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MISTI Program

Renewable Energy in Spain by MISTI Program

Vivian Dien
Class of 2013
Materials Science and Engineering w/ a minor in Energy Studies

MIT-Spain Program 2011

My project was aimed at exploring different methods of solar cell characterization and detection of inefficiencies, which is important in the manufacturing process of the cells. Specifically, I adapted an electroluminescence imaging system into a photoluminescence imaging system to analyze the benefits of each setup.

Doing an MISTI internship was one of the best decisions I have made at MIT so far. Going abroad made me realize the scale of technological accomplishments being made worldwide and how connections can be bridged through the aims of technological innovation, regardless of differences in language and culture. My MISTI internship showed me that renewable energy is still something I want to pursue and taught me to always keep your mind, eyes, and heart open.

2 responses to “Renewable Energy in Spain”

  1. kilanko paul says:

    i want to know more about that ,am a chemical major a course10 in Mit if am right ,,althought am not in MIT iam thinking of an abord internship,am from an african university called OAU.

  2. Alex T. says:

    Well, first of all I congratulate you on choosing this subject of renewable energy for your internship. There is really something seriously need to do about this great natural energy sources especially if we can make something cheaper to utilize this energy source to its fullest for the common man. People also needs to take some preventive measures to save energy for example smaller things like changing the air conditioner and Furnace Filters from time to time to save energy and other simple things to save the natural energy. So i think if we can use this energy to its fullest, it would be a great contribution to our go green improvement.