 247 words for a 250-word prompt. My advice would be to not sweat the small stuff. Everything will work out. These short-answer essays are only one small part of the application, and the word limit will in no way influence an applicant's admissibility.
  • If you copy and paste from a program like Microsoft Word into the application, you may lose some formatting. Be particularly careful of characters like apostrophes, em dashes, and quotation marks. If you type directly into the text box on MyMIT, everything should be fine.
  • In Part Two, Section Nine ("Additional Information"), we are aware that the font shrinks and is not traditionally formatted; this affects everyone equally. Also, if you put too much text into the box, the bottom will be cut off and the admissions committee will not be able to see it.
  • Listing awards that you have received is sufficient. You do not need to mail us certificates. Do not lie or be deceitful, though.
  • There are often many questions about the self-reported grades form. We ask that applicants in US school systems do their best to accurately and completely fill this out. Be sure to include your current year courses. Be sure that your self-reported grades match what is on your transcript. If you have taken college, online, or summer courses, you should include these classes and grades as well. If you do not attend an American-style school, you do not need to fill out the self-reported grades form.

I hope this is helpful. Best wishes as you finish and submit the application! And happy holidays!

100 responses to “Regular Action Deadline Q & A”

  1. adirie says:

    Let’s say, hypothetically, that I wasn’t able to fit all my additional high school courses within the additional section of the self-reported grades sheet. Would this be a problem?

    If so, should I just put any additional courses in spaces in the subjects sections, even if they don’t fall within that subject?

    Thank you!

  2. Cristy says:

    1) I will send my recommendation letters tomorrow, is that ok?
    2) Should I simply send (through fax) the letter and the paper printed from MIT (the one that says Evaluation A, Evaluation B) or should I add another cover. And if yes, that cover would only be single sheet sent before the rest of the files?
    3) Is there any problem if I waive the “Secondary school report” as my High School doesn’t have a guidance counselor?

  3. KP says:

    Are the instructions for deferred applicants any different? Or do I just have to wait for the Midyear report so I can update it with the awesome stuff I have been doing.

    Hoping you have a white Christmas!

  4. Gelare says:

    Hi Matt,

    Hope you enjoy your holidays.
    I want to ask a question if you don’t mind. SAT test is not held in my country ( Iran) Accordingly, I have to go to Turkey to take the test. The nearest time to register was Jan 28. I will take it, but do you think that it will be too late?
    I had to pay a lot in order to reserve the ticket and hotel and ,,, . I am afraid of that maybe all of these efforts will be unpractical.

    Thank you very much,

  5. Anonymous says:

    What about the deferred? D:

  6. Chris Ong says:

    Hi Matt!

    May I ask what -exactly- could be included in the midyear report? Is there room for extra things like peer recommendations and the like?

    Thank you!

  7. Matt McGann '00 says:

    @adirie: Consider bunching some courses together. For example, if your transcript separates Biology Semester 1 and Biology Semester 2, you could put “Biology Semesters 1 & 2” on one line and list all grades. Or your could combine four years of Concert Band onto one line: “Concert Band (all four years).” If this still doesn’t solve your problem, I would prioritize: 1) math & science courses; 2) the most recent courses; 3) the most rigorous courses. Good luck, and remember, you can’t go wrong since we’ll have your transcript, too.

    @Cristy: 1) Yes. 2) No need to add the extra cover, though you can if you like. 3) You should see if some other school official, like a headmaster or registrar, can fill it out instead of a counselor.

    @KP, @Anonymous, @Chris: I have now posted an entry specifically for deferred students that includes the MYR.

    @Gelare: We will consider January SATs.

    @Moe: We have your November Physics Subject Test. I don’t know why only the June test shows on MyMIT. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. We will consider your November score, don’t worry.

  8. Bhaskar says:

    @Abderhman There is no problem with that.Usually it takes 2-3 weeks for the colleges to receive the scores.Don’t worry.

    @Krishnabh Medhii No need to panic.Just send one more email to [email protected] explaining the whole situation to them.They will find the best way for you.Do make sure to indicate that you are getting those same EC’s again and again.Most probably your interview will be waived off.

