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MIT staff blogger Matt McGann '00

Saying Yes (or No) by Matt McGann '00

Decision time is upon the Class of 2014. How to choose?

CPW is over. The May 3 reply date is quickly approaching. What to do? How can you make the best decision?

If you’ve made up your mind for sure about whether or not to attend MIT, please let us know your decision through the online reply form at MyMIT. You have three choices: tell us you’re enrolling this fall (Yay! Welcome officially to the MIT Class of 2014!), that you’re declining our offer of admission (it’s okay, we know you’re making the best choice for yourself), or to request a deferral/gap year(s) before enrolling at MIT (for a gap year, military service, or other reason). Let us know when you’ve decided, and for sure let us know by May 3.

An important note: MIT has no enrollment deposit. If you say “yes,” you don’t need to send us money to hold your place.

If you’re still on the fence, we’re happy to help. One resource we’re providing this year is an online event hosted by the famous Mollie (a.k.a. molliebatmit), a 2006 graduate of MIT who majored in Biology and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. Mollie is currently a Ph.D. student at Harvard Medical School. She will be joined by Christina J, a junior from SoCal.

The event (exclusively for students admitted to the MIT Class of 2014, and especially for the Class of 2014 students who are still undecided) will be tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:00pm Boston time (EDT). Check your email for web link and password.

What questions are still on your mind? What can Mollie (or other MIT folks) help you with at this time?

18 responses to “Saying Yes (or No)”

  1. rejected says:

    As someone rejected, it does make me a little ticked off that people actually accepted have any shred of doubt as to attending M.I.T.

    If you really are the fit for MIT, IMO, you should recognize how the technological and innovation captial of the world is really the only place to go.
    It seems far more people are interested in earning a good paycheck after college then actually revolutionizing science and knowledge.
    It’s incredible to me that some people really “dont know” what it is they want to major in, as if M.I.T is simply a place to earn a degree and get a job- you really should be the next inventor, nobel prize winner or some other form of world changing revolutionary to come here.
    Many of you probably are. But then again, I’m sorry to say many maybe not.

  2. @rejected and Amethyst:

    You have to realize that many of these people have offers from a) schools that are equally good, if not better (because yes, that exists) than MIT in their area of choice or b) schools that will give them full tuition or more. And the decision is most definitely not clear-cut when you have those choices. Maybe it sounds selfish or ungrateful to consider turning down a school like MIT, but these students are being practical and realistic in that they’re considering exactly what they need from a college and not simply deciding on MIT because it sounds like the “best” school.

  3. STuang '14 says:

    Most of the admitted prefrosh I met during CPW and on facebook are choosing MIT over most elite schools. I even know a couple people who are not taking the offer from that school across town and it’s equivalent on the West Coast (cough, Stanford).

    The only reason I know so far why prefrosh decline to accept MIT offer is the financial aid issue. I know somebody who’s choosing Princeton because they offered him around 40K grant compared to almost none at MIT. (he got into MIT EA and MIT was his first choice until he knew he’ll get that much on April 1st). I also know a girl who is going to BU over MIT because she got a full-ride at BU.

    so yeah, like Undecided ’14 said, ” Maybe it sounds selfish or ungrateful to consider turning down a school like MIT, but these students are being practical and realistic in that they’re considering exactly what they need from a college and not simply deciding on MIT because it sounds like the “best” school.”

  4. @Matt

    Can we get an update for waitlisted students? How many people chose to remain on the waitlist? I called in but the admissions receptionists did not know.

    When will be the earliest we will be notified of an admission? When is the latest we will be notified of a final denial? Will there be any financial aid left over for us Waitlistees?


  5. martin '14 says:

    I know a girl who accpeted Stanford’s offer becuase she thought is was a better fit. I happens

  6. Anon '14 says:

    I want to watch this but I received no web link or password! D: Will it be recorded if I can’t watch it?

