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MIT staff blogger Dave McOwen

Science is Delicious! by Dave McOwen

Zen and the art of hot chocolate

Just a few hours to go, and I know you’re feeling the stress. We’re feeling it too, believe it or not. I have to tell you that the selection process has been exponentially more demanding, rewarding, and yes heartbreaking, than I imagined back in July when it was spoken of in distant, mystical tones. That might be me romanticizing it. In retrospect, the admissions veterans were probably speaking in the IHTFP tone: that mix of dread, wonder and sleep deprivation that MIT students come to embrace. I don’t know that I’m at the “embrace” stage of my MIT evolution (I think I’m stuck at “panicked multitasking & learning to walk at ludicrous speed”), but I can already see that I’m not quite the same person I was before.

I’m also a lot busier and, like I said, stressed. Luckily the Lab for Chocolate Science has come to the rescue! The Lab offers free hot chocolate in Lobby 10 during finals. And for the purists out there I’ll quickly add that yes, it is true hot chocolate (chocolate + milk). What, you think these people are amateurs? They have lab coats!

Choconauts Kendra Beckler ’09, Victoria Vega ’13, and Paul Weaver ’12

So hang in there, sit back, grab a cup of hot chocolate (or, as the Lab would no doubt correct, hot cocoa), and try to relax. I know I will. *sip*

24 responses to “Science is Delicious!”

  1. meah says:

    Oohh sounds delicious.

    Here’s to the waiting.

  2. nmk (14') says:

    let’s all go to MIT!!

  3. tree says:

    That is so cool; chocolate lab coats and chocolate!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i will be accepted to mit for for sure; i have the magic formula- perfect gpa, sat, act, and 4 perfect subject tests w/ a dope interview. ill prolly get a full ride, actually. good luck to you average students tonight, though.

  5. B says:

    They make chocolate too in MIT?! Makes me want to get in even more.

  6. Well, I have a Multivariable Calculus final tomorrow. So I’ll keep myself busy tonight with studying with friends, and let the time go quickly.

  7. Myself says:

    Anonymous: I hope you’re being sarcastic. All those perfect scores definitely raise your chances for admission, but you should never think you’ll get in for sure. So many people make that mistake.

  8. Piper '12 says:

    There’s also the whole thing where MIT doesn’t give merit-based scholarships, so a full ride doesn’t indicate anything about intelligence smile

  9. Anjian Wu says:

    “Science is like the tropical fruits. Consuming it brings a satisfaction beyond anything else I have studied in my academic career. Each subcategory brings a new tangy taste, together forming the most delectable fruit salad that would leave me bloated.” – Anjian Wu

  10. Su ('14?) says:

    Hot chocolate sounds nice right now. lol

  11. @Anonymous: Impressive. Hopefully your superiority complex doesn’t raise your hopes unreasonably high. I, on the other hand, must nervously wait until 7 PM (MST) for my decision. Oh, and please punctuate/capitalize if you are a genius, it should be a simple task for you. MMMMMMM, Chocolate.

  12. @Average Student: Amen. Luckily I’ve got a basketball game that I have to perform at (with pep band), so that should eat up some time.

  13. Matt says:

    Best of luck, class of 2014 applicants! And for those of us who don’t make it, I’m sure we’ll end up at some pretty decent schools. 4hrs 33mins left!

  14. Anon 2 says:

    Good luck to everyone! smile You all are brilliant, I’m rooting for you!

  15. other Evan says:

    Hello everyone and good luck! Only a few hours left!

  16. I’m sooooooo nervous. Good luck to everyone else!

  17. anonymous says:

    I’m not the anonymous guy.
    It’s funny how that pseudo name works.

    But I bet I can bake better blueberry muffins than he. And regular bread, for that matter.

    Sorry- it [aha, funny how that works too] might be a she.

  18. Ethan says:

    MYEH. T-minus 4 hours woo!

  19. Hahahaha, I love the shout out to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in the title.

  20. I made a giant Periodic Table cookie for my chem class today. I had 7 elements, two anctinoids and 5 transition metals. Science really is delicious

  21. That would be actinoids*

  22. That’s so COOL! A chocolate lab! Hot cocoa is definitely needed for the
    a. wicked cold New England weather
    b. caffeine

  23. Armin says:

    A question about instructor’s evaluation.

    I gave Evaluation A to my physics teacher, but he says since the form indicates “a math or science Professor” he can’t fill the form. He is a senior instructor and his title is not professor.
    But he knows me well. Does MIT accepts such evaluation? Or should I ask him to write a reference letter instead?