    @Tushar Don’t worry.The main responsibility of yours is to submit your application parts(1 and 2) , teacher evaluations, School Reports(If you don’t have a guidance counselor get it done by your Principal or Vice-Principal) and supplements(if you have any) till January 1.The score reports are sent to colleges by the testing agency.They will get it done on time.You application will definitely be considered if you have done these.Don’t worry about score reporting.Keep following you MyMIT tracking.If it doesn’t show that scores have been reported by mid-January then you can definitely contact your testing agency and MIT admissions office.Good Luck!

    @Cristy If some fields are not applicable then you can ask your concerned official to leave them blank.That would be sufficient.

  9. b_jones says:

    I contacted my EC well before 10th December via email (as email was the only contact source provided) but she hasn’t replied me back till now. My friends who have the same EC also have this problem.
    What happens now?

  10. Aaron Tang says:

    Do we have to send all SAT scores?

  11. Antonio Garcia says:

    This is a big issue i have. It is not related with deadlines. It’s about the application. Even though I type my permanent address it keeps giving me error (Permanent Address required) and I cannot save and continue! it’s not letting me submit the app!

  12. Bhaskar says:

    @Krishnabh Sorry it is [email protected] My mistake.Apologies!

  13. Aa says:

    Hey Matt!
    Got 2 questions:
    1) I took the TOEFL and have my scores (I’m an international applicant). I would be taking the SAT in Jan. Should I apply with the TOEFL scores or the SAT scores? Does it affect my chances in *any* way?
    2) I’ve made quite a few robots and have a couple of inventions too, but I never made a video, blog or website or anything of the sort. How do I put put these into my application?

  14. Abderhman says:

    Hi Mr.Matt

    I have sent my score reports before exactly two weeks from college board.
    Is that mean you will receive them after 1 Jan, and is there problem with that ?

    Thank you

  15. Cristy says:


    It’s too late to ask my Principal to do so, even though the Principal doesn’t really know students so couldn’t have answered that questions about me.

    I have already sent those recommendations, will me application still be considered if I’ve signed my name and chose to waive my second school report?

  16. Bhaskar says:

    @ Aa If you are taking your SAT Subject Tests in January then apply with both TOEFL and SAT Subject Tests scores.If you are taking SAT Reasoning and Writing in January then you may report both scores or else the general requirement(for international applicants) two SAT Subject Tests and TOEFL or SAT Reasoning and Writing+two SAT Subject Tests.Regarding your robots and inventions you may provide a brief summary describing mainly how you developed that idea,what kind of experience it was and some details about them-in the Additional Information section.If you have ay URL specific for those inventions you may also provide it.That would be sufficient.

  17. Bhaskar says:

    @Cristy Well I don’t really think that Secondary School Report is waived.If your principal can not do it, then you can ask any of your school officials to complete it for you.Usually school administrators are preferred for that.If you have any school official who can complete it for you then you can send it via fax or as an email.

  18. Haroon says:

    Wait, the secondary school report and evaluation letters can be e-mailed directly to the admission panel?

  19. Bhaskar says:

    @Haroon No! No way!! If you don’t have time then you can ask your official to scan it himself and send by his own email.You have nothing to do in that.But this should be dont only and only if you are too short of time and only after informing the admissions office about it.They will guide you better.

  20. Haroon says:

    Of course I meant the school official themselves would send it.
    I think my school officials will be hesitant about faxing some documents. Over here, its kind of expensive and not a luxury anyone can afford.

  21. Krishnabh Medhii says:

    Hello Mr. McGann

    Regarding interviews:

    1. Initially Mr. Ayan Sen was assigned as my EC, but he had too many candidates to interview.
    2. Therefore, Mr. David Toshio Williams was assigned as my EC. But soon after a few email exchanges he said he had too many candidates and that a different EC should be there on my MyMIT page.
    3. Sure enough a different EC was shown, but it was Mr. Ayan Sen again, who initially already had too many candidates
    4. On emailing [email protected], they said it was a mistake and yet another EC, Ms. Ellen Wong was assigned and that I can contact her even if it is past the Dec 10th deadline as the delay is not my fault.
    5. On emailing Ms. Wong, she replied that she was going on vacation and that she’ll be unable to conduct the interview.
    6. I emailed [email protected] again asking for instructions for further course of action, where I got the automated response saying that the Admissions Office is closed and that I should email after Jan 3rd.
    7. But the application deadline is Jan 1.

    Now, it is not technically a waiver. And after changing 3 EC’s, I have no one to contact regarding this. I wrote this here, hoping you can help me out.