  7. @Matt

    Well I am aware this is not the perfect entry for such a question if I dont cause you any trouble.
    To how many political science concenrators do you offer admission statistically, and how many accept the offer in recent years?
    Thanks very much

  8. Amethyst says:

    @rejected: I am of two minds on this. On the one hand (am I mixing my metaphors??), I get a little bit miffed, too, when I find out about kids who got admitted to institutions like MIT but then don’t attend. On the other hand, though, their doing so simply gives someone from the waitlist a chance, which I’m sure they’d love. And think of it this way: MIT is a fantastic school that a lot of us would give our eyeteeth (or several limbs) for, but making that final commitment to a college is really daunting. You get all these weird doubts and confusions–how can you be sure that this college is really the one which will be right for you? A lot of people apply to colleges with certain goals in mind, but then change in their tastes and expectations over the time between that and receiving an offer.
    I applied to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Vanderbilt, and Oberlin. Princeton rejected me straight up, MIT deferred and then rejected me, Vandy accepted me, Oberlin and Harvard waitlisted me. Oberlin was my first choice two years ago, and Vanderbilt had been my last choice. Yet, I turned down Oberlin without a pang, and after some consideration, decided to take Vanderbilt and remove myself from the Harvard waitlist, even though I liked the idea of a Harvard education and may study there sometime in the future. We change. Eventually, I think we’ll find that it’s what we do with our time now that will determine how much we accomplish–everyone does it differently.

  9. Armin says:

    What happened to the Friday questionnaire?

    For the question I suggested you to ask from Prof. Nancy Kanwisher:
    I’ve just watched “The Visions of the Future – Intelligence Revolution”. As usual, I got the most interesting answers. btw, lots of MIT guys were in the documentary like Prof. Rodney Brooks and Prof. Marvin Minsky. For the first time, I watched a video from that crazy CSAIL building.

    So What did you ask, and what did you get?

  10. Matt '00 says:

    @Anon ’14: If you’re still there, leave another comment, with your email address.

    @Daniel: I won’t have any waitlist updates until May.

    @waitlisted: I don’t have that data (and, if you’re curious, it won’t impact your waitlist status one way or the other).

  11. Hopeful '15 says:

    Hi, it may not be a suitable page to say this, but I need to talk to you. Please contact me:
    [email protected]


  12. Ed m. says:

    @Matt megann

    Hello, i know this is unrelated to the topic but im doing a projec featuring your school and was wonderin if i can interview you or any othrs about MIT.

    Thank you,
    Ed M.

  13. Thank you very much Matt

  14. curious says:

    howcome MIT rejects still read and comment on the blogs?

  15. AZHAN AHMAD says:

    Hi, Matt i don’t know whether u can help me or not .But i’m doing B-TECH in MECHANICAL n i want 2 take admission in masters program but my financial condn is not so sound .So plz tell what is total expendituren the procedure 2 get admission.


  16. Tanvir says:

    Hi Matt, is it possible to take SAT in 11th grade?? And if possible, can I apply to MIT in 11th grade?

    Thank You

  17. As director of admissionns at MIT you seem to be the most qualified person to answer my question. Its a question I can ask because you were once a student at MIT and therfore can relate to my situation. I am writting to Matt McGann, a question he has no doubt answered a hundred + times.what are MY chances of getting in to MIT? I had a below average high school freshman year, I started in all regulars classes with A’s and B’s. My sophmore year was a little better with all A’s/A-‘s (except for latin :( ) in mostly honours classes. Junior year was much better, I was in five APs got 5’s on the AP tests except for amer. History. I was a national merit scholarship semi finalist and got a 2350 on my SATs. A 34 ACT and 750 SATII math 730 science. I took an ind. Res. Class 8th hour and science research h. Twelth grade I took all APs I finished in physics C, calc BC, macro and micro eco., Gov AP, english lit AP, science res. H, latin 3 h, and bio AP. I got straight A’s/A+’s and was in the MIT research summer program between 11th &12th;. I continued my classes in the summer for advancement. I had over 350 community service hours, I was a lab assistant at my high school, co cofounder of the robotics club and participated in fbla club. Anyways I was worried that my freshman year and sophmore year would ruin any of my chances. I have showed extrodinary achievement and dedication to my subjects and wrote multiple science papers that were published and presented, plus I can get a recomendation from an MIT alumni. My cumulative gpa is low because of my first two years but increased to over 5.0 in junior and senior year. My high school gpa is therefore only a cumulative 4.5 :( ….
    Anyways just email me if you can its been bugging me for awhile. Thank you very much.
    Ps. I’m typing on my phone so ignore spelling and gramatical errors.