  22. Eric says:

    I have a question about RA applications. When does the admissions office begin reading the applications? I am building a website and putting the URL on my application but I want to how much time I actually have until the MIT admission officers look at it.


  23. Cristy says:

    Then why is there a “waive” option to the top-left of the Secondary School report page?

  24. carfeak gauve says:

    hey,cristy..i guess u misinterpreted the it again. it reads that u waive ur right to access this recommendation in future and not the right to “not filing a secondary school report.”

  25. Cristy says:

    Oh… So, I’m screwd? smile)

  26. Irtiza says:


    I have a problem regarding interviews which is similar to that of Mr. Krishnabh.

    My previous EC was changed a few days ago (I had contacted him before the deadline) as he was interviewing too many applicants. My new EC is now leaving the country in the next few days and won’t be taking interviews.
    I’ve emailed [email protected] with the problem but the office is closed.

    In the application (Part 2), there is a section on interviews in which we are required to name our EC and provide other related details. What should I do as I would like to submit my application?

  27. Krishnabh Medhii says:

    @Bhaskar – Thanks for the response. You asked me to send one more email to [email protected] but they specifically asked not to email them. Here is the excerpt:

    We will not be accepting any email during this holiday closure. MIT
    Admissions has not received your email. Please do not resend your
    message at this time. In an effort to provide the most timely and
    accurate service, we ask that you wait until after January 3, 2012 to
    send your message.

    Should I still email them?

  28. Eric says:

    Hey Cristy,

    I was just wondering, is tips4design your website/company? I found some really cool CSS on it that will help me with my web design. I am also applying to MIT and I am designing a site to showcase a project. Kudos, I think your site is really well done smile

  29. Ananyo says:

    Hello Matt! I just had a brief question. I study at a school which does not conduct its own exams for 6th form (my level), instead preparing us for modular Edexcel GCE A-level exams. My next set of exams are in January and results come out in March. Therefore, I cannot place those grades in the Mid-Year report. Should I give in my predicted grades instead? Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great holiday!

  30. Gelare says:

    Cool! I love you admission staffs! :D

  31. Haroon says:

    Thanks for the amazing blog post Matt. It really helped clear out a few things especially for some international applicants like me.
    I still have a question though.
    Is it necessary for international applicants to submit the Secondary School Report? My school doesn’t actually have a guidance counselor, and I doubt we will be getting over the next week.
    However, my terminal examinations are in January. So I will be able to send in the Mid-Year Report as soon as the results are available.

  32. Ramon says:

    My school sent the school forms (teacher recommendations, secondary school report, transcript) via DHL. It was sent on Dec 21. Today, Dec 23, they got a messages saying that DHL attempted delivery but the office was closed. The message left to me was that I had to contact the Admissions Office for further instructions for delivery.
    What should I do about this?

  33. Matt McGann '00 says:

    First, a quick note: While I love the community and discussion in the blog comments, and the usually helpful and accurate information provided by other commenters, remember that nothing is official unless it comes from Chris, or me, or one of the other admissions officers. I don’t want to stifle people’s helpfulness but also remember to check back for official answers. That being said, let’s answer some questions…

    @b_jones: Keep trying with your EC. On your application, write something like, “Contacted EC on December __ but no response, still trying for interview.” Once we are back after January 3, email [email protected] with your issue. You may still be able to get an interview, especially since you have done your part and contacted your EC by the deadline. You will be at no disadvantage.

    @Abderhman: There is no problem with that.

    @Krishnabh: Your situation is similar to that of b_jones above, and my advice is the same. Sorry that there’s not more I can do.

    @Haroon: We ask for the Secondary School Report from all applicants. We recognize that many questions on the form are less relevant or not applicable for international students, but we ask that you do your best to provide us with the information. Also, yes, you will be able to submit the results of your terminal examinations on the MYR. Finally, no, the letters cannot be emailed to us.

    @tushar: We will receive your scores in time, do not worry. Even scores that come in after the deadline are okay.

    @Ehsan: That’s no problem.

    @Cristy: It’s not too late; feel free to ask someone to fill it out once you return to school after the holiday. However, your application will be considered complete as long as we have a transcript, even without a Secondary School Report. Don’t worry, everything will be okay.

    @Bhaskar: Thanks for the mostly accurate advice. Might you in the future include a disclaimer, maybe something like, “I’m not an admissions officer, just a helpful/informed observer, but here’s my advice…”

    @Aaron: No. Just enough to meet the requirements.

    @Antonio: I don’t know why that’s happening. Here’s what I would do. Start stripping out information from the top, starting with street address, down to city/country if needed. Try submitting again at each step. Then, once the office is open again, email us at [email protected] and tell us what happened and what the address should be; we’ll go back and manually add it on our end. Sound good?

    @Aa: 1) It’s your choice, but I recommend that anyone taking the TOEFL should submit it. You can submit both the TOEFL and SAT, just the TOEFL, or just the SAT. You will have to decide whether or not to send us the SAT before you get the scores, though, because if we are not listed as a recipient we will not receive the scores in time. 2) I would post some pictures and descriptions to a simple website like Blogspot or Flickr. Sites like these are set up to be very user-friendly, especially for people who have never made a website before. Photos and descriptions of projects can be very helpful to the committee.

    @Eric: We’ll begin reviewing applications the first week of January.

    @Irtiza: Your situation is similar to that of b_jones at the top of this comment, and my advice is the same. Sorry that there’s not more I can do.

    @Ananyo: We’ll want to see your predicted grades whenever they’re available.

    @Ramon: We should be able to receive DHL mail next week on December 27, 28, and 29; if Room 3-108 is closed, Room 3-001 should be able to receive mail. If this doesn’t work, reattempt delivery on January 3. You’ll be fine, no worries.

  34. tushar says:

    Hi Matt smile
    My Dec Sat subject tests scores are just in which I have sent today as soon as I could ! since the January 1 2012 is the deadline am apprehensive if the scores would be received well in time since it is vacation time! how would I get to know if my application would be considered or not.I had completed all other formalities and submitted application in the first week Nov 2012..only the subject tests scores remained..pls guide asap! I think I have fair enough scores..Math level 2 is 750/800 and Physics is 680/800
    thanks! waiting to hear from you asap…n Merry X’mas Matt grin

  35. Eric says:

    Hey Matt, I had another thing I wanted to ask about.

    One of my teachers who is writing a recommendation for me says that he is very busy and may not be able to complete and send my recommendation by January 1st. I have heard that MIT is quite lenient with teacher recs, is this OK? If my teacher does not manage to send in my letter on time, will I be at a disadvantage? Would you begin reviewing my incomplete application or wait until you receive my recommendation?


  36. Cristy says:

    @ Eric
    Yes, it’s a side project of mine, I haven’t posted so often in the past months but hope to start posting again once I finish all this MIT stuff :D . I’m glad you found it useful smile

    Sending my secondary school report after 16january ( when the holiday ends ) wouldn’t it be too late?

  37. Ehsan says:

    Hi ,
    I’m not sure about when my school forms and also supplemental documents will reach you. I’m sending them via post and they may reach you after jan1. Is there going to be any problem? (If yes, I’ll try to fax them)

  38. Cristy says:

    I asked the same question above.
    The anwer was: ” You should see if some other school official, like a headmaster or registrar, can fill it out instead of a counselor.”

    But unfortunately it is too late for me to find someone else to complete the secondary school report (anway I had no one able to complete them, as some fields are not applicable).

  39. Moe says:

    I have sent my November SAT II scores online, and I know that other colleges I’m applying to have received them, but they do not appear on MyMIT tracking page, is that normal ?

    Thank you.

  40. Binghao says:

    Hey Matt,

    I was just wondering if you’re an international applicant and you’re from Canada, which has a similar schooling system as the U.S., can you still leave the self-reported coursework blank?

    Also I was just wondering what happens if our letters/reports gets lost in the mail, what would happen then?

    Just the OCDness speaking…

  41. Stefanus says:

    I am applying to MIT. I had sent required document through DHL, and DHL said that the documents has been recieved by A Valez in the office? Has the office process that?

  42. Eric says:

    bump Binghao’s question.


    That’s crazy! I am from Canada too! Are you from Toronto?

  43. Kennard says:

    Hi Matt

    Merry Christmas!!!! I have taken my SAT 1 and I am not that happy with my result so I want to take it again next January. But the thing is do I fill in my current result in the application part 2 and send the scores to MIT? In case my January 2012 result is worse than my current result.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  44. Mission MIT says:

    @bhaskar @Matt
    I am an MIT applicant from INDIA. I would be giving my exams in april 2012 under NIOS board.So, i would like to ask u about the secondary school reports and those recommendation letters. I mean , since I am not going to any regular schools(so no teachers, no counsellor)…i have to give exams in april…that ‘s it.
    I have English, PCM, Biology, CS, Geography as my subjects. And , i have not even sure ..whether i, would be considered as an home school applicant or something else. Although i ‘ve been to regular school till my 10 th grade.
    Please HELP

  45. Three things while I was reading this:
    1) It doesn’t seem to be optimal for the office to be closed the week before the deadline
    2) Jan 1 should be described as the postmark date to reduce confusion. The IRS does this.
    3) Perhaps it would be good to have threaded discussions separate from blog posts for QnA. I suspect much of the QnA is repetitive, but the new website does a bad job (and worse than before) of surfacing that information. I’m sure you love answering the same question over and over wink I know College Confidential serves as a venue, but it’s run by a third party.

  46. Arun says:

    Hey Matt,

    My name on my Collegeboard and ACT Accounts differs from my actual name and that used on my MIT application because there aren’t enough available letters in their systems. Should I contact anyone in MIT specifically to tell them of this problem? I already tried contacting the two organisations but they said it was not possible to edit my name.


  47. Bhaskar says:

    @Matt Thanks! I will keep in mind.

  48. Mission MIT says:


    Hey bhaskar, y dont u answer ?

  49. carfeak gauve says:

    @bhaskar. sorry man u misinterpreted but it wasnot ur fault.i meant that i wanted to know about the further process of what to do with the recommendation letters one the teachers have written whatever they wanted.i have all 3 of my teachers made with the LOR and they asked me whether they could fax it during these holidays or not and also that, whether they are to write down all the material of recommendation to the school’s official sheets(the ones that have schoolname on it.) or can they send the recommendation they have written on plain white A4 sheets accompanied by the mit sheet with so many boxes etc(evaluation a and b covers,i mean).

  50. carfeak gauve says:

    thanx for taking sufficient time even during your vacations to answer us all mr.matt.
    and merry christmas to everyone who read this post…

  51. Bhaskar says:

    @Mission MIT: I am not an admissions officer but I would suggest you that as you have attended regular school till grade 10 then you can have your letters of evaluation done by the teachers of that school.Then you can have your secondary school report completed by that school’s principal only or by any administrator in your current school.That should be fine.Good luck!

  52. carfeak gauve says:

    “cancer on my mind” by kris guay invoked a a question again that has been prickin my mind since long. i can write below that topic since it was posted on aug 18 2011.but i want you to just do me a favour is full of awesome interested people. plz ask a question to someone from cancer related department of cancer study centered student that :why cant we use the blood cancer and the aids against one another?when the cancer is a state in which the WBC’s increase to huge amounts and aid a state when they diminish fast both are anti functions of each other.
    kindly ask this to someone….i guess i may be wrong..but just for my satisfaction….i feel incomplete widout any part of knowledge i could gain but help me on this one.

  53. IronMan says:

    Hi Matt’ 00
    please can u tell me when my applications are going to be reviewed. I have submitted everything. B/C my astrologers have said that2012 is bad for me . please can the admission committee review my applocation now… before 31st dec.and post my decision on my private mail ?
    I know it ‘ll be hard for u people to that because nobody wants to work in vacations.
    Palese , just one app.
    My username is ipad12.

  54. Imad Al Din says:

    hey, is ther any way we can check our EC’s report? and can you tell me how to fax supplemental documents?

  55. carfeak gauve says:

    i need to know about all my recommendations.
    my 10th grade school and 11th +12th grade school both are closed.i have the personal written (handwritten by teachers with their signature on a4 sheet and mit boxes filled) letter from 3 recommenders .i cant avail the principal signature and the school letterhead paper or whatever mit said before 9th jan. can i send my mit recommendation to mit widout the principal sign. and the school’s official paper ?

    also, can we fax those things during the holidays(means is the fax machine working all day to receive docs or not? i m indian and the fax shops arenot open when its 9 to 5 in the US. we have almost 12 hr difference in time. our is +5.5 and urs tell me asap.

  56. George says:

    I sent my Recommandations without the MIT form!! And I am not in school to have my teachers fill out the paper. So what do I do? Is my application incomplete?

  57. carfeak gauve says:

    i am feeling it terrible to see that the pdf version shows my email
    mclaren [email protected] .its not showing it as [email protected]

    i have checked my application part one 8 times before filing since i wanted to make sure its correct.i hadnot left any error. but i am worried u got my email id wrong..u would send my acceptance to some stranger…..thats not right.kindly tell me the reason why the pdf doesnot show the _ in my email id. is it error on mit’s side or underscores are not just visible in the pdf.
    and whther it would be understood by the mit or not”?if u say i can send the pdf to u for showing it to u.

  58. Bhaskar says:


    @Carfeak gauve The very first thing I would say is that you are “NOT”supposed to write the letter of recommendation or evaluation on your own even on behalf of your teachers.That is not at all acceptable.The teachers are supposed to do it and that has to be kept confidential.Ask your teachers to do it for you.You can only send those sealed envelopes which your teachers and principal gives you indicating their return addresses after completing those forms.Regarding your email id issue.This could be some server error.Just inform the admissions office about this error after January3rd.Send them an email explaining the matter and the correct email address.They will update it in records.Good Luck!!!

  59. nitesh says:

    wish you happy charismas

    I have one problem I am from India is it possible that to sent my school report by scan please send me any link for that or please any

  60. Erdenechimeg says:

    I am USAP student from Mongolia. As a participant of USAP program, the program directors send request to waive my application fee. But they send the request by mail ans sent that on 19th of December. And it takes approximately 14 days to get the letter there this means that I might not be able to waive my application before the post reaches.

    Do you have any suggestion that I should do?
    Thanks beforehand.

  61. Erdenechimeg says:

    And another question:

    I am taking the January SAT but I sent my October SAT score which was low.

    I heard that someone first reads the application and extracts the not competitive applications so would he or she extract me before the January score arrives?

    Thank you:)

  62. Pranav Kumar Mohanty says:

    Hi Matt!

    Hope you’re enjoying your vacations. I have already had my evaluations and recommendations faxed last week, yet I am not being able to ascertain whether you are in actual possession of them, and that worry is giving me the creeps! Should I fax it one more time? Is there any reason to get worried?
    BTW I am sending my application fee waiver letter after 1st January; is it fine?

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  63. Erdenechimeg says:

    And I sent my SAT reasoning score which was low to the MIT but my TOEFL score is high . So would my bad SAT reasoning score work against me in the application?

  64. Bhaskar says:

    First MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you.Happy HOLIDAYS.


    @Kamran You can send your updated info about such a small part in an email indicating the recent change.Those things are kept in consideration while evaluating your application as it help in understanding your background,the way you have evolved yourself in that family.This is the most basic reason those things are asked.Also those matters related to your parents employer are used in your financial aid process,visa issue,etc following the United States Laws.So just no need to worry about.Send them an email after 2nd January.

    @Haroon Yes you can ask your principal from previous school to complete those forms as long as that school has been higher secondary school for you.In your case I guess yes you can ask them to do it for you.Also ask them to seal those forms in an envelope with their return addresses and then you can send them in one single packet.DO NOT forget to write your First Name,Last Name and Date of Birth on the top of each application material you are sending.Good Luck!

    @Cristy I guess you should not worry about if the Officers will read your application or not.I can’t guarantee that but I can guarantee that if you will not send it they won’t.Better you stop diverting your mind on this and keep working with your teachers to get it done for you.A couple of delays don’t matter much.Be positive about it.Good Luck.Enjoy your application days.!

  65. Christel Prins says:

    I just checked my december SAT test scores and I didn’t really get the scores I was hoping for… Do you take the scores into context as I’m an international applicant, as I didn’t know many of the terms used? I only took the SAT once (because it is expensive internationally and I have to drive for about 1,5hours to get to the testing place) which also puts me at a disadvantage.

  66. carfeak gauve says:

    @aishvarya, but it must at least counter the WBC’s must help as far as wbcs are concerned….?i am not a med student but still keen about all kindly answer me a bit detailed plz..and did u turn in ur application???i am yet writing my essays…
    mit has offered me a lifechanging experience as i can realise what potential i have and what all my past life has ben;how has it been governed;and what changes should be ideal to my short they have put my life in front of me and i am being a critic for it ….

  67. carfeak gauve says:

    christel..i travelled 5hrss..its hard…for me.. wat was ur score…???

  68. carfeak gauve says:

    i m also international… and @aishvarya … are u international(indian)??

  69. Aishvarya says:

    @ carfeak gauve-
    For WBC question- Its good that u r as keen as me to find a solution, but just imagine, if things were that easy then at this time we too must be having regenerating organs as in Hydra, star-fish,etc, but unfortunately-no. We may do research and find an answer. Its good that you are correlating things but just having some perceptions do not help.
    I haven’t submitted my part 2 yet as I am dedicating my time to many other things too..
    I am Indian too, and MIT too is helping me out.
    SAT tests are offering me difficulties too, I have to travel more than 500 kms and I am going to reappear for January Maths test as my scores were low. Still I am trying my best to perform well. If you need help, I will be glad to do as I too have interests in these trivial things and am a “car freak”.

  70. Darrell says:

    Firstly Merry Christmas to everyone,
    Ok, I have finished secondary school, and i am currently in Community College(Associates Degree), I wanted to know if I should get recommendation letters from both my Secondary school teachers and college teachers

    also do i mail the recommendation letters with the required covers or should the teachers do this?

  71. DevD says:

    @aishwarya @ bhaskar
    i am an indian too…i am glad to find that so many indians are trying to become MITians.
    Me too.
    By the way i would really like to be in contact with u to discuss some app problems….
    u can shoot me an email [email protected]
    +ye !!

  72. Gelare says:


    Are you an Iranian applicant?

  73. Kamran says:

    Hi Matt,
    I wanted to know whether the deadlines for the documents supposed to be mailed are postmark or receive dates?

    Best Wishes;
    Happy Holiday;

    Kamran Banan

  74. @Gelare says:

    Yes I am an Iranian.

  75. Gelare says:

    Well to be honest, before the interview Mr. Zamani asked me to find my name in the list. While looking for my name, I saw yours. What a small world!

    Movafagh bashi smile

  76. Kamran says:


    Yes I am an Iranian. the previous cm was just a mistake because of studying until this hour for the tomorrows exam.

  77. Gelare says:

    lol. It’s okay. Keep studying.

  78. @Gelare says:

    I’d rather not make this place a chat room so just send an invitation to my yahoo messenger id : [email protected]

  79. Kamran says:

    :(( :(( Again the same mistake.

  80. yafael says:

    Hey I am an Indian and I am applying for Regular action..
    I have taken the SAT as well as TOEFL..I didn’t score much in SAT but got above 100 in TOEFL and I have reported both the scores to MIT. Will that affect my application in any way?Or should I take SAT in January again??

  81. Kamran says:


    Are you the death which walks around?

  82. carfeak gauve says:

    no man…its gr8 if u took both and reported both.. @ aishvarya.. tell me ur id on fbook..? u cant find me though my name on it is as well carfreak gauve.

    lolz…i have so much security turned mention email plz..

  83. yafael says:

    @carfreak guave: But will my low SAT scores affect my application??

  84. Kamran says:

    Again Hi,

    I have submitted the form 1 and in that time my mother used to teach
    in 2 different schools so I left the employer part blank but right now
    she only tutors and teaches in one school so I can fill that part. I
    wanted to know is such a subject really important? and whether it is
    possible for you to make the change or not?

    Best Wishes;
    Kamran Banan

  85. Aishvarya says:

    @ carfeak gauve – Cancer you are specifying here is “Chronic leukemia”- remember it is a disorder not a facility.. It causes ABNORMAL increase in no. of WBCs (they might harm our cells too).
    AIDS- It weakens our immune system, our immune system is made up of many things, not only WBCs.
    Conclusion- (In your words) We can’t put a muscle’s engine which is fast into a tuner’s body which can be controlled smoothly, together.
    Both have their own characteristics and features.
    Hope it might have worked..

  86. Eric says:

    @Matt OR @Bhaskar

    This is my question from before.

    One of my teachers who is writing a recommendation for me says that he is very busy and may not be able to complete and send my recommendation by January 1st. I have heard that MIT is quite lenient with teacher recs, is this OK? If my teacher does not manage to send in my letter on time, will I be at a disadvantage? Would you begin reviewing my incomplete application or wait until you receive my recommendation?

    Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!!!

  87. Haroon says:

    One important question. No one in my current school is capable of filling out the secondary school report as I haven’t been in the school for long. Is it alright if someone from my previous school (such as a principal, or guidance counselor) to be able to fill this form and provide the letter of recommendation? I have studied in my previous school from kindergarten to 11th grade and in either case, the grades/marks for the 12th year won’t be available till after March.
    The school profile and attested transcript of my past grades will be from my current school.

    Also, is it alright for my teacher to just fill out the evaluation report or is it necessary for them to write a recommendation letter to go along with it?
    And, is it okay if the evaluation letters and secondary school report be sent in one package? It would definitely be cost effective.

  88. Cristy says:

    So, I know the deadline is 1January, but will you still be open and read papers sent after this date, if you haven’t already considered the applicantion?

  89. J says:

    Happy winter solstice!

    Just to reiterate what’s already been said a lot of times, school forms and teacher recs can arrive a little late. Stuff applicants are sending shouldn’t.

    Regarding the TOEFL and SAT comments, I asked the same thing somewhere, and was told that MIT will consider whichever score presents you in the best light. smile

    //Not an admissions officer.

  90. Eric says:

    Thanks J,

    But my main question was whether the admissions officers would start reading my application without one of my recommendations. Would they?? Or would they wait until it arrives?

  91. J says:

    Not sure about that Eric, but I think the office would take some time to piece the files together. As long as the rec arrives in the first week of Jan., you can presume your app. would be read along with the recommendation. (Maybe you can e-mail the office on Jan 3 just to let them know.)


  92. J says:

    I have a question too. I’ve already sent in my SAT scores, and my dashboard confirms that they’ve been received. But my EC advised me during the interview that it wouldn’t hurt to retake the test in Jan.

    Since the Jan scores won’t reach MIT until the first week of Feb., and my standardized testing requirements show as complete on the dashboard, can I somehow tell the admissions committee to wait for my Jan scores?

  93. Rochelle says:

    I was just wondering if it was normal for the draft of application part 2 to show up without any indents as mine is doing, or is this just a problem from copying and pasting from microsoft word?
    Also, is the transcript just supposed to be sent along with our secondary school report when we submit that or do we need to have that sent by January 1st as well?
    Thanks a lot

  94. Kipper says:

    hey Matt, I was thinking of applying last year, i submitted the first part of application(biological information), but then realized it was a little too late and i wouldn’t be able to meet some of the testing deadlines, n i didn’t fill n submit the second part of the application. Since i’m applying this year there’s a section which asks have you applied before, should i tick the box? And also i’m 21, four years older than the usual applicants, would any of that bear an influence on my chances of admission while my application is read. Thanks grin

  95. Devashish Latwal says:

    Hi Mr.Matt McGann,

    I am Devashish from India. I am presently in grade 12. My schools is affiliated to the Indian School Certificate (ISC) baord. I will be appearing for my Board Examinations in March 2012.I have already appeared for the SAT examination(November 5) and will appear again after my boards in order to improve my previous score.
    When should I apply for MIT so that I get admission in the Fall-Semester 2012?I am hoping for aeronautical/computer engineering.
    Also, My subjects are as follows:
    2.Environmental Education
    6.Computer Science

    Sir, I do not have any guidance counselor in my hometown, so I also wanted to enquire about the procedure of applying.(And any extra valuable information)

    I thank-you in anticipation.

  96. carfeak gauve says:

    oh man..u are running too late..the deadline for the same is 1st jan..rush everything..if u wish to apply otherwise u will need another one year to be spent before u can apply.

  97. Bhaskar says:


    @J You can take the January SAT and get those scores reported to MIT.They will consider your best scores out of those.

    @Eric As I earlier said you should focus on sending your teacher evaluations as soon as possible rather than thinking about the application review procedure.

  98. Andrew Prosikhin says:

    I have the same issue as Antonio Garcia (posted Dec 23rd). It’s about the application. Even though I type my permanent address it keeps giving me error (Permanent Address required) and I cannot save and continue! it’s not letting me submit the app!

    Please advise for to do.

  99. Where were all ya Indians hiding all these days? :D

  100. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I am an international applicant. I have a question about the secondary school report… So at my school we have a “counselor” but he doesn’t know me well at all… We also have a teacher who knows me much better and is also officially in charge of guidance and orientation. Is it okay if I tell him to fill out the secondary school report instead of the official counselor ? I know people in my school who are telling the counselor and I am afraid it will confuse the admissions officers and be a problem in my application process.
    Thanks for answering me as quickly as possible, I am running out of time !!